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  1. MV2's are done to death - like almost every e46!
  2. I'm the worst for jumping in too, but really, see if you can wait! Used 19inch CSL reps with tyres come up on ebay at least once a month
  3. Hi I think most would advise that you go with staggered and maybe 19inch
  4. Love the 335d, nice colour seats too.
  5. Them Passat's are lovely motors - good choice
  6. AC's really seem to be coming back into fashion at the moment
  7. I know I always post it but I really do like these; http://www.e46fanatics.de/coupe/4835-tommy-s-e46-325ci.html
  8. Loving the dark grey bodywork
  9. 225/35 - 235/35. You're correct it is only lowered a few mil on EIBACH Pro's.
  10. I'm sure i'll learn to love it but for now it's just ugh :/
  11. Herman Van Rompuy (pres of europe) comes from Belgium. He wrights Herman Van haiku's; On the seasons: In a nearby ditch toads mating passionately inaugurate spring. Brussels: Different colours, tongues, towers and gods. I search my way. A moment of reflection: Birds in concert, one sings above all others. I don't know its name. Mother: Are you mute forever? Are flesh and blood extinct? I will be your grave. So yeah. Go say hi to him. Also chocolate.
  12. If they do no more than read codes you could get this perhaps? It's slightly cheaper; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-E46-E60-E63-Code-Diagnostic-Engine-Fault-Reader-Scanner-Tool-/290720520622?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item43b04b19ae#ht_1943wt_1299 If someone could recommend the local BMW indy though I am sure they would be of much more use.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. I kept my MV2's solely to have some fun with the old girl from time to time for this very reason. Maybe this type of compromise would suite danny
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