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  1. Cheers I've never been a cleaner of cars tbh just drive them , but so annoying especially since I don't have kids !!!
  2. Hey guys any tips on how to get rid of kids handprints off paintwork , fairly sure it's sunscreen , tried a pencil eraser but they just come back Please Help Cheers M
  3. Hey im Martin on my 2nd E46 first was a 320d(shwirleypots) yeah I name my car's , learned loads with that car got it free had it 3 years n never let me down , 178K passed its last mot before I hydrolocked it going through a bit of a big puddle !!! Still onwards n upwards I've now got SHlinkyKiNKy 330d MSport tourer auto Steel grey with grey interior and a tape deck , only started the jobs on this one and a fair wee list to work through but enjoy working on them M
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