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  1. Yes I have the original plugs but don't know which wires to join together on the 6 wire loom and the 9 wire loom, hope that makes sense?
  2. Evening all. I collected a 2006 E46 convertible a few days ago and set about my first repair job this afternoon. The previous keeper had replaced the drivers wing mirror as the original one had been smashed off. He fitted it himself and did a bit of a bodge but just shoving the wiring loom and connector into the door card and cutting the original mirror wiring off. Now, the mirror he has fitted has a quad lock type connector which 9 wires attached. The original mirror on my car has 6 wires split across two, 3 pin connectors. Would anybody happen to know if I could cut the connector off the new mirror and join the wires to the original 6 wires and re use those connectors? I've no idea what color would correlate to what Any help most appreciated, cheers guys.
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