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  1. I bought my 540 as a daily – more so I could really take my time in the jobs I had to do on my M3. It’s also a low mileage example and wanted to keep it that way. I then went through the cycle with the 540… kept modding/pumping money into it, until I cared so much I was paranoid to take it out. Where is the logic in buying a car you love driving, but then improving it to the point where you cant (don’t want to) drive it?? It makes zero flipping sense! I am my own worst enemy. I then bought a daily for my daily and am back to square one. In my defence, I spent over £2k on paint work and it got hit on the first day. So whilst its winter, and to protect my investment, I bought a Mk4 Golf to rock around in. Sometimes it’s not about saving pennies – its about looking after what you’ve put a lot of effort into. It also saves a lot of stress having a car you don’t care about, especially in London
  2. It seems my 5 is suffering from EVERY common fault to hit the e39. This time around it was the turn of the FSU Resistor (hedgehog). So bought a Meyle item online and swapped the two over. Its relatively easy to get to, but it was hell to get it out - awkward position and angle. Next up was a small project I’d been meaning to tackle for a few weeks. I loathed running my plate in the windscreen and desperately wanted a solution, as there was no way I am going to drill/screw my freshly smoothed bumper. I’d tried a plate flipper but the fans behind the grill got in the way. The only other ‘easy’ solution was to get a plate holder that screws into the fittings for the tow hook. I’m not a massive fan of plates offset to the side of bumpers, but it provides a solution so rolled with it (even if temporary). I’d done a bit of searching and there were plenty available, but mostly in the States. More surprisingly was the price, with most north of $100. Not good value at all. So went about making my own. How hard could it be? I’d buy a tow hook, a bit of metal and rope a mate in with a welder into helping me. So started off with the standard £7 tow hook from eBay: We soon realised that it would stick out a mile if I mounted it on a normal T bracket (or even using the supplied hook). The e39 corner curves around quite a bit, causing part of the plate to stick out a good 20cm or so. If mounted at an angle, I’d never get it on and would hit the bumper on the first rotation. So, we came up with the idea, to create an angled mount that screws in, then the plate screws onto the mount. This would allow the plate to sit more in line with the shape of the bumper, and not stick out as far. Spot weld to get the angle right: Welded up to make the adaptor a solid one piece: The bolt was then welded to a backing plate, and then further welded to a panel which would house the numberplate. The backing piece was crimped along the edges to reduce flex. I didn’t want it snapping or under stress on the motorway. The finished article: Very happy with it considering it cost peanuts. Although couldn’t have done it without my mates help. I know a more central plate would look miles better, but until I find a quick release solution this is perfect. Just needs a lick of paint on it to stop it from getting weathered.
  3. 18x10 et20: Arches rolled and a 235 tyre. A bit of rubbing though - would have been fine with camber arms but sold the car before I ever got round to it.
  4. Never too sure if I'm boring you e46 lot or not with e39 talk..... but I'll carry on waffling anyway!! I collected the car from Dips and am really happy with the results No more annoying little defects around the car, and its awesome stepping back and seeing the car simply gleam with minimum effort. I collected on a Friday evening, and Saturday morning I was in full on protective mode. Nursing the car around the streets of London, paranoid over my new fresh paintwork, doing my best to avoid all the idiots. Earlier that day, I'd parked up in a leafy suburban street, and when walking back to my car noticed a grey CRV parked infront. Didn't think anything of it, I approached the car from the rear, hopped in and drove to my mate Joey's to show off the revitalised Five and get things cleaned for Players show the following day. It was only when he was circling the car that he spotted the bumper trim hanging off, and as he walked round to pop it back on, I just got stared at with the worst news, "Mate, someone's hit you already". My heart literally f**king sank! I must have had the car a total of 15 hours max! The grey CRV had obviously hit/scraped me. Gutted. Luckily, I had the DA in the car and once I'd calmed down, hit it with several passes. The good news is that most of the damage was his/her paint. It came off I'm left with a few tiny, tiny scratches that are only noticeable on close inspection. Annoying, but it could have been a lot worse - I'm just glad it was resolved with relative ease. So then onto Sunday where I went to Players9.0. Despite being parked in the far corner of the smaller Airlift hanger, I had a great day and the car was well received. A couple of pictures from the day (I cant take credit for the pictures, shamefully stolen from others) The following weekend, I attended Westside Show in the Chalfonts. The show is VW based but BMW's welcome. Ended up going with quite a few friends from various forums etc. Neil, Joey and I parked up: (I loved this just for the variety of colours!) And a few others from the day: Still have a long list of things to do - hopefully now that the shows are out the way, I can get cracking.
