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  1. Nice. Looks like you live in the same area as me too. If ever you need any diagnostics just let me know.
  2. On an e46 you can wire in using a £15 bypass relay and it will work fine without any fault likes etc. I know this as that's how I did mine two years ago.
  3. Hello, Im looking at keeping my E46 a little longer and whilst I value its originality and not wanting to make it look modified (Hence standard HU etc), its starting to become a little dated and annoying in that I cannot get DAB radio. More importantly this means capital if a bit on/off on FM where as my house DAB radio works perfect. Been Looking around at solutions around the £150 mark and this one seems to be getting rave reviews. Does anyone have experience of this unit or integrated alternatives? http://www.pure.com/product/highway-300di-vl-61716/ Had a look through the search function but this appears to be a little covered subject. Thanks in Advance..
  4. Done 40k on my 330d with flaps removed and no flat spot for me. It is remapped though so maybe that's why?
  5. I did when they first came out and they said it would work. I am a little cautious thou and thought I would wait to see if anyone else encountered issues.
  6. I would really appreciate it if you could list any resolve on the forum. This is the reason I have not bought an andrive as yet or any other make as they all seem to not work properly when paired with harmon kardon.
  7. Having owned an m3 and now a 330cd if it were not for doing 30k a year mileage I would be back in one tomorrow. I will say from experience being able to afford an m3 and being able to afford run one are 2 very different animals. My proper inspection 1 cost 1400 pound and a set of rear tyres was 600 and front brakes at 30k miles were 900. All in the space of 6 months. Okay they decreased the next 6 but not by a massive amount!
  8. Original colours? Looks a bit barry otherwise...
  9. Why? I just don't like them too low. Especially in our pothole ridden country at present!
  10. 40mpg consistently over the last 40k. A little bit of town but mostly a and b roads.
  11. Yes its been on the bike forums too. It's reasonably cost effective too and cheap compared to painting. I can't remeber the proper name for the process but i'm sure it will come to me soon.
  12. I was already to buy but I have heard that the unit does not work with cars fitted with Harmon Kardon sound. Is this correct?
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