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  1. CSL reps?

    Find out the ET of the MV2s then take 15 off the value. Sorted.
  2. I think there is a polyurethane one floating about somewhere online.
  3. That sucks. But finding somewhere that can do a proper 4 wheel alignment is hard. The place i use charges a flat fee of £97.50 +vat, but they know what they're doing, so don't care.
  4. Can't remember the brand i used, but it wasn't worth the hassle for the £50 it saved. The OEM one was still good when i sold the car.
  5. Kwik Fit is the last place i'd want to do an alignment!!
  6. Don't use a cheap prop donut! Get an OEM one, the cheap ones don't last 10k miles. And i bet that vibration is the centre prop bearing or its bracket.
  7. Rear Shock Top Mounts

    So many people miss that super important washer. Don't worry, plenty of mechanics miss it as well.
  8. Soak them for 24 hours before removal and use a torque wrench set to the correct amount.
  9. Yeah, i ran 12mm spacers when running 17" winter alloys. No issues.
  10. For £500, you can't go wrong. It's a solid engine. You just gotta watch for the rust.
  11. £500? The same price somebody else paid for their 325i. Seems to be plenty of bargains around, maybe due to the diesel hate at the moment. And talk of banning ancient petrols cars from towns and city centres.
  12. Estoril blue Saloon.

    Get that set of Style 32s refurbed in anthracite and fitted!!!
  13. The lambda sensor fits into the decat pipe, you can do both jobs at the same time. For mine, i looked at the restricted access and predicted scraped knuckles. Paid my Indy to do it.