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  1. Black 330d Sport Touring

    How does it compare to the clubsport one (the one you had before)? What was the price? I had the CS one in mine for a few years but wanted heavier so bought the storm motorwerks one.. PROPER weighty! lol
  2. Pagid are just re-manufacturers of calipers now aren't they? So your calipers should be standard ones, just re-manufactured by Pagid.. At least that's what I've been told by various people/companies etc.. Sounds to me like you've been supplied with the wrong pads, or you got a bad batch unfortunately.
  3. Just another 330 build thread.

    Nice car! Can tell some $$$$'s have been spent on that! Well done!
  4. 330ci rear shocks

    Boge/Sachs are the OEM manufacturer of the standard shocks. Replaced my rears in Jan 2017. No issues. Not sure if yours would be the same but just seen Amazon selling them for £8 EACH?!?!? I paid £32 each!!
  5. 18k miles per year a lot?

    Nice! But those badges..
  6. 19” Rims

    I would imagine the extra weight has goosed one of the DSC pressure sensors or one of the wheel speed sensors. Only way to tell for sure is to get the codes read.
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    What does that unit do? Upload a pre-set flash for the ECU type thing?
  8. Bad rust opinions please

    You're best off taking it to a couple of garages/bodyshops to get quotes and take it from there.. If you can get it all ground/welded for a couple of hundred then it's probably worth it. If it's going to be a lot more then you might as well get rid now before the MOT expires.
  9. Black 330d Sport Touring

    My mechanic mate says it all the time too.. I call him a little girl and to stop whinging! If you've never had to use heat to loosed seized bolts - you're no mechanic! lol. The time before last I had my tracking done the place I used we're really professional about it - when they finished and presented me with the bill they said "Here's the printout sir, that'll be £XX. Sorry it took so long sir as we had to use heat to loosen one of the ends". That's it! I mentioned other mechanics/garages would've given me a sob story about it. He just laughed. He said they have to use heat a few times a day when doing tracking so they're used to it. Those coil heaters are awesome btw! Not cheap by any means..
  10. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Or tell him to stop being a girl! Most people don't replace them unless they fail/seize!
  11. Tbh it looks familiar - i'm 90% sure it's an ex member car but I can't remember who the owner is. I like the mods they've done. Suits the car well. I'd deffo keep the mirrors at least. The standard Clubsport mirrors are just normal coupe mirrors - they look like great big ears on E46s. M3 mirrors are so much nicer! I'd try to take a peek underneath at the FCAB's - might well have poly bushes in there already which will be a good indicator the rest could have been done too. Pretty sure OEM splitters weren't wrapped in anything and were either colour coded or just matte plastic. They were 100% not carbon in any shape or form.
  12. Ugh.. Not another one.. lol. Too "Oooooh, look at me - I wish I was in the F&F movies!!" for me. lol. Seriously though - the engines are very reliable on them.. Maybe relax the sub 80k requirement. I'd be more than happy to consider a ~100k or above model because it's at around 80-100k that the suspension/bushes start to fail. Over 100k they should already be done. This one seems ok - looks like an enthusiast owner so should be in better nick than others. It's got Xenons which is a must on these cars I think. Leather (but no heated seats) is also a must as I hate the golf-style pattern cloth seats in the CS'..
  13. Just be patient.. The prices of E46's have always varied month-to-month! They may drop soon. If not, why not do the sane thing and just buy a decent 330Ci and not have to live with the shame of owning the chavmobile of the E46 with it's thwacking great big wang that serves 0 purpose?
  14. Knobs

    Clubsport: (Since you haven't said which car/year this is for, make sure you double-check if it's for 5/6 speed - also buy direct from BMW, not this Bulgarian seller.. Or keep a lookout for a good, used one.). And Storm one: (Turns out I have the V1, not the V2! lol). The engraving on the top can be customised.
  15. 328ci EML + Traction control light.

    Yup, could well be especially if it's the same fuel sat in there for 2 years. But the EML light could be on for a corroded brake sensor (for example) and you've gone through the fuel system for no reason. I'd consider replacing the fuel in the system anyway tbh. Not sure how you'd go about draining the old fuel though