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  1. Not the snowflake looking things on the M4 GTS! Horrible looking wheels.. They've tried to take the CSL style wheel and give it a refresh but instead of making it look better it looks like a bloody snowflake! The orange accents don't help.. Yuck!
  2. Don't mind the clubsport wheels tbh! Look like cheapo knock-offs of something better but they're not bad.. CSL style wheels on the E46 look the best for me though.. Just a shame the rear arches on non-M's are tiny so you can't get any concavity! Flat wheels! Woooooo... 😑
  3. But maybe not when it's got rusted arches, sills, wings, boot lid, doors.. etc.. LOL.
  4. Probably just a popular mod to get more engine sound come through, doesn't cost anything to remove.. Like that golf tee mod or whatever it's called that leaves the exhaust valve open?
  5. I've seen bonnet insulation on them! From 2mins in this vid:
  6. Did they actually remove sound deadening though? I thought it was just a cosmetic change.. So wing, splitters, clubsport badges everywhere and that's it. If they made 400 of each colour i'm sure 399 of each of them was once a member on this forum! Common as muck on here!! 🤣
  7. They will command a premium because they're a special edition model that were made in fewer numbers (wonder why) so rarity comes into it. But yes, those of us who actually like the E46 looks and shape know how wrong BMW got it with that stupid big wang! Thankfully BMW only ever used it again next on the E92 M3 GTS (I think). I mean if they did it to the E46 M3 it makes a little sense (it was an optional extra I think, seen a few with it). Not to a ruddy 330Ci lol
  8. Horrible, horrible cars!! lol 🤣
  9. momo

    323 e46

    Sounds like its slipping. A clutch will slip more when it's under torque. If it was replaced 6 months ago then maybe it hasn't bedded in correctly. I had mine replaced about a year ago now but only do 4k a year. I did the recommended easy driving for 1k, then for the next 2k it would still slip in 3rd/4th/5th when I floored it. It's only now that it can handle the torque.
  10. Do you have a local specialist you could pay to put it on diagnostics in the meantime? No point throwing money at it unless you know what's going on.
  11. E46s have a known issue with the passenger occupancy sensor throwing up the airbag light. Not heard anyone else mention CC issues when they get that error. Just fit a bypass kit and away you go (with that issue). ...So it's not linked! BUT if someone has been messing with the wiring on your car before you got it, who knows? I've seen worse! I'd get diagnostics on it first and foremost and then go from there..
  12. Just assume everyone is a bare faced liar.. It's easier! lol
  13. People will say anything if there's money to be made...
  14. Hate to admit it but with in that condition and with those miles that 330Ci Clubsport will become a collectors car. Still doesn't change the fact they're CHAV AF!!! 😆🤣 E36's have been going up in value for a few years now.. E46's will start going back up soon. Once all the crap has been weeded out the few remaining ones in top condition will start going for crazy money. Remember only 10-15yrs ago you could get an E30 325i convertible for £1500! You'll be hard pressed to find a crappy one for less than £7k now. Just depends if you can hold on to it long enough..
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