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  1. Rare car no info

    Joined on the 11th, posted again on 13th and not logged in since.. Starting to think he's realised what's what..  Tbf as soon as M3 alloys was mentioned I started to get suspicious..
  2. M sport mesh grille removal?

    ^^^ Lots of people have done that.. Mask around it, put some paper/card up behind it and newspaper everywhere near the bumper to prevent overspray - then spray it.
  3. Wheels catching rear bumper clips

    Remove spacers, go for narrower tyres or fit camber adjustment arms and tuck the top in more.
  4. Car sale to Poland

    I wouldn't sell abroad personally.. But then again I wouldn't do anything until the money was in my account and cleared!
  5. I went with Bosch S5 as the CCA rating is quite high and they have 5 year warranties I believe?
  6. Just a quick heads-up for anyone in the market for a pressure washer.. Amazon deal of the day on right now for a Karcher K2 compact - £55! It's just the standalone washer with no bits but that's a good price. I've got a Nilfisk myself so wont be purchasing. Or maybe I will and have a pressure washer fight with the missus? 
  7. Rare car no info

    Never heard of a turbo 325.. Pretty sure the later E9X's were 2.0ltrs with turbos, hence them badging as 325. As far as I know the only E46's with factory turbo's are the diesels. Check on here: See if it lists a turbo for your VIN (it's not definitive - it's just for finding part numbers for replacement components). Your BMW build sheet will be the definitive check.
  8. D.I.Y Exhaust gas re-circulation Mod.....

    I think some people have tried that in the past but not sure what happened.. A bypass for yours should be the ~£30 one on eBay - might aswell go for that? There's no valve mechanism inside so you get better airflow too..
  9. D.I.Y Exhaust gas re-circulation Mod.....

    Not the Euro4 emissions cars (so the M47N and M57N - the 6 speed models). Pretty sure you can bypass the earlier ones without throwing up the EML. The later ones need to be coded out.
  10. Rear Clunking Noise

    I just had mine replaced recently.. The bearing had separated from the rubber housing so the prop was flapping all over the place. Reading the symptoms you listed again - makes sense. lol. FYI - this one is OEM. Febi make the OEM bearing, BMW stamp their logo on it and sell it for 3/4x the price. Hopefully the Meyle one lasts! 
  11. Weird side for arches to rot :/

    Aftermarket might be £50 new but genuine are way more! I paid £150 a side for my new genuine front wings from Germany.
  12. Pretty sure you can unplug them and try them out.. You wont lose brake pressure, it's just the sensor that'll be "off" I think? I had mine done recently but replaced them both (bought 2x new from Cotswold on this forum) at the same time.. If one fails, the other wont be too far behind (as likely in your case). I'd be surprised if the new sensor has failed, unless it was one of the Chinese copies/2nd hand..
  13. New car new problems

    Mine has started bleeping too.. Disconnected it, will probably not replace it for the £35-40 for a new one..
  14. Rear Clunking Noise

    The propshaft coupling is underneath the car, just behind the gearbox (so under your elbow as you sit in the drivers seat). The only way to get to it is to jack the car up, I think you can just about see it with the heatshield in the way? You can see the subframe mounts from under the car but you have to jack it up and get right under there. But if you don't know what to look for then you might miss it. Tbh it doesn't sound like it's drivetrain related to me.. The coupling went on my car years ago and you could tell the clunk wasn't from the rear of the car. It would clunk when changing gears - usually 1st and reverse. Not when you're already moving.. I don't see how the diff could be at fault as it'd happen all the time? Don't mess about mate - if you're unsure, get it to a garage ASAP. Even if it's for 5mins up on a lift so they can have a look at it.  
  15. Rear Clunking Noise

    Have you had the subframe mounts inspected?