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  1. I went up with the welsh region, stand looked really good guys. I have to say Gaz...yours really stands out!! @daveo132 I didn't realise you were from South Wales, you could of convoyed back with all of us.
  2. E36/E46 Owners club are mainly based in the midlands and are active on Facebook if you're looking for meeting up with other enthusiasts.
  3. Oh Slamber, the only place on earth that Glanzas and Type R's are quicker than Veyrons.
  4. Looks like your old car is being looked after :D


  5. Alix

    Hi mate, i seen some1 on the facebook forums selling style 32's deep dish:



  6. It's only the front bumper and spoiler that are aero, the side and rear bumpers are se
  7. Those are going to be a nightmare to keep clean in the winter!
  8. My aunty just sold this 328 with 80k miles on for £1800, absolutely spotless with no rust, looks like it came out of the factory. The plate was valued at £700 too. If someone were to offer you £1300 i would snap their hands off. In saying that, i sold my 330 genuine sport with coilovers and e38 32's for 1750 with 99k miles. That only needed a few hundred spent on to be perfect!
  9. You can get eibach springs a lot cheaper getting them on ebay from international sellers (mainly germans).
  10. Eh? You've taken his joke way too seriously there. Everything he said was to help you. On topic though. I've never known the autos to be that problematic, maybe they are referring to the SSG? Put it this way, it was one of the only things not to go wrong in my 330 These cars are +/- 15 years old, you should go in with the mindset that there will be a few niggles that will need sorting. You've just been unlucky. Personally though, i don't think there's a better car on the market in the same price range at the moment.
  11. Bargain, buy this one!! 2.8k for an base spec 330 = bargain?! You can pick up a sport 330 for 2k nowadays. £3500 will get you a good example clubsport.
  12. I'm in the process of buying the Das6 pro now off the DW group buy. Can you link me to what pads & anything else you bought with it? Cheers.
  13. There was a group who met up in Bridgend ind. estate a few weeks back, had about 30 BM's turn up. Theyre on the South Wales BMW group on Facebook.
  14. ​It's actually stated as 180hp due to eu emissions etc (I think?) but they actually have 200hp with overboost and a better power to weight ratio than a 330. The 330 has it in a straight but theres no contest if any corners are involved.
  15. Go take a Fiesta ST out for a test drive mate, it's stupidly fun and im getting 30-40mpg. It's only £180 a month too, costing around the same as my old 330 as all i have to pay for is petrol and insurance P.S It would walk all over a 118 in every department too lol. Didn't see you've already ordered, enjoy it mate, will be nice driving around knowing if anything goes wrong its covered lol.
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