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  1. Afternoon all. I’m hoping somebody can help with a nightmare situation I’m having. A few day’s ago the drivers window went all the way down and refused to come back up. Did lots of research and assumed it was the window regulator. I removed the motor from the regulator and tested it it spun freely, it did. Replaced the regulator for an aftermarket cheap jobby from eBay, exactly the same problem. Turns out it was the switch that was faulty, it was constantly sending the down signal. I’ve repaired the switch now but I cannot for the life of me get the window glass to line up and locate properly with the convertible hood / shadow line trim. I’ve had to ditch the original regulator as I had to cut the cables to get it out, I’m now using the cheap eBay regulator. I’m wondering whether it’s faulty or just rubbish. no matter how many times I tighten the bolts to hold the glass in place, it still moves with a press down on it with my hand. whenever I send the window up, it goes far too far up and catches on the shadow line trim at the top of the A pillar. I’ve tried all sorts of adjustment but just can’t fathom it. any ideas?
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