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  1. I don't know Petrol engines at all, but it'd be nice to hear their explanation of why the sound is there for a minute when cold and then disappears when warm if they honestly believe it's the chain. If the chain or guides are worn, they're worn at all times! Not just when it's cold.. lol
  2. No point guessing, get the codes read. It'll be something to do with the traction/stability control systems but there's hundreds of parts to them so you'll only be throwing money down the drain replacing random bits until you get the codes read.
  3. Don't think so? MV1s were up to 2003/2004 when the E46 was facelifted. The Z4 came out in 2003 I think? I think they came on run flats but pretty sure the Z3 didn't. I would think that they're just getting confused between models and years. At the end of the day even if the car came with run flats, it's up to me what I fit. It's a very popular "upgrade" to remove the run flats on the mid-00s BMW's and fit regular tyres because the suspension wasn't designed to accommodate them so the ride wasn't very nice. Lots of people fit regular tyres and bought a spare wheel. Done. If that mobile tyre fitter argued otherwise i'd tell him where to go!
  4. Can't tell if spammer or not, but MV1 and MV2 never came with runflats.. No E46 did.
  5. He probably has a good selection of Auto Boxes lying around if you just want to do a straight swap! 😆
  6. Glad it worked out! Yeah, can imagine the M43 is a bit of a new one for him.. Haha. Well, at least he can say he's done one now!
  7. That looks amazing!! Nicely done sir!
  8. 99% sure - no.. But we also need to know the diameter and the tyre size you intend to run. Or you could just check on www.willtheyfit.com
  9. Yep, at the time when I got it back. I okayed the repair when I took delivery because I wanted it back. They gave me a 116i as a courtesy car so was missing mine. BIG mistake. Only a few weeks later when I needed a tyre I checked it fully when it was on a ramp - I found there were raw file marks still on the arch lip on the inside. It had a very light coat of paint on it, no primer. So already it started rusting through again. Went back to the dealership who repaired it and they wouldn't touch it! They argued they shouldn't have even repaired it the first time! The manager even let slip that they used apprentices to do the repair - so it was obvious it wasn't QC'd after but they'd never admit it. Absolute joke. It's not BMW's fault - this is 100% the franchise. There's a certain criteria that has to be met, if it does they do the repair and claim costs back from BMW UK. Because they couldn't claim the faulty workmanship back they wouldn't honour it, simple as that. They know you can't take it to another franchise because the (supposed) workmanship warranty is with them.
  10. Firstly no E46 had angel eyes, if you see a set that has them then you know they've been done aftermarket. If you like the look of the angel eyes then thankfully it's actually quite and easy mod especially on the saloon/touring. The headlight lens is clipped on so once removed gives easy access to fit the angel eyes. Secondly Xenons aren't plug and play, pretty sure the loom is different as you have the ballasts and everything. It CAN be done, though. Once physically swapped you'll then need to re-code the LCM (light control module) to tell it Xenons are now fitted otherwise they'll flicker. Also I believe the shutter inside wont work (for dipped and main beam). Technically fitting Xenons without headlight washers and suspension levelling sensors is an MOT failure. But from what I can tell, if the washers/sensors aren't there to be tested then they can't be failed. Or at least that's the interpretation that my local friendly MOT station have given me. Lastly - no.. I wouldn't! lol. I'd do what Martauto has done and get a set of Depo headlights and retrofit them if you really want an improvement. Otherwise you can buy Xenon retrofit kits where you put a projector inside the reflector bowl, the kit comes with an adapter where it converts the standard H7 wiring to run Xenons. I think a few people have done it.
  11. I'm worried there won't be any rear arches left if I wash mine! 🤣 I can thank BMW for that.. "Repaired" under warranty by them, in reality was done by monkeys. Never got around to re-doing them and now CBA. My car will be traded for peanuts when the time comes. No doubt it'll get scrapped shortly after
  12. ULEZ depends where you are I suppose.. Here in Bradford we're still (stupidly) pressing ahead with our zone but neighbouring Leeds have scrapped their plans because of the pandemic and the likely reduced dependency of the city centres going forward. In both cities, even if the plans still go ahead it's only going to be for HGV's and taxis. Not private vehicles (for now).. I know that'll change at some point but it means we're still maybe 10yrs away from it being enforced for private vehicles. Personally, even knowing how solid these engines are i'd be put off by that mileage. Engine might be strong the rear subframe and the running gear is still 220k old. £1500 at the most I would say. You'd get £1k from a scrapper for it who would part it out. They'd probably get £2500 for it in bits.
  13. Is that paint faded or just dirty AF?? Not washed mine in over a year and it's not gone as dull as that! lol.
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