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  1. Hey Garry - How's things? Not been on the here for a while but I like to look in on the old girl from time to time. Looking awesome man. Here, have one of my rare but prestigious thumbs up👍 If you ever think of selling... 🤔🤗
  2. Liking the new plates and the sub setup Gaz. Doing her proud. Here, have one of my increasingly rare but prestigious thumbs up
  3. Mate, you've really taken it to the next level. I struggled with both my choice of wheels and offsets in my quest for that perfect stance and you've pulled it off
  4. 3 headunits?! Your dash is going to be pretty cluttered with all 3
  5. You know my thoughts on that Garry
  6. Well chaps, after scouring the market for over a year and much deliberation... I have decided... not to buy another car Shocking update I know, especially for those that know me and not one I made lightly. I am however mobile albeit in a 1999 polo classic (the butt ugly booted version), which was the family shopping trolley. A black 75bhp (probably less now) 4 door bahn stormer The reality is I really only drive to the gym and to collect my daughter at the weekends. Oher than that it sits outside gathering dust, dings, dents and scrapes from the school run brigade and neighbours whoose method of parking involves bumping off the car in front and behind and stopping somewhere in the middle. My road has become more crowded of late with most households owning 2 cars and the local council has also seen fit to extend their 'emissions based parking' scam. This coupled with the anxiety of returning home to a damaged car has put me off for the foreseeable. I'll still be around the zone in some form but for now a very Happy Christmas to you and yours
  7. The new headunit looks really good Garry, top job
  8. Welcome buddy, handsome looking car Oddly I prefer the MV1s but the 2s look good too
  9. She's not leaking buddy, she's crying, because she misses me
  10. Coming up for year! I know it's 'going to be ' a 335i but just can't find the right car at the right price. They're either extremely rare to come by (in the colour / spec I'm after) or ridiculously over priced when they appear.
  11. Not yet no mate. Gave up for a while as busy with other things but still on the lookout, albeit passively!
  12. Did you get the water leak sorted mate?
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