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  1. Advice please

    I know its more expensive but maybe try a terraclean?
  2. wtf is all this spam

    Yup, it's all automated.. They setup the accounts and post their crap all at the flick of a switch. Not sure why they do it though! Apart from maybe it's like a denial of service attack..
  3. wtf is all this spam

    @Sam hasn't been on for a couple of weeks..
  4. Chipped power steering pulley

    Wouldn't have thought so.. The belt is ribbed anyway so not like it'll come off?
  5. wtf is all this spam

    Been saying for ages the site needs one or two more regular mods. I know traffic isnt what it used to be, but most of the existing mods have moved on to other cars/forums. I think it's only Daz who still uses this forum now? Not even seen Sam comment in a while..
  6. Those sounds usually are a bearing on its way out.. I recently had a similar sound. Started at higher speeds too, slowly got worse (probably over the course of a year) until I could hear it at anything over 30mph. Had both rear bearings changed - sorted the issue at all speeds You also have a bearing on the centre support bracket of the prop shaft. But that rarely fails like that. They usually separate from the housing and the prop shaft starts banging all over the place. You can feel it under your elbow when that happens.
  7. //M badge positions.....

    Or leave it clean and de-badged!
  8. //M badge positions.....

    They look cheesy AF I think.. BUT the E46 is now more "accessible" now price wise so you'll get more of them all blinged up like this. I guess it's up to you.
  9. 320cd m sport.

    I think the door mirrors are the same regardless of sport/SE. You're probably best off posting on one of the Facebook groups for spare parts. The 2 main breakers I've used before are Nick Jupp and Las Erikas (both tagged) Nick in particular is awesome! But obviously depends if he's got the part in stock or not..
  10. In which case MartAuto is right - has to be an O ring somewhere. Get some of the Halfords Alien blood-looking screenwash - the luminous yellow stuff. Clean it all down and fill up the tank. Hopefully with the colour you'll see where it's leaking
  11. Is it a slow leak over time or a p*ss everywhere whenever you try to use it type of a leak?
  12. 320cd m sport.

    Dam. Sorry to hear that! Can the dent be pulled straight? I think it just depends on the connector type - standard pin/connector setup or ribbon cable I think? Some right little sh*ts around these days who think it's ok to damage other people's property for LULZ. I'd love to smash their faces "fur lulz"..
  13. Have you checked the pump filters? If they back up I think they can leak
  14. If you keep it long enough, maybe. But it wont rocket like your CSL has. You might get a couple of thousand in say 10 years? The 325 was never really desirable to start with. Like the E36's - the M3s are slowly creeping back up. The 328i seems to be next but at a much slower rate. Nobody cares about the 323i (which is kind of equivalent to your 325i in the E36 range). The E46's to have for a future classic (IMO) are: M3 CSL (any really as they all seem to be shooting up) M3 - but LOW mileage and looked after as they're becoming rarer 330i - again, a very low miler but will only gain value in 10+ years I think a low mileage/good condition 330d (with a manual gearbox) will also go up in value at some point but again, not for many, many years.