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  1. Haha! He ranks fairly high on the things I've been told I look like lol
  2. Sold today for £775 cash with no fees. Cheers for the advice guys.
  3. Ive had loads of offers on eBay of £750 cash... i'm tempted!
  4. Its on fleabay now. I would take £750 from someone on here
  5. Ah, I didn't realise that - cheers mate. I don't know what these retail new. As far as I know its around £1200. I would be happy with £850 that seems the lowest price on eBay. I'm not techy, and frankly don't like computers so im presuming the picture is the most accurate with the processor information. I just copied and pasted the bullet points info from eBay Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Provisional sold and being picked up this Friday. Will miss this car loads. Im going to look at an e60 525d sport on Thursday though which im looking forward to. Is there anything to look out for with these?
  7. Brand: Apple Release Year: 2009 Release Month: October Product Family: iMac Screen Size: 27" Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 3.06 GHz MPN: MB952B/A Included in the sale is everything that came with it when it was brand new; as well as the Magic Mouse and Track pad. Anyone who knows about this sort of thing will know how good these are and thus will hopefully offer a decent price. Overall it is in immaculate condition and has all original packaging and manuals etc. It has been updated to osx lion recently. The reason for sale is that i bought it for uni and i have now finished uni. I prefer windows and have an ipad so rarely use this meaning there could be a bargain to be had for somebody. Therefore I am open to offers providing a quick sale. I will put this on eBay later on but thought i would pop it on here first. Cheers
  8. I've had an offer on the z4 for £6750. How does this sound, should I take it?
  9. I've never used the handbrake actually ha! I'm sure my girly hands could fit through though.
  10. XJR I wish! It's an XJ6 still like driving a cloud though! Get some funny looks when driving it however...
  11. all be it, they are only from the driveway ha! Decided that if i am going to sell it then i need some recent snaps. But on a day like today I really don't want to let go
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