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  1. On the end of the left hand stalk there is a button to scroll through the OBC features. Set it so the mpg is displayed and then hold the button in until the display flashes a row of dashes. Job done. you can reset all the info this way.
  2. Tidy looking motor you have there with some nice touches.
  3. I have ACS type III non racing on my touring and run 225/40x18 on the front and 255/35x18 on the rear.
  4. Lower the windows and pull out the rubber that the window runs up, you will see the screws behind it. Then it unhooks towards the back (of the front door) and the front of the rear. Hope this helps. EDIT- Just had a look at mine and you will have to remove the door cards to get the black plastic door frame surround off in able to remove the rubber.-EDIT.
  5. I'll have one if I can find one for a decent price. What have you got on yours?
  6. Black car with tints? Mine
  7. Update time! The black theme continues. Chrome window surrounds have gone. Replaced with genuine black ones. This was an absolute necessity as they looked even more wrong with the tints that have been applied. Fronts are light smoke, with the rears one shade darker. The pics really do make them look a lot darker than they really are. Contrast between clear screen, front doors,rear door tints Also an M3 front anti roll bar has been fitted to stiffen the front end up. As you can probably tell by the snow, they've been done a while! Another 'little' project has been taking up my attention. Namely, this. But that's a whole new story!!!
  8. Whilst under the car earlier fitting my M3 ARB, I noticed the bottom of the radiator has bowed along the bottom edge enough to have popped the clips off the fan housing by a good couple of cms. Is this a known problem? or what may have caused this? The car has never had overheating/airlock problems and does not lose water.
  9. I replaced a faulty one on mine. £10 off Ebay. Job done.
  10. You really need to look at both. You may end up buying neither one! Distance shouldn't even factor into it for the 'right' car. I live in Lincoln but went to Aberdeen to view one before buying mine from Walton on Thames. Talk about other ends of the country. I reckon I must have clocked up the best part of 2000 miles viewing E46 Tourings before buying one!
  11. That's looking well! I've just swapped my Prokit for Sportlines...Just waiting for them to settle. It looks like we have quite a Touring community on here, now . Aquick pic of mine at the moment
  12. I've just replaced my Prokit with Sportlines...Just waiting for them to settle to see how much lower they are
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