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  1. Honestly say never been to Gaydon .do they have trade stands like santa pod. Sell new an used parts
  2. Like this show, noticed this site always Is the last bmw site to go on santa pod, Would.be so much better if people.made more off a effort,
  3. I fitted new front control arms with new bushes as had failed, an the last few days been having battery problem on car charged it, mind you I hadn't used car for awhile , after charge I used it a couple or 3 times then dead I think battery on way out so I bought a premium battery today an it started like a dream
  4. I read somewhere there was a meet at bluewater Saturday gone for bmw, audi, an merc . some off us on other sites keep an eye out for meets there post up on here im from huntingdon
  5. Did tell you get 20 passes looks like this year Set to be good on here an on fb too
  6. I'm from huntingdon anyone around my aera or going past so could meet. Otherwise will be By myself again not Convoy hardly
  7. Pm Jammo your full name address postcode. Yes there should be still a few spaces left He will pm you back an let you know
  8. looking forward to this now , not long got my passes too thanks Jammo. you guys will know its me as private plate name on here , Jammo if you know where we are put picture up off where , cheers
  9. as above on eBay for a erisin, or another for android ,, Oem look, want the owner supplier to Have everything I want ie 3G or 4G dongle I believe it's right angled ain't it,, problem is I can't find a seller that sells a unit an them bits too Any looks for androids at nav seller sells all.. Surprised if you find any
  10. Make sure it's done tomorrow or Tues. Asap... mate
  11. And617y

    Eonon or Erisin

    Work mate got his gps antenna on top off the unit and his signal is good ...
  12. Say 15. Put down 20 incase .. I have a friend that will come maybe 2 in bmw. They could be on stand, Sure you know people too
  13. Yes let's certainly have 15. Go for more like 20 more the better
  14. And617y

    Eonon or Erisin

    Thanks guys I think I may do soon . Btw do erisins support Rear parking camera can't remember
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