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  1. Where to buy E46 Parts?

    That's the best price i've seen for those control arms tbh.. I use a combination of Amazon, AllGermanCarParts here in Leeds, ECP, BMW, Cotswold on this forum.. I search around for the cheapest.
  2. Will these wheels fit

    Probably a tyre stretch, arch roll and adjustable camber arms.. That's quite an aggressive offset!
  3. Remapping a high mile 330cd

    Those numbers sounds like he's talking about the E90 330d as they have 240bhp.. So mapping to 290bhp is ok. I'd double check with him that he's aware it's an E46 330d. It'll be 500NM, not lb/ft. It's closer to 400lb/ft.
  4. Probably because you're asking a VERY specific question and nobody else has ever experienced it..
  5. Remapping a high mile 330cd

    Shouldn't be a problem.. Mapped mine at 85k. It's now on 140k - no issues! If the turbo is goosed, it's goosed! It's not the remaps fault (unless it's done by a monkey).You should be able to go up towards 280bhp on the standard turbo but at that level you're pushing it! Also, E46's don't have DPF's..
  6. Front Wing Suppliers

    I paid £150 a side for my genuine wings from bmminiparts but they've taken a SERIOUS nose dive recently. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them now. In this instance though they were new wings in black primer shipped straight from Germany
  7. e46 mv2 wheels

    So long as they're genuine BMW ones (so they're not a weird size/offset) then yes they'll fit fine. So long as they're genuine: Front - 225/40/18 Rear - 255/35/18
  8. Gearshift problem 330d

    This is the supplier of the BMW bearing mate:
  9. Gearshift problem 330d

    99% sure it's the flex disc.. I replaced my original one at 90,000 miles. I fit a genuine BMW disc. At 120,000 miles it needed doing again. Instead, I just live with it. But my disc isn't that bad. I've seen some which look like they've been mauled by a tiger!! While you're replacing that, also do the prop centre support bearing..
  10. Braided brake lines

    Had goodridge hoses on mine since about 2010 - no issues! Got mine with steel fittings..
  11. Turbo Charged build thread...

    Link fixed! Looking forward to the progress..
  12. Reverse Light

    Vibration test? Never heard of that.. You test them by putting the car into reverse and turning the ignition key to the 2nd position (the one before starting the car) - then going around the back and putting your ear next to each one and listening. From the sounds of it, one will be clicking a little weaker than the other - replace that sensor. If the sensor is failing or the connection has corroded - you'll get an intermittent fault.
  13. Reverse Light

    Have you checked your sensors? Never heard of the reverse switch failing.. Even on cars with a few hundred k on the clock! It's always the sensor, or the control module under the dash that becomes faulty.
  14. Advice needed please!

    Those lights could be literally anything - you need to get the codes read by someone who's not trying to fleece you for every penny. It's generally a failed sensor, but which sensor - you'll only find out via diagnostics. From what I know, there's no sensors connected to the front control arm (assuming he's changed that control arm bush, AKA lillipop bush), unless you have Xenons. Even if the Xenon level sensor fails, it doesn't cause an error light. It's likely to be something completely unrelated.
  15. Advice needed please!

    White smoke is usually because of water/coolant in the system. Which light is on? Is your coolant level dropping at all? I'd get it to a reputable garage ASAP and get them to double-check it all.