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  1. It's not a for sale thread mate. You want to sell stuff, pay the fee and post in the right section.
  2. Not quite cold enough for winter rubber round my way. I reckon it'll be another two weeks before it's cold enough.
  3. Had my 330d mapped at about 150k miles. That was original turbo, but with decat, swirl flaps blanked off, manual box, etc
  4. I think there is a little bit of personal preference involved, especially when it comes to toe.
  5. Rears? About 10-12k. Fronts? About double that.
  6. Nope, they're about the same cost. I think HEL might offer more colours?
  7. I've used HEL on both my E46 and my E90
  8. And am still using them. Bought another 12 tyres since my last post
  9. The newest e90 you can afford. Not heard of any rust issues on the e90 for starters.
  10. Like i said on another forum, Big Motoring World are well known in BMW world for being a shady bunch of con men.
  11. They did send me an offer of 6 months half price i'm still laughing. I can't see many people at all paying that price.
  12. You gonna pay for the 3rd party hosting feature? They only want £399.99 / year.
  13. No, he just needs to fix his tags
  14. mjn

    2017 Alpine Trip

    A little follow up to July's road trip. So.....i just happened to be in Austria again last month so i tackled the Grossglockner again. However, this time i was outta bed super early and at the toll station for 5am :eek: Made it to the top in no time at all and in time for the sunrise :smashin: And believe it or not, the photos are in order! And you may be asking what it is like driving up the Grossglockner in the pitch black, with no street lighting and no other cars......well, here you go And once again, i have to apologise about the sound quality. After fixing the placement issue, seems there is a break in the cable, as the sound cuts in and out and crackles like crazy.
  15. Yes. Get your calculator out or use www.willtheyfit.com to check the difference.
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