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  1. Probably better off getting a new set tbh..
  2. momo


    Mods are never on here anymore so no housekeeping gets done from the looks of it
  3. Manual gearbox? Could be a few things. Ideally need to get it up on a ramp and have a look one by one. Could be blown gearbox so it's just spinning away, clutch/flywheel failure.. Be amazed if it's driveshaft. But if it is, that would be easy to spot as the output from the gearbox would be spinning away. You can see the rubber doughnut (guibo) without removing anything. If the U-joint on the shaft failed, that would still be spinning. Needs to be put in gear and up in in the air to see what part isn't spinning (if that makes sense) - that'll tell you it's the part further up the chain that's broke.
  4. Weird! lol. Well, at least you've narrowed it down! Sensors can be a bit of a PITA to replace so lucky it's not them. Fog lights are on the boot aren't they? I can't remember.. If so then might be the wiring going into the boot lid. If you open the lid there's a black rubber cover to the wiring, those wires can sometimes rub against each other and over the years cause a short as the sheathing wears away. Someone may have attempted to repair it there and done it wrong?
  5. Do you mean no sound when inside the car or when it's in reverse and you listen to the sensors? The key needs to be in the 2nd position obv.. 😀 Do you get the long beep when putting in reverse? If the key's in the 2nd position, car is in reverse and still no clicking from any of the sensors then you will have to check the wiring which I think is a bumper-off job for the coupe.
  6. The look asymmetric so can be fitted to either side. It's the directional ones you have to be careful of, but again they can be fitted to either side. Also double-check with your local council. I just discovered my council charge £8+VAT per tyre to take them at the local recycling centre. Try to get the refurb company to dispose of them.
  7. https://www.bmw-driver.net/threads/318i-conversion-to-330.44534/ Food for thought? If it's a project, might as well do it properly.. 😁
  8. I think the local recycling centres take them 1 or 2 at a time? Just go on separate occasions if need be..
  9. They're pushed on but they're stuck with adhesive so can be very difficult to get off. Mine being 6sp I put it in 6th and pulled as hard as I could. Remember to get your chest behind it though and pull with both hands into the chest so once it DOES come off it hits you and nothing valuable! 🤣 Don't try to pull up over your head or something. I've heard of people with sunroof models to smash them trying to get it off!!! Once it's off you'll see it's just glued. With yours being 5sp you might be better off putting it in 2nd and getting in the passenger seat. Looks like prices have gone up for new ones.. I bought a clubsport one from my local BMW years ago for £40! Clubsport ones are the ones with the silver ring at the bottom, they're weighted so make gear changes smoother. In the end I didn't like it so bought a storm motorsport one: http://www.storm-motorwerks.com/interior/bmw/shift_knobs_v1/ I got the V1 version. It was a little more expensive at £95 at the time (I got the titanium plated one as it's a darker finish, suits black interior better). These ones are even heavier than clubsport so really smooth out the gear changes nicely.
  10. Yep, might just have been a bad job at the time! Hopefully should last longer this time around
  11. Ah I get ya now.. Sorry. Can you get them online and get them fitted locally? https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b0s134p145884/Hankook_Tyres_Car_Hankook_K117_Ventus_S1_Evo_2_Hankook_K_117_-_225_40_R18_92Y_XL_FR_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_C_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_71dB Much better to have a matching set if you can..
  12. Not a fan of the Hankook? Lots of people run them and rave about them. Never ran them myself - I use Vredestein tyres but I wouldn't hesitate on the Ventus Evo2s.. I had Avon ZZ3's when I bought the car - HORRIBLE tyre.. So glad when I replaced them
  13. So they were powdercoated then clear coated? That's how it should be done for a good finish. Might be alright if they do it now.
  14. Before you do anything - is this the 1.9 or 2.0ltr model? Tbh either way sell it ASAP if it has engine running issues.. BMW 318I E46 (FACELIFT)/N42 ENGINE After the slow 118hp M43 engine in the pre facelift version, BMW decided to put N42 engine which has DOHC rather than SOHC on the M43, increase of displacement from 1.9l to 2.0l and the power bumped up to 141hp, but the reliability was getting worse than the M43. Those problems were ; piston rings failure, valve stem seal failure, engine coolant mixed with oil and timing chain was not very reliable.. It'll need a new engine shortly from the sounds of it! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..
  15. Never seen it before but looks like a reaction between the primer and paint. Don't think it's the alloy corroding underneath. Sounds like a load of pish tbh. They should've cleaned the surface fully and if done properly it should've sealed the metal inside the primer/paint so it shouldn't corrode like that again. Saying that, most agree powdercoat is best for longevity
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