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  1. Tbh I don't remember anyone on this forum doing it before. Only V8 conversion I remember is Blair's Chevy LS engine E46 coupe.
  2. 330ci clubsport

    Don't think there were many black Clubsports.. Looks good!
  3. M3 struts

    Maybe not, but it's different enough that different spring rates were used!
  4. M3 struts

    M3s are heavier too so your car will sit higher and feel awful due to the increased spring rates. No point..
  5. TURBO E46 318I M SPORT

    Technically you'd have to declare it as a mod.. lol. So wouldn't that hike it up to (probably beyond) 330i premiums? Leave it as is, build up NCB then trade it for something bigger later.
  6. TURBO E46 318I M SPORT

    Sorry to say, absolutely no point charging a 318.. If possible replace the car with a bigger engine. If it's too good to replace/sentimental value etc.. Then look at a 330i engine transplant. You'll need the drivetrain/wiring/suspension/brakes from a donor vehicle. Otherwise just leave it as is tbh.
  7. 325i Auto Touring juddering

    Worst case scenario - could be the CV joint on the prop shaft.. If it becomes unbalanced or has play in it, it can cause the same vibrations. But it's much more $$$'s to fix as you either get it reconditioned or replace it.
  8. Newbie 330

    All E46's at that time with the sport pack would've come with 18" MV2 wheels.. Common as muck!
  9. Newbie 330

    Nice! Those wheels will be after market.. They only ever came on the M3 CSL and M3 CS (in a different material I think) - but both in 19" and much more aggressive offsets that mean they wont fit an non-M without some work.
  10. Introducing The A6

    You must have shares by now?
  11. Introducing The A6

    Too many stickers!!
  12. Coilovers/droplink e46

    Don't have coilovers myself but have heard Hyundai Coupe rear drop links are the correct length for anyone fitting Jom type coilovers. Have you tried going to the manufacturer to see if they sell them separately?
  13. 320d Winter Tyres

    3.22% difference.. But says you'll actually be going slower.. (I use - based on
  14. 320d Winter Tyres

    The circumference of the tyre would increase with the 205 tyre you listed., So your speedo will be out a little. If you can get 205/55/16 - the circumference would be the same so no speedo issues.
  15. E46 Taillights

    To be fair they're not the worst i've seen! Be an "ok" upgrade if you didn't have OEM LED's.. Unfortunately there's more and more of these being fitted recently..