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  1. Good afternoon all, I’ve done a few searches but I can’t find a thread that answers my specific query, so here goes. I hope you can help. i recently bought a 1999 E46 330d touring which has the BMW monitor 4x3 screen head unit with analogue tv and cassette player (photo attached!). The car doesn’t have nav and I don’t really need to add it to be honest. What I would like to do is upgrade to the larger screen head unit from later e46 models so that I can play cds etc. I have seen these advertised fairly cheaply with boot mounted cd changers and dvd drives for the sat nav, my question is the degree of plug and play that making this upgrade involves, is the wiring likely to be there in the boot for the changer? Is the head unit going to work straight away without additional looms etc? I have no interest in aftermarket units, I just want the larger screen bmw unit and could do with some advice as to how to make the swap. thanks in advance!
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