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  1. H shape? Probably me but I dont get that. are the pipes easy to take off paul? Sorry for the never ending stream of Q's. I do appreciate it! Cheers
  2. Will it perform reasonably normal without throttle retardation? Will the lights and codes cause the car to go into selp protection mode? All i need to do it a 120 mile round trip then new cat next week. Finally, will i be able to take the cat off without the rest of the exhaust? and can I cut it open and rip out its guts? lol Much appreciated and thanks again
  3. As it has been explained to me, the cat hasnt been working too efficiently since i lost 2 coil packs 500 miles from home and believe that damage was done on the drive home. What I was told today is that the brick in the cat was loose, hence the "dieselly rattle" and its possibly moving in there and restricting the flow of gases, hence why i can put my foot on the floor in 2nd and not go above 30. THe revs are retarted too. Clear as mud? Was to me LOL
  4. Hey all. I believe my cat has died and codes confirm problem with it. I am in process of having this replaced but cannot be done before next week. Question I have is..... Can I decat the car? Its a Petrol 318i 2.0L E46. I was looking at a short term fix as I was supposed to be going away for the weekend and the missus and kids faces are on the floor that we might not be able to go. Can I either straight pipe it or basically, remove the Cat, cut it open and take the insides out, weld it back up and put it back on. Im guessing that I will need to disconnect the sensors too if I did that. Any issues with this? Would appreciate anyones advice or assistance as im desperately trying to get some positives for the family. thanks in advance peeps!
  5. Hiya mate, The powered shark fin, OEM or aftermarket? I was considering fitting one but i understood it to be for the telephone not as an aerial tho. Im assuming that If it is an aerial, i could connect it into the unit in the C pillar to make it work rather than route the cable all the way through to the OEM HU? Cheers Bom
  6. Finally got round to addressing these yesterday. Unbelievably, there is no permanent 12v supply to the interior lights, at all. It must all be controlled by a relay. So, aside from running a permanent supply up from an empty slot in the fuse box (may well do that in the near future tho!) i have had to settle for the map lights to work only when the main light is on. Rear ones not at all unless the front one is on, so kinda defeats the idea of reading lights eh? Again, they need their own 12v supply, something I might look at when I get them out to fiddle with again. Just thought I would let you folks know Cheers Bom
  7. Well, this job is done and for the most part was a doddle. Minor panic when the instructions off fanatics site and the BMW pdf didnt say anything for N46 engines and where to put it but a quick google sorted that out. am a happy bunny....for now LOL
  8. Hello again. I managed to do the MFSW buttons upgrade yesterday with cruise, that was fun and all LOL Only reservation I have with aftermarket HU is that I was told that aerial needs powering as the OEM HU provides power to the antenna etc. My Fm reception is ok but can get iffy and most of the time AM is unlistenable! Would they improve with the Sony HU? I did contemplate fitting an aerial on the roof, either a mini one of the fin but then saw these ones you affix to the windscreen or rear screen, wondered if that would improve my reception and possibly negate the need for a powered aerial. any ideas? Cheers Bom
  9. Cheers Adrian, I'll check that out now. Where do you get the software from? can you PM any directions (assuming you cant put them on the board that is) Cheers
  10. Hi, would someone let me know if by using this DIS v44 setup I would be able to "flash" the car to tell it it now has the OBC button, much like the dealer would do? If so, anyone fancy a PM with how and where to get whatever is required pretty please? Cheers, Bom
  11. Hi court, thanks for the reply. I gathered that the patch lead controls the MFSW buttons except the telephone bit. I take it that my HU cant be "tricked" via the bluetooth or even a direct wire connection to allow the MFSW telephone buttons to work, rahter than just pressing the appropriate button on the HU when I get a call, I could press the button on the MFSW. From what ive read and seen i wasnt hopeful but if you dont ask, you dont get eh? Cheers and fingers crossed Bom
  12. Hi all, Im contemplating putting an aftermarket head unit, its a Sony MEX-BT5000 and i was wondering about its bluetooth capabilities. I know you can get patch leads to allow the MFSW buttons to control the head unit such as source and volume etc, but is there any type of wiring set up that will allow the steering wheel buttons to control the bluetooth functions of the system? Is it even possible if you know what connectors are what on the HU are and the same for the lead that connects the buttons? Appreciate any input at all. Cheers Bom
  13. Well, Stealers wanted £17 plus vat for the tiny 2 inch connection wire, popped to a few Scrappys and finally found one and he wanted.....£20! LMAO Got it for a tenner after but flaming hell it aint much fun poking round scrappys any more, wont even let you look for parts yourself! Boo!
  14. Thats what I am hoping. Hoping a mate can "jump" one of the other power wires to allow the switch to operate. Cant understand why they wouldnt fit everything the same or even run the cabling the same for all cars, just love BMW eh! LOL
  15. Well i Took the plunge and guess what? The map/reading lights dont work. Think it might be a case of a little bit of wire and jumping it to the empty connector on the plug. Hey ho, they look better than the stock ones IMO.
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