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  1. The Grand Tour

    Ofcourse! Wouldn't be much of an ending if they just managed to drive over to the beach! 
  2. The Grand Tour

    Just watched Pt2 - much better! Still a lot of predictability in the scripts but not as bad as the studio based stuff..
  3. I'd just start with a couple of tanks of V-Power diesel.. It's just diesel with a bit of injector cleaner, but a safe amount so highly unlikely it'll ruin the engine.
  4. 360 baby car seat fit a 330cd?

    No idea - just wanted to say your best bet is to find a local retailer then ask them to give it a try in the car. Even if someone else says it fits, it might be too tight for your liking. I've got a Recaro seat in mine - it'd fit great for most people I think but it's a little tight in my saloon as I have it on it's max recline setting (rather little one sleeps with head back instead of forward). Plus I like my recline angle so not as much leg room for little one. But neither of them could be issues for another person.
  5. 330cd crankshaft pulley

    I would! I had to change mine around the 90k mark. Now on 137k I remember reading M3 pulleys were uprated but I couldn't find more info on it so I bought an OEM one directly from BMW as I also heard lots of reports of ECP/GSF pulleys failing after not very long! Only problem is I think from BMW they're around the £300 mark (might even be more)! lol
  6. 2005 330cd Oil?

    Should be using LL04 
  7. ArchEnemy is booked!!!

    Looks good! But looks like it could be rubbing towards the rear of the arch where it meets the bumper? That can't be rolled obv. I think the problem is the H&R kit - they're lower than the Eibach springs most go for. Looks like a fair amount of tuckkage there!!
  8. What springs?

    Nah, they're not that low.. Lowers the front a decent amount, but rears hardly go down
  9. What springs?

    Eibach Sportlines are around £160 for the set last time I looked. But for £700 you can get a set of D2 Coilovers.
  10. Not the standard pdc problem

    There's your problem right there! Although they work for some people, they're not always guaranteed to work. Do some searching on the forum for Land Rover sensors. They're physically the same as BMW ones but like a third of the price - and OEM quality.
  11. Strange squeel from engine

    Does the speed/pitch change with revs? Could be tensioner or another pulley.
  12. Joe's 330d - hark the death knell!

    Nice! Looks like it has Xenons and Sunroof? Looks lowered too..
  13. It's a deal, it's a steal it's......

    They sell to proper car collectors - that'll sell easy..
  14. PIONEER SPH DA-120

    Tbh mate i'd be shocked if you'd get anyone who's used one of them on this forum. They're a proper, deep double-din so don't fit the E46. Not many people on here have cut up their air boxes to fit double-dins.. Have you double-checked the connections to the new PDC speaker? Can you retro-fit your old speaker in the new housing? Have you considered the new one is duff? Sorry I can't be of more help..
  15. New wheels