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  1. Aye mine were the same I retapped the threads and copperslipped prior to putting new clips on Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  2. Not possible as your original GPS system will not transmit it's GPS coordinates Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  3. Also check that new adapter has not got perm live on switch and constant and amp feed, normally blue wire Sent from my LG-H815
  4. I'd also invest in 90 degree usb adapters and a 90 degree GPS antenna adapter as space is tight at the back Sent from my LG-H815
  5. If I do overtime it's flat rate. Guess who does very little overtime then Sent from my LG-H815
  6. Yip I remember, welcome back Sent from my LG-H815
  7. What year is your car, Sent from my LG-H815
  8. Stick team viewer on your laptop and I can have a share session with you and check Sent from my LG-H815
  9. http://www.thetoolhub.co.uk/wheels/263-alloy-wheel-impact-socket-17mm.html Sent from my LG-H815
  10. Aye 1/2 inch 3ft breaker bar and 17mm socket, however my socket is rubber coated to protect the wheels Sent from my LG-H815
  11. Aye simple to fit, you will need the hvac relocation kit for a 100% fit. Any quad core version on eBay will be fine as they are all made by huifei in the same factory. Post some links of the units you are looking at Sent from my LG-H815
  12. The model you quoted is a wince based unit, not android. The unit is solid and reliable, however you are limited in terms of updates and customising Sent from my LG-H815
  13. It's a no from me I'm afraid Sent from my LG-H815
  14. Big advantage over inpa is that it will remove any shadow codes as well. Simple to use also Sent from my LG-H815
  15. Stick bmw 51117893062 into eBay to see some better images Sent from my LG-H815
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