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  1. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    I have OEM bluetooth.. It might still work on the iPhone as they haven't updated to the latest bluetooth stack but I don't use my iPhone with my car. I prefer my Android device - and they updated the bluetooth stack years ago rendering my car BT useless! The iPhone 6 might work (for now) but at some point soon, an update will stop it working too. Aftermarket is the only way to go. They use the latest bluetooth bits so it'll work for much longer. If you want OEM look - buy an Eonon/Dynavin type HU and get SatNav too.
  2. Same engine as mine then.. Water pump - only get BMW as Rasa said. Glow plugs - don't!! Not unless you're getting cold, winter morning starting issues. All of these cars throw up glow plug errors on diagnostics. I've had mine for 9 years now and the glow plug control module reports all 6 with errors since day one. Never had a starting issue. It's a common error message on these - the control module reports false values but doesn't affect starting. If anything the plugs are prone to snapping in the head when replacing them! Not worth the risk unless there's a genuine fault.\ If you still want to go ahead - the glow plugs are glow plugs, get any compatible ones. The glow plug control module - BERU is the OEM manufacturer - - Get it from Amazon (make sure the seller is Amazon), it's like 1/3rd of the BMW price without the BMW badge.
  3. What year is your car? The 330d was available from 2000/1 to 2006/7 I think and went through loads of changes in that time. Most importantly for you - the older engine was used until early 2002, then it was updated in late 2003. As you've said its a manual - If you have a 2003, how many gears does it have? The early one was 5sp, the later one 6sp.
  4. Touring speaker upgrade kit trouble

    For the 2dr, but pretty sure it's the same..
  5. Touring speaker upgrade kit trouble

    16.5cm speakers fit in the front with adapters.. Lots of people have them fitted. The only issue is depth usually as there's not much of a recess behind the card.
  6. Pretty sure yours will be the older round-style port under the bonnet, not the ODB port under the dash.. Like this one:
  7. Diff Bracket help

    Those studs are attached to the body aren't they? So if they've retracted - something has bent! Badly! Sorry I can't be more specific.
  8. Hmmmm.. Alarm bells ringing!! Prop shaft is tucked away above the exhaust and behind a heat shield. Its pretty much impossible to get damaged like that. Personally - doesn't matter if those parts were fine or not, for the sake of £100 in parts, i'd replace them so you don't need to get back under there again. Either way, glad its sorted!
  9. Jeez! What happened to the prop to make it sound like that? Either way, glad you got to the bottom of it.
  10. There's a post or two shooting around on the forum here with part numbers.. Basically BMW owned LR at around when these cars were sold so LR used lots of BMW parts - the parking sensors were also used on the LR Discovery and they seem to be like 50% of the cost from BMW
  11. Sport ?

    Depends on the year.. Pre LCI ones, the MTec 1 kit was a glorified SE kit. Post LCI MTec 2 kit is the one we all know and love. These have different front and rear bumpers, side skirts, lip spoiler on boot, different seats, steering wheel, gear knob, MV1 or MV2 wheels (MV2 for LCI generally) and //M badges everywhere. Then you have the ridiculous Fast n Furrious style wing on the Clubsport.
  12. More than likely those sensors you fit are also duff. The 5sec beep happens when a fault is detected on the system. If that's gone now but it's still not working then i'd bet the new sensors are the problem. Aftermarket sensors are extremely hit-and-miss on these E46's. The only ones that work reliably are new from BMW or Land Rover. You can try 2nd hand, but you could be throwing more money down the pan if they're DOA.
  13. How does this stuff compare to plasti-dip? It's basically the same stuff, right?
  14. Check the condition of the guibo and CSB. You'll have to have the car up on a ramp and to check the CSB properly you'll have to remove the exhaust and heatshield (or at least drop them if not remove them).
  15. Is it only the noise or can you also feel a vibration?