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  1. Bought in (major) error from Camskill - wife took them to the tyre shop and they fitted them BEFORE telling her they weren't run flats. They've been on the wheels and then taken straight back off. Camskill won't refund me as they have been put on - costing me £320 in total plus another 2 run flats costing £480! Just looking for my money back or there abouts. These were for my X3 and are star marked as genuine OEM BMW tyres. Located in Swanley Kent. If you need them delivered you'll need to arrange courier pick up.
  2. That place looks like somewhere i could spend a lot of time.
  3. 9.5 inches is 241.3mm They're stretched by 26.3mm I'd say that's a lot. Is it the offset causing an issue with arch clearance? I'd look at arch modification to make some wider rubber fit. I say this with experience, going from staggered to square tyres on a rwd car can catch you out. Watch yourself until you're used to it.
  4. I had mine 6 years and it was consistency over 22mpg around town and late 20's to early 30s on the motorway. If you're getting less than that you need to check your driving style.
  5. I don't have a picture and have sold the car now. I found them a pain in the arse to fit personally.
  6. You're better off buying the parts and selling your own pre facelift parts on ebay. No one in their right mind is going to swap the parts. I doubt even a crazy person would part ex them.
  7. What I'm trying to say is "who the hell are you kidding with this offer"
  8. I'd love to know if any one ever made a facelifted E46 look older by fitting pre facelifted parts. Like. Ever.
  9. Try using 4th 5th and 6th (if you have 6) gear.
  10. I'd say if you had to stretch a set of 215's onto 9.5J rims you did have a very big problem. You should be on at least 255's if not 265's with those. My 9.5 style 369's have 275's on! (F25 X3 not E46) Also consider that by changing from staggered wheels/tyres to square you will promote oversteer more.
  11. Depends on your definition of the best. I got CCFL ones as I prefer the more continuous ring of light rather than the dotted LED look. Beware you need to find ones that fit a non coupe with Xenon and that it's either facelift or non facelift. Lots of different options!
  12. You can't tune a diesel to have a wide power band as far as i know. 2-4k then you're changing gear again. It depends on your driving style as to whether or not a diesel suits you. I think if you do low mileage and enjoy actually using the throttle then petrol all the way. An e46 diesel in manual would be a chore to keep changing up when trying to have a spirited drive
  13. I've just gone from a 330 ci to an x3 30D I miss the revs
  14. It'll fail an MOT unless it's done properly and for good reason.
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