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  1. LOL! That's a different kind of bush.
  2. You may need one of these: http://is.gd/1sgT5o
  3. Another shout here for Liquid Leather, and John @ Bespoke Leathering's your man.
  4. My missus' ones went in the washing machine after "sambuca-gate"... Came out really misshapen.
  5. No, that is the orientation installed on the car. The dotted lines just show where it's going.
  6. Think that's a diff mount, part 9 here? That's a 330... try putting in your car again and looking at "Rear Axle with Suspension".
  7. The ciggy lighter is a permanent 12V... in case that changes owt. If you use the socket at the same time as charging the phone, there is a slight risk that you'll cook the wiring... I've done much worse back in the day with no issues, so you'll probably be fine... but there is that (small risk). That wiring was never intended to provide two feeds. It'd probably be fine - after all, if you used a socket splitter you'd be pulling twice the load - just make sure you fuse it.
  8. I like the Brodit mounts. I like the centre vent ones. I usually get mine online from dsl developments. Re hard wiring, you have to be really careful not to overload the wire. It definitely needs its own fuse. Ideally you'd use a relay, but to be honest as long as you're sensible as to which wire you splice into, you'll probably be fine... I had the factory phone cradle in mine so I used that ign feed. Probably wouldn't choose the headunit one as that'll be used all the time... Increases the risk of overheating.
  9. Economy-wise, in my experience, there's not much between the 4.4 V8 and my current 3.0L!!
  10. Lovely engines, though a little dated IMO. Plus, any problems will set you back big bucks. I thought about one a while back - got an e38 740i instead. Stunning, stunning car. Should have kept it
  11. Heh, kinda puts my little job into perspective! Good luck bud.
  12. http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-vs-htc-sensation-video-20110520/
  13. Yup, took a couple of hours start to finish. Real fiddly job. Ended up taking the ARB out... In the end though, the 70k mile old ones were just fine! Ah well, another job ticked off. Some advice though, don't even contemplate this job without rachet spanners!
  14. Wheel balancing Alignment Bad tyres Buckled rim Sticky brakes Lower steering assembly - I've just had mine changed and it's got rid of some slack
  15. Think you may be right mate... I'll see what mood I'm in when I wake up tomorrow! Reason they're bring changed is because I've already done everything else! I have a knocking/creaking noise coming from the rear and I want to rule this out before we go down the subframe bushings route.
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