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  1. Yeah I've looked on real oem and there two different part numbers so that's the end of that lol
  2. Hi zoners Need a little help, I want to know if a m47 dual mass with a 5 speed box is the same as n47 dual mass with a 6 speed box. Basically will save buying one if there the same Thanks Matt
  3. so tonight i fitted a new fuel pump and the car is going better than ever
  4. it was the lower pipe the one which meets the throttle body and icv and the it was only the little icv hose that had split once refitted started the car drove it for a few miles then got back home sprayed brake cleaner all round the hose that id repaired/bodged no change in idle speed at all where as before it was irratic ive changed the fuel filter and the fuel coming out of the old filter was black under a year old , i almost would say fuel pump is dying? as it can be fine for 5 miles then be straight back to how is was like theres no fuel getting through under load around 3000rpm it plays up then park up leave the car for an hour go back out and its fine again
  5. well theres no air leak any more with my "half fixed problem"
  6. basically parked the car up last night was running fine then got in it to go to work this morning wouldnt rev up bogged down missing had a quick look the inlet elbows were split so for a temp fix ive taped them just too see if this was the problem its got better but still isnt great almost feels like lack of fuel but theres a 1/4 of a tank in there any ideas?
  7. im running a 19x9.5 et35 with a 235/35/19 on the rear of my 330ci but had to roll the arches rubs when your five up but how often are you five up?
  8. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/28027-my-bms/#entry379213 theres one pic at the bottom of that topic only one ive got to hand
  9. ive got em in 19s been running them for about two years and there best value wheel ive ever bought i live right by the sea no corrosion and the roads are s**t and no buckles couldnt recommend a better set of wheels for the money
  10. http://www.cmwheels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=60_67_71&product_id=634 again 19's and quite big offsets but arch roll there fit
  11. im only in weymouth dont mind a travel up so im up for this too
  12. i can see where your coming from could do with being an inch bigger and coils raised
  13. sweet another job for the weekend cheers lads
  14. yeah this is stanced uk's old 330 but i think it looks sweet
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