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  1. That's because the front end of the M3 was never facelifted! A facelift for the M3 was actually an ass-lift where it got the LED rear lights and a different boot/handle. This is what the coupe/convertible facelift looked like - it was only done on the non-M3 models.
  2. Install a Photobucket hotlink bypass add-in for your browser.. But tbh it's not worth it for this guide.. There's 3 pics in the OP. 1 is of the difference between old and new holder, 2nd and 3rd just shows the extra wire in the plug. The guide is the explanation given. Fit the new holder and run a wire from one fog light to another. Simple really All other pics are just showing what it looks like from outside the car with the foglights on (looks like 2 fog lights, funnily enough..)
  3. You haven't said if they're both SE or if the 2005 is a Sport, coupe/saloon/touring etc.. Personally i'd go for the 2005 model. So long as the body is clean then most of the issues (like subframe) have been ironed out.
  4. If the old springs rubbed then your rear tyres are too wide as the offset on these 19s are too aggressive. On standard springs the rears should not be rubbing at all. No point lifting the rear - it'll knock camber/caster and potentially toe way out! If they're OEM spec springs, leave them in. touring/M3 springs will be much harder and may make the rear feel Audi-like crashy over bumps. Get those tyres changed and sell the old ones.
  5. Once you declared the remap you mean?
  6. Yeah I wouldn't remap it then tbh. Run it, get the use you need out of it then get shot of it and get the E6X
  7. Yeah I think they're 130bhp or there abouts.. Remap is worth it if you're planning on keeping it a while. Otherwise it's pointless with the value of these cars now. If you want performance then the best thing to do is sell it and get a 330d! Now more than ever considering how cheap you can get them.. lol
  8. Apologies, my bad! You're right about the geometry. Been there, done that! 🤣 Once you lower it knocks the caster out permanently so it could be that. You can always get camber/toe back into spec but caster can't be changed. I didn't mind so much though so kept the lowering springs.
  9. Don't agree with that AT ALL. The standard sport suspension is quite soft and doesn't feel very good. Remember, these are standard road cars. Not performance cars. If you're happy with that, leave it as OEM as possible. If you like to drive enthusiastically then the suspension is a cheap/effective upgrade to transform the handling of the car. As above, get rid of the springs. If you need more height go back to OEM springs or fit coilovers and raise them. FYI - if you do a search on here the most popular springs that people use are Eibach. They come in sportline and pro kit for your car. Sportline will lower front and back. Pro kit will reduce the arch gap at the front but barely touch the rear. People have had them fitted with 19's with no issues. Another option would be to reduce the tyre width. If you've fitted 265, got with 255 or 245 rears.
  10. I thought they were 147bhp.. But easiest way to tell is the same as the 330d If manual - 5sp or 6sp gearbox. Either way - the engine cover. Earlier ones had the partial cover which is all black with the BMW logo and a few silver stripes. Later ones had the full engine cover with the large grey insert in the middle.
  11. https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=874029 Those arches look rolled and pulled a little too. Not sure even 225 would fit. May have to go 215/40/18. Unless you want to go down the camber arm route.
  12. Depends on what model the originally came from. Style 32's off an E46 - standard MV1/2 tyres should go straight on.. Style 32's off the 7-series have much more aggressive offset so may need thinner tyres.
  13. I use the predator blood looking stuff from Halfords. Had the car 11 years now and cleaned out the filters twice in that time. Not bad! lol
  14. You need to give this guy a follow then: https://www.instagram.com/benson346csl/?hl=en He picked up a 330Ci SE (in Germany). Before/After below Over the years he supercharged it, then fitted air ride and the Pandem kit with a great big wang! Unfortunately seems more of a trailer queen these days.
  15. If it's only a drop then I wouldn't worry tbh.. Such a small amount i'd doubt anything would happen!
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