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  1. Stretched Tyres Tips

    No, the sizes will be on the wheel under the cap you just removed. I would try 255/30/19 on a 9.5j alloy.
  2. Stretched Tyres Tips

    Genuine 19" Alpinas? Aren't they 8.5J and 9.5J?
  3. Stretched Tyres Tips

    You're gonna have to tell us how wide your wheels are!
  4. 2017 Alpine Trip

    Of course, if anybody does fancy Passo Gavia, have a look here..... Starts off fairly civilised, smooth roads, safety barriers, two lanes, etc. Then that soon changes :laugh:
  5. 13 year super-service

    Yes, replace all the fluids. And the air / fuel filters aren't lifetime, they're serviceable items.
  6. 13 year super-service

    You're looking at £2k at least for that work, if you're paying a mechanic. I did a suspension refresh on my E46 and E90, and spent in excess of £1400 each time including labour. So not sure you won't end up out of pocket even if you get your purchase price back when you sell up.
  7. Drove it to Gaydon. Fairly busy day. Some tasty cars there.
  8. New forum software Aug '17

    Yup, they thought people would pay $400 / year. I'm in the process of migrating to Flickr before my membership to Photobucket expires in December. No way I'm increasing my payment from $39.99 to $399 a year!