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  1. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    'grats on the purchase then! lol. Sounds like the front control arm bushes are shot.. Give the alloy a wobble while it's parked, see if there's any movement.
  2. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    If you want it to look OEM then don't get the 9".. There's loads of pics on Google so have a look and decide for yourself. Personally - with newer cars all having what looks like a thwacking great big tablet glued to the dash - I don't see it as a problem. lol
  3. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    That's not top spec, not even close! But sure does look clean!
  4. LSD Oil

    Ok, so to confirm - you have a standard, open diff or an aftermarket LSD (Quaife/Gripper etc..)? No E46 comes with an LSD apart from the M3 from factory. If it's the standard diff then this should do - it's what I put in mine.
  5. LSD Oil

    That'll be standard open diff oil, not LSD oil. Standard diffs are supposed to be sealed for life but most people replace the oil anyway as the fill/drain plugs are relatively accessible. I would imagine LSD oil would be different to standard crappy diff oil.
  6. LSD Oil

    Give them a call - was much easier when you could just message Guy directly! He always seemed to know his stuff..
  7. LSD Oil

    Not sure there's many LSD owners left on here tbh.. Have you tried Opie for a suggestion?
  8. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    You mean the stick-on bit onto the original boot lid? Yeah, been done a few times.. Just got to be careful the bodyshop fill it correctly as the filler may crack if the boot is slammed. Here's one that comes to mind:
  9. Manual sport touring rarity / value ?

    Probably anywhere between £1k and £1300 then if it's in good condition tbh..
  10. Manual sport touring rarity / value ?

    Yup, E46's just aren't worth spending serious money on any more.. Keep em running, yes. Do the essentials, ofcourse. But they can be had for pennies now.
  11. Manual sport touring rarity / value ?

    Tbf even if it's a 330d, being a 51 plate it'll be the 184bhp model which is much less desirable. Even if it's a top-spec (Xenons, the early nav, heated seats etc..) 330d manual i'd say you'd be hard pressed to get £2k even if it's mint! Probably closer to £1500 now..
  12. PDC troubleshooting

    Cheap/aftermarket/2nd hand sensors cause that.. Only way to fix properly is to replace with genuine/OEM sensors.
  13. E46 convertible to hardtop advice

    I dont get it, what conversion?
  14. Auto Level Headlight Retrofit

    Do you 100% have to have the levelling sensors where you're from? Most people in the UK who retrofit Xenon headlights don't fit the sensors as I believe the MOT test wording is "check, if fitted/available" - so if they're not fitted, they can't be tested. To be honest I would imagine the wiring for the sensors isn't present in non-Xenon cars (i'm not 100% sure about this so could be wrong).
  15. Tbh mate i've not got a clue about these petrol engines. I know a few things about them, but not much. More of a diesel person! lol. I saw something similar years ago with an E36 328i I once looked at buying but I walked away. Sounds like it could well be the ICV. Apparently they can be cleaned? But then again it could be coils, it could be plugs or even VANOS! Hopefully this info is enough for someone more knowledgeable to offer some advice..