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  1. It is amongst those who have owned both or driven both. But in the end it always comes down to sound. The 6cyl diesel sounds good (for a diesel) but the 6cyl Petrol sounds pretty darn good tbh! 230bhp for the petrol (max maybe 240bhp and ~240lb/ft after a few mods and remap) 204bhp for the diesel (easily mapped to 250bhp and ~380-400lb/ft without further mods. Add a decat/bigger intercooler/injectors/turbo and it'll see north of 330bhp and up towards 500lb/ft). Both without LSD's though.. 204bhp 330ds can be had for peanuts these days too (which is a shame for me.. lol). £1500-2k is all it can take. A nice/clean, low mileage one though (rare as rocking horse poo these days) will be closer to £4-5k. Similar to a 330i to be fair.
  2. I can't supply a car, but I can answer your question - no! The 330d is (once mapped)..

    Just be careful in the slippery conditions with cross climates at the front and Sport 6's at the rear. Different types/compounds may make it feel unbalanced.
  4. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    You don't see the link? It's a link to another thread on this forum (albeit from a while ago) from someone who fitted the same wheels/tyre sizes to a coupe and said they rubbed when fully loaded.
  5. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Not wanting to try adjustable camber arms?
  6. New e46 iPod question

    The standard HU's sound like crap really. