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  1. It's not a for sale post! lol
  2. 27k on the M3? Drive it more!! Is that a wrap on it or full respray? Both very nice.. If you don't need the 330Cd then you might as well sell it. But if you dont want to use the M3 much then keep the derv.. I'd keep both and drive more!
  3. Guibo (AKA Flex Disc) info..

    Got both mine from Amazon - cheapest I could find..
  4. Guibo (AKA Flex Disc) info..

    Yup. There's loads out there.. Pretty sure Lemforder also do the rear top shock mounts? Febi = Centre Support Bearing Hella = Oil level sensor Beru = Glow plug control unit Philips = OEM Xenon bulbs To name a few.. There's a shed load more. I just couldn't find anything regarding the Flex Disc online so thought i'd post it up there to make sure others know for future reference. There's still a fair few that are dealer only though even though they're outsourced, such as the DSC pressure sensor on the master cylinder. I found the manufacturer but they only sell via dealers. Booooo!
  5. Not sure if people know this or not but thought i'd post the info anyway: Had to change my Flex disc on the prop shaft recently. 2nd time i've had to do it on my car now. First time I bought from my local BMW dealership for ~£120 thinking OEM is best. Tried Cotswold on here and they quoted over £140. No thanks. Not paying that for an item that can only last a couple of years. As with most things I always try to find out who the manufacturer of the original item is but found there's almost no info as to who manufactures the flex discs. Found a Febi disc on Amazon for £60: Thinking Febi are generally a decent brand I bit the bullet and ordered it. When I took the old one out and compared the 2 - you could actually see on the Febi one where they'd blanked the BMW logo! The other numbers/markings were all the same. So there you have it - i'm 99% sure Febi make them for BMW. Save yourself ~£80 and get the OEM quality one from Febi.
  6. 330cd prefacelift front end swap

    Why on earth would you want to? You'll probably need: Headlights Wings Bonnet Grills Pretty sure bumper is the same between them.. To be fair i'm sure there's a few people wanting to swap the other way so worth asking around..
  7. BMW M3 Upgrading brakes and calipers

    K-Sport, D2, AP Racing, Brembo, Wilwood - they all make M3 kits..
  8. 13mm should be fine.. It's effectively like putting a spacer on it so should be ok. You might need to be careful on the tyre itself - some have a "round" sidewall so might catch.
  9. My 330d's wheel bearings are on the way out. I've had the low-pitch grumbling for a while now, but it's developed into the ~30mph whine. The problem is the central hub nut on my drivers side is severely corroded. To the point where 2x garages have said they'd seriously struggle to remove them without possibly damaging the threads on the output/half shafts. This is the passenger side: The way both garages have explained it to me is that it's almost inevitable that i'll need those output shafts. Should I: 1) Get 2x used shafts from a breakers (Quarry motors have some apparently but they're on a car so no idea of the condition) - They're around £160 for the pair or 2) Buy new/re-manufactured - which are around £600 for the pair!! The whole job is looking to cost around £1k at that point. I guess the question is really - are there any issues with running used shafts from a breakers? Or can anyone think of a way of getting those nuts of without damaging the existing shafts? Thanks
  10. Changing Glow Plug Control Unit

    Personally i'd be checking the battery first. I've had my car since 2008 - since day 1 all 6 glow plugs have been throwing up codes. Even in those -20C winters we had a few years back it still started ok. The only time mine struggled is when the battery was on it's way out. Tbh even at 0C outside the glow plugs probably aren't being used. From what I can recall - it's only at around -3C when they get used.
  11. Ambers weren't an option in the UK were they? Think they were a European thing..
  12. Standard sport rims are ET50 - so your wheel will be sitting out ~30mm closer to the arch. Unless you run BIG camber and narrower tyres (so stretch) I don't think they'll fit. Generally you can get 15mm spacers on the rear without issues on the standard MV1/2 wheels. Anything more and you'll start rubbing. You're effectively doubling that.
  13. Constantly HOT wing mirrors!

    Pretty sure mine are always on too but never bothered me. The centre clears quickly when they're covered with rain, I don't use any defrosters at that time so must be the heating element. Doesn't cause any issues so never considered it to be a problem?
  14. Introducing The A6

    MUCH better!
  15. Upgrading Headunit

    Pretty sure those HU's play MP3 so you don't need a CD changer. And soon your current bluetooth module will stop working as the E46 ones are too old to be compatible with the latest bluetooth stacks in the latest phones. The later E46 ones will still work for a while longer, but if manufacturers update bluetooth again then you're stuffed! Those aftermarket HU's have more recent bluetooth modules so will be compatible for much longer. I have a '53 car with OEM bluetooth. It stopped working when Android 6 was released. The later BMW bluetooth modules still work. But they're unbelievably rare!