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  1. 2017 Alpine Trip

    And erm, where are your photos?
  2. 2017 Alpine Trip

    I'm leaving 3 weeks Saturday. Everything is booked. Can't wait.
  3. Rare car no info

    So where is this turbo?
  4. Don't people just grind the bumper bracket a little?
  5. Car sale to Poland

    Proceed with caution
  6. Car sale to Poland

    Cancel the sale. The funds will look like they've cleared, so you'll release the car. But then, a short while later, the money transfer will be reversed and you'll have no money or car.
  7. It's been two years and 40k miles since i machine polished the car.  There are fine swirls, marks, holograms from the day to day driving, washing, people walking past, parking on the street, busy car park at work, bashing their bags off the paint, etc. This is not a full correction, no point, as there are a thousand stone chips in the paint, but simply an exercise in removing the holograms, fine scratches and to bring back some of the gloss of the individual paint (Azurite Black). Sorry, no before photos, i forgot I was only on planning on doing the bonnet and front wings today using Dodo Juice Spin Doctor Pro with 3M Ultrafine and 3M blue pad. After polish, naked paint, nothing else 2 coats of Swissvax Onyx But some big bird decided to use my car as target practice, so had to then tackle the boot! 2 coats of Swissvax Onyx
  8. I used a G clamp when i did mine!
  9. Headlight wash nozzles

    Same part for left / right. You can double check here bmwfans.info
  10. I used a Bosch waterpump with metal impeller but can't remember what the housing was.....
  11. Think it was Redline D4 i used in mine. About 1.1 litres in the box and 1.3 litres in the diff.
  12. Make sure you have a couple of spare pinch bolts as they are known to snap.
  13. CSL reps?

    Hmmmmm, i hate waiting.