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  1. Could use a multimeter but I think there's a hidden menu where you can check Here you go:
  2. Possibly not related but have you checked the alternator is putting out the right voltage when running? I had an alternator start to fail a few years ago and it would do some really random things like this. The voltage was showing fine when running but every now and then would dip (guessing at this point, I never tested it when it happened because it'd fix itself after a few mins). My glow plug light would come on and randomly some other ones would come on. Thought F-it - replaced it with a Bosch one. Never had those issues since.
  3. momo

    Sad Day

    Blame the missus! Say she hit a kerb then tried to blame someone else.. LOL. Nothing like owning up to a little insurance fraud! Yeah, maybe don't do that.. 😬 They shouldn't have a problem closing the claim down, the only issue is if they decide to use it to put up the premiums next year because they now deem you an increased risk. It happened to my wife years ago. Someone scraped her car, went through insurance. Other party agreed to go through insurance. I was at work at the time. When it came to it they disputed ever hitting the car. When I came home and had a look I noticed it was only a little paint transfer so bought some rubbing compound and it came up fine. Closed the claim with 0 financial impact on either party but they put up the premiums the following year anyway. Wife learned the hard way not to jump the gun in the future. But the insurance companies will use any excuse.
  4. momo

    Sad Day

    If you logged the claim and they gave you a claim reference number then they'll chase it at some point.. If you're happy to get the repair done yourself and move on then you're best off closing it with your insurance company. They'll no doubt knock up your premiums regardless. It's a shame about the bus company but unless there's evidence/witnesses then they won't admit fault and pay out for nothing. I'm sure if you pushed you'd get them to fold but it's up to you how hard you push for it. 1 wheel refurb and 1-panel being repaired might cost a few hundred. Toughy!!
  5. Each to their own. If you like it, that's all that matters. I'm personally not a fan of the wing. I think it looks great apart from the wing. But if everyone thought like I did then the world would be boring AF!! lol
  6. I think that's open to interpretation.. lol. I know of someone who once bought a car from Birmingham and drove it straight to his local MOT station - here in Bradford! He WAS pulled over but as the MOT was already booked (the officer called the MOT station himself to check) he was allowed to continue. lol I wouldn't risk it now, mind. This was a good few years ago.
  7. I thought you need tax too? EDIT: You can't tax a car without MOT so how does that work? D'oh!! You're right.. You can drive to MOT station only without tax.
  8. I'd throw an MOT on it at least.. See if you can get it trailered there and get it tested. SORN doesn't really matter but MOT is useful. Gives the buyer a little peace of mind knowing it's up to SOME sort of standard. If it needs loads of work doing then either you get it done and sell it, lose that money or sell it cheap - still losing money.
  9. I believe that tbh, it's not up to them really - it's up to the local dealership service departments to service the cars. They're the only ones who need to know. You COULD maybe have gotten the info from their marketing team IF it was a current car. They're not really shown on RealOEM either because on the diesel they come as part of the intake manifold: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Sedan/Europe/320d-M47N/R-N/mar2004/browse/engine/intake_manifold_agr_with_flap_control The intake manifold on the N42 is very different: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Sedan/Europe/318i-N42/R-N/feb2004/browse/engine/intake_manifold_system/ It maybe past this point now but it would've been useful if you could've gone to the previous ID10T mechanic and asked him to point/show you the flap location, you take a pic and upload it so we can identify it. Long shot, but might work.
  10. Sounds like you need a new mechanic tbh! Whether you disturbed something or not, you're paying him to find the issue and fix it! What kind of silly excuse is that? LOL Understood about sentimental value. If you've had it that long and you know the service history then it's different. Better the devil you know, as they say! You would've looked after it so hopefully it'll be solid. I believe its when they've not been looked after they can get tempremental.
  11. Is the throttle body on some sort of flap mechanism? I have no idea, i'm guessing.. But I would bet he's incorrectly named a part. Go back and ask him to show you the swirl flap. If you don't know what it is yourself, take a pic and post it here so we can help identify it. As incredirog said - on Diesels, so long as it's not broken free and wrecked the engine (on diesels the flaps enter the combustion chamber and rattle around there damaging the cylinders) the best thing to do with swirl flaps is just remove them. Yours doesn't have them so ideally need to know what he actually meant. Tbh if I was you, with that engine i'd just get rid..
  12. Swirl flaps is diesel only.. However your N42 engine has a whole host of other potential issues.
  13. Can't help much but those codes sound like they're from a non-BMW specific code reader? I'd get the code reads again from a BMW specialist or someone local who has INPA or something. It should be more specific and tell you what sensor is throwing up the errors.
  14. momo

    Sad Day

    Bad news! I think it'll probably be written off tbh. Insurers (in my experience) don't just pay for a quick refurb. They'll have to price up a new wing, with fitting and spraying/blending into surrounding panels and a replacement/new style 32 wheel (so long as it's been declared). I know some insurers will give you the option to repair the existing panel but it still has to be insurer approved (usually one they pick, not you). I'd expect that to tip it over the write-off limit. HOWEVER in reality you could easily buy it back, get the wheel refurbed yourself and pocket the difference..
  15. I've never liked Alpinas.. £14k for that - to me - is NUTS!!! lol. I like the older ones pre-1990 and some of the latest ones but I feel like 90's, 00's and 10's they just lost their way.
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