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  1. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292095216264 This is interesting as well....
  2. Not mine or anything to do with me but just spotted this...... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152515921339
  3. As title, good tread on both. Some rubbing on the sides where they have touched the arches but not too bad. Photos on request. £60 collected from Lower Kingswood, Surrey
  4. Nice touring 👍🏻 Do like the colour as well
  5. I did have a set of these. Got my mechanic to fit them but either he didn't fit them right or something was wrong as whenever you turned the wheel full lock there was a horrible cracking noise. Either way I got him to remove them and then sold them on 😕
  6. Im on sportlines so should sit low but it doesn't. Any ideas on springs that would sit lower?
  7. That is exactly what I have but the front has never sat low enough for my liking, the rear has always looked lower then the front
  8. As title really, looking at coilovers (as I have been for about the last 3 years 😂). Don't want to buy cheap coilovers but don't want to spend silly money on a set either. I've seen some pi coilovers that are about £350, anyone have any experience with them? Or can anyone recommend a similar priced set that are good quality? cheers
  9. Just thought I'd update this thread. I bought a replacement Bosch alternator from ECP for just under £300 using the Black Friday code. I also get £131 back when I take my old alternator back to them so in theory the new one was £169 so not too bad My brother in law fitted the new one today and the car is running sweet again. Strangely both the rear brake lights have blown so I will be changing them tomorrow 👍🏻👍🏻
  10. I thought it was brilliant! it is just top gear isn't it with a new name exactly what we wanted
  11. How do I know which is the correct alternator to buy to replace my current one? I've tried to have a look at it from the engine bat but I can't see any obvious names/numbers on it
  12. Just been out to the car again and now the doors won't even open with the fob, had to manually unlock it. Tried to start it again and now there isn't any dash lights at all. I changed the battery this year, surely it can't be that?
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