  5. Even more impressed after seeing this in the flesh! Car is looking so, so good right now!
  6. That. Looks. Awesome. I need both the 540 and M3 doing - so glad to see somewhere relatively local being recommended. Results look really good, you must be really chuffed.
  7. The trust issue works both ways though. Its daunting going to view a car and leaving a cash deposit. When I handed some stranger £500 against my old 330, I did start questioning and start all the "what if's??" in my head. Gets even worse when you get home and do the bank transfer before going back to collect the car. But then when I sold the 330 - roles were reversed, and had to ask someone to trust me, like I'd done to the previous owner. Luckily internet banking and accessibility through smart phones etc has changed all that. With the 540 and the M3, I sat at each of the guys PC's, they watched me do the transfer, they confirmed it had hit their account, took the keys and off I went.
  8. As mentioned previously, August saw me attend 'Rollhard - The Belgian Chapter 3.0' Excellent show, great location, and got to take in some brilliant sights where we stayed. Having only met 2 or 3 people attending before, I was a little apprehensive about going, but having now been I'm glad I made the effort. The following are a selection of pics I found of the 540 online
  9. Quite a lot to update.... With rust and scratches on certain sections of the car, I sent the car to Dips (Custom Cars) to have the following paintwork done: replacement bootlid - delocked & shortened plate recess, front bumper smoothed, bonnet, wings, side skirt rear bumper rust repair on panel under bootlid. Not the best pictures but a few that got sent through whilst work was being carried out; Unfortunately the work was time pressured, as I was due to go on a mini Euro road trip to an event organised by Rollhard in Belgium. To cut a long story short, I’d agreed to take the car despite not being finished. With the plan to return the car once I was back. Anoying for all involved, but I’m glad I went as it was an amazing event – It's definitely on the list next year. (I’ll follow up with some of my favourite shots from the show later). Fast forward to present day and the car is now back with Dips, with a slight change of plan. With tiny defects scattering all the remaining panels, the car is now in to have everything bar the roof sprayed. I have been sent these pictures today, and needless to say I cannot wait to get the car back. Proper excited
  10. Congrats mate! Great looking car, loving the colour combo (I was originally looking for a champagne edition 530 when I bought mine), and works really well on a touring. What do you have planned for it long term?
  11. Ah man thats a shame - was looking forward to the colour combo. But I feel your pain. I tried to dye a few individual bits for the e36 and failed in spectacular fashion. No idea what I was doing wrong. Used scuffmaster, did it in very fine coats over god knows how many days, and it still looked like I'd painted it with a paintbrush in 2 minutes. Its definitely not as easy as its made out.
  12. Yup! Good job, they look brilliant after a polish. Congrats on the purchase. You'll have to let us know your thoughts when its on.
  13. I'm really suprised at Eisenmann's response. Mine came off a coupe (I had a vert). I then sold it to a member on here (Chris) who had it on his 330 clubsport. He then sold it to another member on here (FabBMW) who fitted it to his 330 vert. So it is definitely interchangeable. The place that fitted it it, mentioned that it was bit of an arse to fit due to the reinforcement bars. But in no way did it obstruct them, nor did they have to modify anything. An incredible exhaust, and definitely worth the money IMO. They hardly depreciate either. A few pictures to tempt you, and because I love being a photowhore: They also look brilliant after a full polish.
  14. Congrats on the new steed! Very nice.
  15. I love road trips abroad.... I took my 330 around Europe in 2013, highlights were Stelvio Pass, Stuttgart and Nurburgring. Last year did the ring again in my e36, followed by Munich (BMW Museum) and Black Forest.
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