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  1. If I am asked to choose, I would vote for manual control. Life is unpredictable, and it is not very wise to refuse from the additional option. I am from the UK, search postcode finder. And we are rather conservative to all the things. But I value the right of choice. And I will always prefer those manufacturers who make it possible. So I support the company decision here.
  2. So did any of these advice work for you? It is interesting to know the result as I have a similar issue. I consulted a specialist in my area https://populationstat.com/united-states/seattle, and he also suggested welding as of the options to solve the situation. But I am still hesitating what to do. So I am trying to gather as much information as possible before making a decision.
  3. Elephant in the room, but are you 100% sure it's a Clubsport? It seems to be lacking wheels and front bumper/splitters... To my untrained eye it looks like a boggo 330 that has a Clubsport-style boot spoiler. Am I missing something?
  4. Hey! Girls and cars are the eternal themes for discussion. Being honest, I adore both. I cannot even say what I like more: my girl or my car? I have an idea – we should conduct a survey to see how the guys will vote. It is also interesting to find out where all are from. I am from worldpostalcode.com/united-states/california/san-francisco. Let’s play this game, it will be interesting.
  5. Hi. You can try to register yourself as a second driver. Just register the car for one of your parents and add yourself as a second driver. But I think insurance is must-be. BTW - I ordered fast cheap essays in Affordable Papers about insurance and car title loans, so maybe I could recommend something after reading those essays. When I get them. Okay? Much appreciated for your patient.
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