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  1. I'm sure my aunties fella works on that one, bald head, surname Fisher
  2. I'm surprised you're still there Allan, everyone seems to be jumping ship
  3. Welcome all, get some pics up
  4. That looks a great example, and the pics of the 3 lined up are cracking!
  5. I had one go on me on a 330ci, lost my reverse gear. I think it was on around 115k at the time and to my knowledge had never been opened. My 330d was on 116k when I sold it and was as smooth as anything, service history didn't show any work on it.
  6. Well done dude! It's crying out for spacers I think
  7. Welcome back! I remember your posts actually, or rather other peoples posts thanking you for sorting them out
  8. Expandable to 'Channel 5' Lol true that! It's all we're going to hear about through probably every media channel for the next however many weeks. Can't stand it, full of egotistical f**kwits
  9. They really are a piece of piss to fit, no more difficult than a standard stereo. The last one I did, I struggled with the heater wires a bit for some reason
  10. The e36 is red in the video but yellow on the site?
  11. I've heard some good reviews of that purple haze
  12. Anyway guys, I don't usually get involved in political discussions for obvious reasons so on that note, I'm out. Thanks for the banter
  13. I have read the manifest of Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP. I've also read the Strasbourg treaty. I was actually going to vote Conservative until I came upon Rule 44 and that's when I decided UKIP. I spend a lot of time reading up and as stated, I'm not here to prove anything to anyone, it's all there on the parties websites to read if anyone is in the least bit interested. If they were, I would hope they would have already had a read in order to make an informed decision rather than waiting to be guided through it.
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