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  1. Hi John here. E46 fanboy, DJ, Mechanic. Living in Ireland. Nice to meet you all
  2. djjcue

    My E46

    My most loyal and dependable friend ever! I have owned her for about 3 years now. She started her journey with me as a standard 323ci. I have done a lot of work/upgrades on her. M-Tech drilled/grooved discs, 4 new stock callipers, Coilover suspension, heavy duty adjustable drop links, whole car recently poly bushed except for engine and trans mounts, Torsen 1.5 way LSD, Vanos rebuild, M54B30 intake manifold replacement, Rear subframe removed, de-rusted, cleaned and re-sprayed, replaced factory aero-kit front bumper with M-sport bumper, genuine 19inch M-437 wheels, replaced stock interior with M-sport interior. Proper tight car now. Such a joy to drive! I'll never sell her. Planning an engine swap next. I have an M52TUB28 engine waiting to go into her but i'm considering Boosting it first. If i can find the cash! To me she is one of a kind. I haven't seen another one like it anywhere.
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