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  1. Yeah that's a sport rear bumper.. Wonder if the propshaft is out of alignment? Obv any imbalance will be more pronounced at higher speeds as it rotates at higher rpm? Won't be clutch/flywheel then if it only happens at certain speeds..
  2. If it vibrates at the same frequency as engine speed then yeah it'll be clutch/flywheel related from the sounds of it.. Also, can't tell 100% from the close-up pic but that is an SE bumper. Side skirts look SE too so will be SE car, not sport..
  3. There's a guy on Facebook that does conversions. Las Erikas. Supplies and fits them. Nick Jupp (got plenty of bits from him myself) can supply if needed. Conversion can be done for £600 or £900. Can't remember which. Dealer will charge £2k for clutch and flywheel of a manual car, that's why they're saying that. Had my diesel, manual clutch and flywheel replaced last year for £600 all in. You can buy clutch/flywheel parts online (just don't use Euro car parts as they refurbish them so don't handle any power).
  4. Worth much more than £300 in parts mate.. Put it up on eBay listing the faults with a £300 reserve if you want. It wont be an SMG gearbox in that car either. SMG was only available in the M3 (manual gearbox with electronic actuator). Yours will be SSG. No idea on fixing them. A good condition 2004 330ci still fetches a couple of grand. ABS sensors are cheap. If it's something simple like it just needs a gearbox service (remember, garages will always give worst case scenarios) then it likely won't cost much to fix. Someone will make a nice tidy profit on that if you sold it for £300. Hell, if someone bought it and got a 6-sp conversion done, I bet they'd still make over £1k on it!!
  5. 1 - DON'T do 20s!!! They look ridiculous on E46s and the ride will be awful!
  6. Which cable under the bonnet? The bonnet sensor is a common failure on E46's.. Unplug the sensor if the alarm keeps going off when you lock the car. Or buy a new replacement for £50 (it's a part shared with the RR Phantom, it'd be £10 otherwise).
  7. momo


    My personal opinion - live with it! That's what i've done.. Had the car since 2008 now and had all 4 arches done multiple times over the years! The problem is no bodyshop will do it PROPERLY. If done PROPERLY then iron oxide can be treated so that it stops and doesn't come back again. It's a simple chemical reaction and the technology exists to stop it. But no bodyshop will do it properly so it'll come back. They age-old "replace or it'll come back" rubbish is still sadly the only way to go with most bodyshops.
  8. Drivers rear, passenger front.. Silly Q - did you check the pads? 🤣
  9. So did you replace the igniter?
  10. Not sure about the g'box but that engine is 100% the earlier 184bhp 330d engine (which would come with the 5-speed gearbox).
  11. Sounds like the alternator is on the way out.. Had the exact same! My original one started to fail, replaced it with one from a local motor factor with 12month warranty. THAT started to fail after 13months (cheeky f*ckers!!). Replaced with a Bosch one from ECP - still fine after 4 years.
  12. Exchange it under warranty then have a spare laying around?
  13. Just seen the edit.. The 2004 car has completely different engine management to the 2002. The 2002 will be M47 The 2004 will be M47N You may have fried something! Get specialist diagnostics on it to start with!
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