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  1. Both rear ABS sensors had been replaced recently (with cheap and nasty ones). So I removed and cleaned out the hubs with brake cleaner and an airline. This brought the speedo back to life but lights still on. I bought a new sensor for the drivers side from BMW and replaced it and now all it back to normal. So buy cheap, buy twice as most of us know. I would not have put cheap and nasty ones on myself but hey ho its working now. Next to replace the cheap and nasty throttle cable that was also renewed at the time as the sensors and has also broken off at the pedal end ! Will get one from BMW when they re-open. Next to install the harness bar and carry on with the weight loss program ! Stay safe everyone.
  2. In addition to my 1999 328i touring track hearse. I have these two old things. 1985 M535i #123 of the manual cars and 1995 M3 3.0 #402 of 415.
  3. Ok I've ordered one from UK with cable etc. I am fairly IT literate so hopefully will be ok. Guess it will be handy for the E36 too, not so much for the E28
  4. Fair point, ok mate thanks. I was clutching at straws a little.
  5. Thanks, so you don't reckon the wire has anything to do with it? Ok, what about the passenger side rear wheel sensor, I thought that could cause what I am seeing, including lack of speedo ?
  6. Hi all, my little track hearse is playing up. I have not used it for about 4 weeks as I have been unwell, went out yesterday and have the DSC, Handbrake and ABS lights are on and speedo not working. I have had a read up and I know the wheel sensors can cause this ( they were renewed a few months ago and no issue until now ). Also I noticed the blue and yellow wire in the second picture is not connected to anything, could this be related ? as I have not noticed it being adrift before. (before I start removing wheels and checking sensors) Thanks in advance for any assistance
  7. There is a monthly BMW meet at the American diner in Ashford Kent on the 2nd Saturday of each month. There is good food and a large car park for the cars. Location: Riverview Diner http://www.bybrook-barn.co.uk/riverview_diner.htm Bybrook Barn Garden Centre Canterbury Road Kennington Ashford Kent TN24 9JZ Bybrook garden centre is in cemetary lane so thats what you will need in your sat nav Map for anyone who needs it ... http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x ... search.srf 7pm onwards 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Please feel free to come and check it out, I am afraid I am on holiday this month so I won't be there myself but we have a group of 5s an 3s each month.
  8. Hello all, my name is Mark and I have an unhealthy BMW fetish Previous convictions include several E30s and an E39 530i Sport Touring. My current BMW is a modified Agate Green E28 M535i which some of you may have seen at the shows and Bluewater meets. It also sees regular track action which is a huge amount of fun ! I do hope to get hold of an E46 M3 some time in the future, but that is a way off as I am loving the E28 so much at the moment... Cheers, Mark
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