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  1. Are there much differences in this car apart from the amount of doors/age and styling? I have the option to buy one of these two cars, not sure which to go with. The 2000 has around 80k miles and the 2005 has around 110k. Both have around the same service history and heated leather. The 2000 seems to have been owned by an elderly man and passed onto his son. 2000 IS 1200 and the 2005 is 1500. GPB Also the 2000 e46 has a spoiler, was this an option?
  2. Got a pre purchase inspection, 2 mins in to test drive coolant light came on and the car was leaking coolant. The owner kept a botthe of coolant in the boot, the mechanic then removed the rad cap and there were bubbles in the rad. He then said that he suspected the head gasket was blown or blowing. I do not think he was a BMW specalist, but what do you guys think? Here is apic of the oil cap. Should i take a punt on it? Also when moving into reverse there was a clunk (auto) What do you guys think? The car was 1.3k
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