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  1. Why not just replace the 330d engine and drivetrain with the 318 one? LOL Sounds like it'd be easier!
  2. I bet either the pump failed at some point or they needed to replace the ABS pressure sensors and just threw it together without remembering how it was supposed to be. Worst case if it's masking an issue when you have a spare on the 330d! If you want to sell the 330d as a roller just remember how this pump was installed to mask the problem.. (Cough, cough - no I don't have COVID!) 🤣
  3. ^^ That's why I did mine! The clutch was slipping and the release bearing was grinding like crazy! Literally sounded like someone had left a bag of spanners in the gearbox when I was pulling away from lights! lol Wasn't so bothered with the flywheel rattle..
  4. Press your foot lightly on the clutch pedal. If you can feel it pulsing or vibrating then the flywheel is on its way out. I had mine done a couple of years ago now. It was around £350 at the time but it's down to £290 atm. Amazon was cheapest then: (This is for 6-speed) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0068NO1KS While you're in there you may as well replace the clutch. They're around the £200 range for the 6-speed too..
  5. Never tried one, but maybe try a nut splitter? Get the old one off, hope the thread for the ball joint is still ok and just replace the nut. Tbh i've never replaced mine so no idea if you could even get one in there.. I'd possibly consider getting the full Meyle kit for it. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/CONTROL-ARMS-WBONE-MEYLE-HD/dp/B0068MGN6O
  6. So the 318 is a replacement for the 330d? Is it not worth keeping the 330d as the main car and just running the 318 as/when needed?
  7. Why post your wanted ad in someone else's post? #NotSureIfSpammer To add - i've seen loads that would fit your requirements over the last couple of months so you can't have been looking for long, or you ARE a spammer!!! 😲
  8. Maybe search the make/model you provided on Google?
  9. Change the fuel pump then? 330d has a secondary pump under the car where the passenger seat is.. I think that gets changed every Insepction 2 anyway so may not have been done on yours.
  10. 99% sure it isn't.. There's guides on how to retrofit them which means wiring into the fuse box etc..
  11. Tbh sounds like it's electrical. The longer you leave it the lower the charge.. Have you tried jumper cables?
  12. Think rears are all the same.. I replaced mine for https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/boge-1029834.html - fitment on those (on other sites) says it fits all body types/engines So the ones you posted should be fine.
  13. Diagnostics before anything else!
  14. This is amazing! Links to scam pages but offering (sort of) good advice with it! 🤣 I mean none of it applies to the UK, but still!!
  15. There's only about 10 of us left!! Everyone else are SPAMMERS!!! 🤣
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