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  1. Following my recent MOT on my 2003 325i Touring, my mechanic told me that the exhaust mountings need attention. At the point where the flanges meet (after the manifold cat), one nut has rusted off (leaving just the bolt) and the other has rusted over so it can't be undone when exhaust replacement is needed. He said that there's a flange repair kit for the E46 M3 and showed me a link to a typical product (inserted below). Despite a great deal of searching, I've only been able to locate kits for the M3, and despite several listings saying 'universal', the compatibility chart always comes up the same: 'Won't fit your car.' Does anyone know of a kit that will fit my car, or failing that, have any tips re drilling out the rusted bolts - which seems to be the only option so far, a job which my mechanic is understandably not looking forward to. The exhaust isn't blowing - yet, but it's probably on borrowed time now. Thanks in advance for any help. (The pic below is for the 'M3 only' kit, and is only attached for reference of what I'm looking for in a universal / 325i Touring fit).
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