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  1. hmm 8000k is a bluey colour, if its purple it must have been a wrong bulb output is not bad, I can still see in front of me and drive down country roads with no street lamps, and my xenons are perfect. I use high beam now and again to find the hidden black corners!
  2. 6000k is bright white colour (which can be irritating) 8000k is a very pale blue tint (which i went for) - its actually quite nice and have had loads of people ask me about it. I have projector lens as well. The projector lens will help disperse the light a lot better e.g. ( wont blind drivers on other side of the road! lol) Now all you need to do is decide what colour you want!
  3. Ah right, Seems like a more hassle, so that ideas out of the window! lol
  4. Does anyone know, if you can DIY upgrade to the keyless entry system. Where you just walk up to the car and the door opens up?
  5. wait I've read up on it! Thanks for the advice... In your opinion should i clean the swirl flaps up or jus replace them for blanks? thanks
  6. Thanks... Whats the swirl flaps? sorry I've never heard of this? am looking for a facelift 54 plate model, does that still need checked? Ady
  7. Hi folks, I'm thinking of buying a 320cd because i've always loved the looks of the car and I need economy as I have a new job and will be clocking up 500miles a week! What milage should I buy a BMW at? 100k or 130k?? The only thing that's on my mind is if the turbo goes... any advice?
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