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  1. Hi My 325ci M54 has the engine and EML light on the dash and has a very lumpy idle. read the codes and it gave me throttle postion sensor. so i took the intake off, noticed a small split in the intake pipe. Ordered a new one and fitted it hoping it would cure my problems. still there! Now ive got the engine apart i noticed the throttle body doesnt do its startup test its ment to. It also doent respond at all when you press the accelerator. i ordered a new used throttle body from ebay and it arrived with a rattle from the electronic actuator. I fitted it hoping to get some form of reaction from the accelerator pedal. Nothing! i took it off and refitted the original and im returning it as its rattling. i cleaned the ICV which looks to be working as it should, also the MAF sensor and no difference. the engine runs the same with the MAF unplugged, also doesnt make a difference if i unplug the throttle body. the plug to the throttle body has 6 pins, im not sure which voltage is normal or even which pins should be live?! If anyone has any ideas please pass them on! im getting 3 live pins with ignition on and the oposite pins live with ignition fully pressed. when i search google for the fault codes everyone seems to say that the loom is at fault and will need replacing! If anyone has any ideas please let me know as i dont know which part to throw my money at next! thanks
  2. Hi i have had my HSDs and BBS wheels fitted for some time now, but recently ive had the rear spring adjuster taken out to drop the rear down to its lowest setting. This is making the rear tyre hit the bumper bracket on the rear. Ive moved the camber adjuster on the rear arm to max and had the arches rolled a few years ago and im running 225/40/18 TOYO Proxies which have a thicker sidewall compared to the Falkens i had fitted before. Might change the rear (9.5J) tyres to 215/35/18 Falkens to give that extra bit of clearance. Do you think this will give me enough? Dont want a skinner tyre on the rear as the fronts are currently 8.5J 225/40/18. Thanks
  3. Wanting to polish the lips on my wheels this weekend. havent got access to axel stands and not keen on leaving car in gear whilst in the air. if i jack one side of the car up at the rear and start the engine (leaving it in neutral) will the rear wheel start spinning? Will it build up enough speed/momentum to polish the wheels? Please feel free to move this post thanks
  4. Webby

    Help plz

    Had a misfire and yellow engine light. Read the engine codes and it gave me Injector Cylinder 2. Go and buy a new injector and fit it, put it all back together and reset codes, start her up and i have the same problem. Read the codes and same Fault code! Swap injector 1 and 2 over and it makes no difference. Swap Coil over and still the same! Any ideas? Could it be the a faulty injector Wiring Harness? Doing my head in, Spotted that the Valve Cover Gasket has a small leak in typical place also (left rear) and i only did this about a year ago!
  5. Pretty sure there was issues with it hitting the steering column.
  6. Car is missfiring and Dash is throwing a Yellow flashing engine light. Scanned codes and it showed 3-4 codes. Did a reset then ran the engine for few minutes with the same symptoms and after 30 seconds engine flashing light. Read the codes again and it gave me Table 19 fault 05 ( Cylinder 2 Fuel Injector ) Sourcing a part and ive got a few questions... If i bought a new Injector, would it out perform the other 5? Is it worth doing all 6? Or should i opt for a injector from a simular mileage car? And replace both gaskets on all 6 Injectors? Thanks
  7. Cheers stu, have had every bush changed under the car within the last 18 months with polybushes with the odd OEM bush. The donut guibo and centre bearing have been changed along with the 3 diff bushes, engine mounts, gearbox mounts and subframe bushes. I havent had the car in the air yet but im pretty sure its the diff or the output shafts in the diff. I can feel play along the driveshaft when pulling off.
  8. Im pretty sure i have play in the output shafts of my diff. I have changed every bush on the susspension and driveshaft recently and im getting a mettalic clunk from the diff area when going from first to reverse and sometimes on pull off. Its drove me crazy long enough and i think its time to put it right. Im pretty sure its a 3.23 ratio diff i need, but will a same ratio diff from a saloon or a convertible fit my coupe? Is there anyway of testing the diff for wear/play before fitting it? Is this something i can do on my driveway? Regards, Nick
  9. After a 3.23 petrol manual diff. If you have one or know of anyone selling one please point me in the right direction. Must be in full working order with no play on output shafts. Thanks
  10. Hi peoples Ive been chasing a problem on my coupe for a while now. Im very fussy and small things like this drive me crazy and really put me off a car! Ive had play in the driveshaft for a while now, but i have a mettalic clunk when going from 1st to reverse when engaging the clutch. I also get this sometimes when going from third to second. Whilst trying to get to the bottom of this i have replaced the following... Engine mounts Gearbox mounts Centre bearing Propshaft donut Diff mounts Changing all these cost me an arm and a leg but they defo stiffened up the driveshaft! But the mettalic clunk is still there. It seems to be comming from the rear of the car. Im guessing its either the diff is worn or the CV joints that connect the wheels to the diff. The car has just hit 90k and i have owned this car for 6 years and always respected it when driving it. My point being if i buy another diff from ebay with simular mileage it will have the same wear. Whats your thoughts? Do i just spend £1500 and get a Quaif LSD? Lol
  11. FORD FOCUS 2006 GREY ZETEC CLIMATE 39,000 on clock, 5 door, 1.8 petrol, manual, full service history, last service 12/01/15. 4 months MOT. Previous Lady owner, Black interior with A/C, full electric windows and remote central locking. Heated windscreen, CD Player, Alloy wheels with good tyres all round. HPI clear and no previous accidents. Mint condition thru-out except 2 small scuffs on the passenger door (been quoted £90 to repair this) Will try to get some better pictures up ASAP. SOLD
  12. Yeah i got a key battery replaced and a new key for £70. He even did a bit of coding for me! Couldnt recommend him enough!
  13. A few people have recently asked for pics of the wheels fitted. I havent got many to be fair but here area few pics that show the wheels. Different cameras were used at different occations. As always all comments and opinions welcome!
  14. Then a weird eastern european couple did this after an argument between them outside my house on xmas eve! A different neighbour see and heard this happen after seeing them arguing outside my house. He quickly told me and me and me bro caught up with him and he ended up with a broken nose! So the next night they came back and did this to my M3 mirror! Got the mirror sorted but still sporting the "hater stripe" for now! Going to get that side of the car resprayed as its the got a few dings and scrapes. Going to cost a few quid but will be mint! Would like to add a little plug in regards to the M3 mirror repair. I got it repaired at Mirror Image UK for £90 including postage back!
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