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    Was your old one a Phoenix Yellow M3? Which M5 are you thinking - E60 or E39? Don't know too much about the Audi's but from what i HAVE read - the V8's can be expensive to maintain. The timing chain runners replacement issue is the thing that I can't get my head around - seems like a very poor design to me.
  2. Dipped beam headlights stopped working!

    Filament doesn't always have to be broken for the bulb to fail.. Regardless of fault if it's a normal halogen bulb i'd always look to replace the bulb before troubleshooting further.
  3. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    Yep.. Sounds like that's the going rate to get them replaced.. Cheeky f*cker local BMW specialist wants £250 for ONE sensor.. Not sure where they get off charging £150 labour! Either way, atm i'm still undecided which route i'm taking (new, genuine sensors or used). I won't be getting it done yet though..
  4. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    Interesting! Tbh it IS due a brake fluid change. Was going to get the 2 sensors and do them all together. Might get the fluid changed and give the harness a wiggle as suggested. See if it clears. Thanks mate!
  5. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    Had a good look at the master cylinder today and around that general area. Apart from some road grime it's pretty clean.. The lights now come on as soon as the car starts, it sometimes doesn't even wait until it's driven for a few secs like before so it's deffo had it.. It's not going away, it'll need to be replaced. I'm happy to drive it as is for a little while.. It's actually MUCH better pulling out of junctions without the stupid TRC kicking in and spoiling the fun! 
  6. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    I've not, no! Good shout! Tbh i've not even looked at the master cylinder or even in that region since it first happened.. lol I'll have a look tomorrow when I get a moment.
  7. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    Lights came back on, on the way home from work on Tuesday and have been on every journey since. Start the car and no lights, then they come on after a few secs. No TRC or DSC (which is fun! lol). Something big might be coming up soon so holding off getting this sorted! It'll need to get fixed either way, but depending on that something else I might go for the genuine BMW sensors or I might settle for used!
  8. Dipped beam headlights stopped working!

    Have you tried testing the circuit with with a multimeter?
  9. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    So left the car parked up over the weekend. Yesterday - no lights on the 20mins/10mile journey to work. Lights came back on half way home. Today - no lights on the way into work again. So it's intermittent.
  10. Introducing The A6

    Tbh for me it's the flashes above the front bumper grilles on each side that's too much.. Remove them and it'll be about enough? The others aren't so obvious.
  11. Introducing The A6

    Too much grey.. 
  12. PA Soft "Hardware not ready"

    I think with Hyper-V being MS' own version it relies on the host to recognise the device. Hoping with vBox or VMWare it'll work better as they're standalone.
  13. PA Soft "Hardware not ready"

    I tried XP Mode (Hyper-V) - it wouldn't work as it needs to install on the host to pass through to VM.. I'll try vBox or VMWare
  14. PA Soft "Hardware not ready"

    I've been getting the exact same since I upgraded to Win 10.. 99% sure it used to work on Win 7..
  15. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    £45 profit over 3 years! Onto a winner there.. lol