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  1. CNL Re-Map North East - GROUP BUY

    I too have a 330ci and am considering a remap. I mainly want to know if there is any improvement in torque and mpg. Please can you comment now, after another month of driving the car? Thanks!
  2. Zimmer

    Very reliable and decent person. A true gentleman! He was helpful and fair every step of the way. thanks!
  3. Glovebox Torch

    This is how my glovebox looks, so I guess the empty space on the right is where the torch should be...
  4. Glovebox Torch

    Thanks guys. I should have googled it, you are right! Well, it is missing. Is it any good? They go for a 5er on ebay...
  5. Glovebox Torch

    I know this sounds daft, but I always meant to ask this ever since I got my car back in 2008. It is a 2005 330 Ci SE and I cannot find a torch or a place where it is supposed to be. I would really appreciate a few pictures (taken from various distances) so I can see where it is/should be. Many thanks in advance!
  6. 330 Fuel Economy?

    I am getting around 37-38 mpg with mainly motorway driving. It drops to 30-32 when I drive in town. I drive a 2005 330ci SE
  7. CD changer acting 'funny'

    Maybe I can disconnect the battery for a period of time then. It could convince it to start working again. As I said, it seems as if it is 'trying' to pick the CDs up but does not complete the process. Thanks anyway.
  8. CD changer acting 'funny'

    Is there nobody who has any experience with this?
  9. CD changer acting 'funny'

    Hi all. My CD changer thinks there are no disks in the cartridge, despite it being fully loaded. I have ejected the magazine a few times and re-inserted it, but when it should make the usual noise of picking each CD 'sleeve' up after I first insert the magazine, it sounds as if it is unable to grab them. Could there be a fault in the mechanical arm that is supposed to pick each sleeve up or something? Any help is most welcomed. Thanks!
  10. 330 petrol consumption

    I am getting anything between 35 to 38mpg on the motorway. It is indeed good!
  11. 320/325/330

    330 without second thought. I love mine...
  12. Inflating Tyres In Sub-Zero Temperatures

    Thanks a lot guys! I was hoping it would not be a big deal...
  13. I Have Never Seen This Before. Some Help?

    lol! It was not helpful but it certainly was entertaining! Thanks for that. It might have been something like that. Let us see what the rest who read this think...
  14. Inflating Tyres In Sub-Zero Temperatures

    Thanks guys. I topped the air up after a 60 mile drive but after I had a 15 minute stop. I hope this helps. I shall check them again in a day or two when the weather will hopefully be less cold.
  15. Hallo all. On my way back home a while ago I stoped at the petrol station to refuel and I decided to check tyre pressure. I topped the tyres with air up to the recommended pressure, but when I arrived home I had an epiphany: It is -7C out there and I tped the air up as normal. Given that air will be somehow more dense now that the temperature is so low, will I have a problem with over inflated tyres when the weather warms up? I do not want to end up with massively over inflated tyres. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.