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  1. Stretched Tyres Tips

    They look like genuine Alpina's (air valve under the central hub cap, I can't see it in the pic anyway)? I think they might give you the dimensions/offsets on the front side of the hub under the centre cap?
  2. Stretched Tyres Tips

    It's usually stamped on the inside of the wheel, generally on either the hub or one of the spokes.. Are they OEM wheels? I can't tell from your avatar pic..
  3. Abs light

    No offence, but get someone else to check it.. Even faulty ABS sensors show up in a diagnostic.
  4. Stretched Tyres Tips

    Maybe post a pic of your wheels if they're OEM or link to the ones you bought.. It all depends on width of wheel and offset (how far the lip sits away from the hub). If it's only slightly rubbing it sounds like 255/30/19 will work.
  5. Auto gearbox won't engage any gears!!

    Sounds like they've forgotten to re-connect something. They should be sorting it, not you!
  6. New 330ci convertible

    Ah yeah, if it's just the trim then give it a spray. Worst case get a set off eBay.. I thought you meant the dash itself was scratched - that would've been more difficult. Got a good buy there!
  7. New 330ci convertible

    That's a good buy! That dent should push out fairly easy? What's the dash like?
  8. New forum software Aug '17

    Probably because there's less load on their servers than they expected. I've moved some of my images to Imgur, not sure which one to use yet. Flikr looks good too.
  9. No idea mate. Best thing is to strip it down and have a look.
  10. Yep, that's the sensor light. Get them replaced - no coding or anything needed usually. At least I didn't with mine. It should just go out.
  11. Pad wear sesnsor doesn't trip until the face is worn out.. You could look at the face of it by removing the pads and tell pretty quickly. If you want to replce the sensors anyway - they're pretty cheap. They're all the same generally. They go on drivers side rear and passenger side front. Once replaced the light should go out (if it's that). But as you're finding - you can quickly spend £££ chasing a light on these cars - get the codes read by a mobile auto diagnostics company to be sure. To confirm, your light is the one on the right (next to ABS), and not in the centre of the image below correct?
  12. Will a 318 fan fit a 320d?

    Check on RealOEM - from what I can see they have different part numbers.. So no. Although if aftermarket, they may now do a generic one that will fit all.
  13. Lateral Acceleration Sensor

    Considering the thread was last updated in 2010 and Manlord hasn't been online since 2011 I wouldn't hold your breath for a reply.. lol. If you have INPA - run a full diagnostic. It should tell you what the fault is. Are you getting the DSC/Handbrake lights always lit up orange?
  14. New forum software Aug '17

    Hope the new content feed works better in this version.. In the original one I used to click the todays new content button that was on the main forum page to see what the latest was. In the last version that disappeared and had to be manually configured. I thought the drop in activity coincided with that tbh.