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  1. Awesome thanks mate. I will get in contact with him. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi guys. After a few years I am back in an E46. A 330ci manual. SE. I am just cleaning it up for use. Its Oxford Green II with black leather. I really want a cinnamon interior for it. Anyone got any ideas what the chances of my finding one is? and what I might pay? I am thinking about maybe retrimming it in Cinnamon, which will obviously give me a new interior. Anyone done this? Any ideas on cost? Front and rears seats plus door cards. I look forward to getting some advice on this one! Cheers
  3. I've been out with the Gopro again. It occurred to me every time I drop my daughter off I take this route and I'm always spotting interesting cars. Lots of E46s, Landys, other BMWs. Proof we Brits love our cars. These all need a bit of dedication to run! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kbCSIDWcwg
  4. Thats what the garage said. Not too costly as well. Big relief!
  5. Sorted. Took it down to my local indie. Miss fire on cylinder number 4. They are fixing it now! Phew!
  6. Thanks Alan53. Do you think this is something that could be a one off? Or something has failed and it will start to happen more? Just wondering if I should drive it Wales and back this weekend. Don't want to be stuck on the M4 hard shoulder with the kids in the back! Cheers!
  7. Dear all. This morning my wife went to take the kids to her mums and the exhaust sounded odd when she pulled away. She then returned minutes later with the engine warning light on and saying it saw juddering while driving. See video below of the sound. I switched it off then started again and all seemed ok. I did notice that when it was running rough the little flap inside the exhaust was open. Then when I restarted it it was closed. Any ideas? A bit worried as we are driving to Wales tomorrow! Do I need to get it into a garage quickly? The car hadn't been used for 3 days, cold and wet etc. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Certainly are! At night not too busy, and they're nice and big!
  9. Thanks. Gopro stuck on the windscreen. I used Adobe Premiere Pro. I use the Adobe Creative Suite for work so it didn't cost me any more. A TV director friend of mine tells me the pros use Final Cut Pro, but Premiere Pro does for me for now and is still a serious program. I've used Imovie before and thats still pretty good, but more basic. Its early days for me, so still learning. One thing I've learnt is file sizes. You need a pretty decent computer to edit with. I use an 2009 Imac and it struggles a little.
  10. Yes it is! I see from your location you're close by. Its a great urban road at night time!
  11. Bought myself a Gopro so having a go! Editing is not easy!
  12. Is the rear blind rare? See it in this image, through the reflection. A bit sticky, but still works. I'm now on the hunt for the original radio, Bavaria C Business RDS. Anyone have one?
  13. Glad you all like it. I plan to keep it original. More of a cruiser! So auto box is fine (my e46 is manual so best of both). I have checked the vin and it's all original. It also has a rear roller blind. I understand air con and cruise also rare on e30s. As its one owner I plan to get in contact with the guy and ask a load of questions. Maybe even get some pics of it in the 80s! Hoping anyway, might just tell me to do one! Been driving it around today. Love it!
  14. I now have it. Tatty but I love it! First things I need are a new auto gear knob and a set of clips that hold the rubber trim onto the rear bumber. Then going to get it checked over. Any e30 specialists in the south west London area?
  15. You DO need one! Lovely collection of e30s. Alpina as well! Really like those. Not usually a fan of the pin striping but on e30s it looks cool. I think I'm going to love my 323i. !!
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