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  1. Doesn't look too low to me But there again, the lower the better, right?
  2. I was reading about that! Sent him photos of the work and everything!
  3. Yeah, although they're getting to the age when they've been done by a previous owner.
  4. E92 is common, i'm looking for a E90 Seen a few, seen some dogs.
  5. Still driving the 335d, but looking to replace with a tidy E90 M3.
  6. mjn


    So much spam on here these days.
  7. The M57 engine is pretty bulletproof. Just need to remove swirlflaps.
  8. Already at 170k miles. Having some TLC in a couple of weeks, bushes, swirl flap blanks, diff seals, etc. It'll be a shame to see it go in 2021 because of the London ULEZ.
  9. And then again at 160k miles 👍 And next year, it'll be 180k miles 👍👍
  10. Day 9 - Heading For Home and German Petrol Stations So, the last day. A few hundred miles from Stuttgart to Calais via Luxembourg. But some of the more unusual items you can find at your German service station..... Super strength beer. Not cheap at over €10 a tin. Something for the ladies? Onto Luxembourg for refreshment and cheap diesel. Of course, i've left plenty of stuff out, like taking the wrong turnings, going in the wrong direction, the closed roads, the awful traffic jams, etc, but it's part of the fun. Thanks for reading!! Total driving time (including stops/fuel ups/food/etc) - 13 hours / 631 miles Total driving time over the 9 days (including stops/fuel ups/food/etc) - 73.75 hours / 2737 miles
  11. Day 8 - More DPF Cleaner and the autobahn Something i've never seen before is honey served straight from the hive. Sunrise The descent. More DPF Cleaner was located and put into the tank, but this time, only had a quarter tank of fuel and ran the car until the fuel reserve light came on. This seemed to do the trick......for a few hundred miles. But what really cleaned it out was doing 130mph on the autobahn! Once the blockage was gone, full power was returned to the car and i could do 155mph. The light hasn't been on since, but at 161k miles it'll be getting flushed soon. Hotel for the night? The v8 hotel in Stuttgart. The new v8 hotel. The classic v8 hotel. Classic Car showroom. No prices......you know what they say.....if you have to ask the price? You can't afford it. Porsche......yours for only €54k. Art behind the bed. The view over Stuttgart. Some pictures of the classic v8 hotel. There is also a car museum attached to the hotel, but due to arriving a little later than planned, did not have time. Beer! Food. Total driving time (including stops/fuel ups/food/etc) - 6.5 hours / 254 miles
  12. Day 7 - Slow journey back home The view from the hotel wasn't much, but i could see blue sky! No time wasted, on to Passo Valparola. Then Passo Pordoi which was rammed! Never seen it so busy. The photos don't show it that well, but could hardly move. Picked up myself a little souvenir. Hotel for the night? Top of the Stelvio. But first, the road leading to the 47 hairpin road. And so it starts! The hotel. View from the hotel room. Old skool. And from the beer garden. Choices. Mmmmmm, goulash. Chocolate cake. And the view. Sunset. Total driving time (including stops/fuel ups/food/etc) - 6.75 hours / 180 miles
  13. Day 6 - Locating DPF Cleaner and heading back to Italy Looking out from the hotel window, could see the weather wasn't much better than yesterday, but hey, who cares? But before any passes. DPF cleaner was required and it appears in Austria, you can't pop into a supermarket and just buy it, like in the UK. Nor did any petrol stations stock it. After locating a Bosch Garage, luck! They had some. In the tank it went, hoping it would help. It didn't. Now, Monte Zoncolan is one of my fav passes. There are 3 routes to the top, and the 3rd is by far, the most dangerous. Minimal passing points, very narrow road, potholes, gravel road in places. Will have to dig out some photos, can't find any as yet. Monte Zoncolan is extremely famous due to it's links with the Giro d'Italia. But this is the way down, a much better quality road. It's a tough drive which requires much concentration. However, once at the bottom.......beer time. Due to spending time locating DPF cleaner, the route was amended slightly. Straight to Passo Giau. You can recognise the Dolomites anywhere! Hotel for the night. Pizzeria. It was a long walk, but i coped! Finally, beer!! Total driving time (including stops/fuel ups/food/etc) - 6 hours / 221 miles
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