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  1. I like the GTR, i regularly see one in London with the plate 0008 WOW in white. My only issues is maybe they are TOO good, as bizarre as that sounds! I think it would get me in jail...lol. I'd rather have a car which you can have fun with at all speeds. TBH a second hand GT3 RS would be more my thing.
  2. I think conventional valeters must be suffering because of the Poles and the cheapo £3 wash. Detailing is certainly getting a bit more mainstream though and certainly there is a market for it. The guy that does my car benefits from having well off clients who tend to have 'fleets.' As a customer, i now wouldn't use anyone else and frankly i've never compared quotes... i love my cars so that is all that matters! Its easy to get carried away though, you could probably charge £100 for one car...but then you'd be there all day. Also, if it rains, what happens? Even if you have a mobile awning, the client might call it off. Customers will always cause problems with planning because ultimately car cleaning is a low priority. Do you have a base of family and friends that can help start you off? Otherwise you have to work out how you can start networking with people. I'd say go for it, but you should put money away for a rainy day. Perhaps work on qualifications in your spare time. I left school at 16 but have never allowed myself to be complacent with work. Don't risk ruining your life for what you think might be an 'easy' route. You're going to have to work your a** off.
  3. Bear in mind the Golf VR6 doesn't have quite as much power as the Corrado version. The GTI-6 is pretty nippy, and is one of the best handling hot hatches ever made. Having said that, i'd be worried about reliability too... but then i've had just as much trouble with my German machines as i have French.
  4. Nice one! I still get excited even if i find 20p!
  5. They just use that M5 for special hot laps at the 'Ring, corporate events and press days etc. Obviously it's not called a CSL, but at least there is a successor in the M3 GTS. Just a shame it is £100k! http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/News/Search-R...the-new-M3-CSL/
  6. How much is it compared to a like-for-like standard M3?
  7. Don't know why you wouldn't like the CSL wheel... what condition is it? They wear out rapidly... Stereo controls would be nice though.
  8. If there is space go rears all round. Swap the front top mounts round and you have some nice negative camber.
  9. Where is the usual spot for a meet? TBH round the back there is always plenty of space at House of Frasier because every seems to like parking at the entrance near the cinema instead. Ideally would like to do it a bit earlier but will try and make it!
  10. Wanted to fit some to the CSL but its a major arse retro fitting the attachments so gave up on that. I've bought a few mags recently about MTBing, hoping to get my first proper bike soon!
  11. I am 24 and insurance has barely changed since being 23, i think it is the £2k mark. Although i had to get a tracker which obviously added a substanial sum. So many variables though, the difference between an average £10k car to a last of the line car worth well over £20k would be sizeable difference. Mileage and postcode also help. Try adding your mum or dad to your policy, it helped me out a lot. TBH any woman with a clean, established license will help you.
  12. Evo Triangle? That starts at Betws-y-Coed which is just by Snowdon mountain.
  13. Thanks guys. He is is based in SE London, basically does Kent, Surrey etc. I traded work with him so i'll have to find out cost for you.
  14. Its a franchise so its all done to the installer really, go on a recommendation from a particular Powerflow dealer. BMW do good backboxes, i've never seen gains from any exhaust. If you want power, then sportscats and centre pipe are the mods to get. Nice to hav ea bit of noise though, i'd trade a few BHP for a growl!
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