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  1. Oil light

    Have you topped up the oil level? Yellow usually means the level is low.. If the level is correct but the light is still on, the level sensor is probably on its way out (I think). If so, change it if you're doing a service as it plugs into the sump.
  2. My car showed all 6 plugs since I bought the car in 2008. Even in those nasty winters a few years ago - no issues. Never changed them or the control unit.
  3. Oh yeah! I suppose with it being where it is though it's an excuse for some garages to charge more than they should. No way that should take 3 hours!! Not even if one person is working on it. So long as you have a ramp you don't even have to remove the exhaust. Just remove the mid-supports and unhook it from the rear and drop it onto a gearbox jack. That's what we did. Plenty of room to work!
  4. All done! Replaced just now..  Took just over 1hr (2ppl working so 2 man hours). Fitted for £60. Considering the part was £42. Wasn't bad at all I think?  It HAD failed like in the video above. Bearing had separated from the holder so it was flapping around. 
  5. I've been told that BMW use the Febi ones for OEM. The Meyle ones and anything else are aftermarket. So that's what I got. Looking at the part I think the rubber mount that the bearing sits in has failed so it's flapping around. That would make sense to me as the faster you go the less it vibrates. Not really comfortable driving it the way it is. One more trip this evening to pick up the child and then off to the garage tomorrow! Brought it forward a day thankfully. Kind of like this:    
  6. Rear Shock Top Mounts

    That washer is only a few quid if memory serves.. I was going to replace mine when I got new shocks but they couldn't get them in time. In the end there was nothing wrong with the old washers so it was ok. Nothing wrong with lemforder/Meyle top mounts. Can't remember what I fit in mine (think it was Lemforder as that came with the gasket). So long as they're all built back up correctly they should last.
  7. Rear Shock Top Mounts

    Did you fit everything back in the correct order?
  8. Yup, to be fair that garage is a main dealer in all but name.. You know they'll do a good job but you gotta PAY for it.. lol.
  9. They said £66 per hour and 3 hours work.. But they were insisting on a £55 diagnosis charge even though I told them I knew what was wrong with it. Unfortunately this is the kind of place that don't allow you into the work area so wouldn't have let me look at it myself. I was thinking of using them as didn't want to have to hang around with the car. Not at that price though! At my mates garage i'll even help out sometimes so it's ok.. I'll just have to free up a few hours (he reckons 2 hours work) to hang around with it. the DSC sensors and brake fluid change last time out took around 2 hours in total so it's ok.
  10. That's more my price range. lol £200 for it is ridiculous I think.. I reckon my mate will charge around the £60-80 mark. I'm good with that. Got the part ordered so will see how it goes on Friday. Thanks for the input guys!
  11. Got it booked in at a mates garage now so should be considerably cheaper but gotta wait with the car.. Couple of hours of walking around a freezing garage for me then! lol
  12. I would but don't have a ramp or even a decent jack! lol.
  13. DSC Pressure sensor 1 fault

    Thought i'd update this with the fix. Got the sensors replaced. Mechanic pulled the vacuum pipe off the brake servo and wedged the pedal down. That way there was hardly any fluid leakage. Still had to bleed the system once done as normal to get the air out that was let in when the vacuum pipe was removed. Anyway - sensors replaced, lights out. Works SUPERB now!! If anyone is getting overly aggressive DSC/TRC interference then get these replaced! TRC hardly kicks in at all now, only when launching like a mad man!!
  14. Holy sheet! Just been quoted £200 for labour to do it!  I can get the part for £42, a Febi one which apparently is OEM. Meyle and SKP ones are aftermarket.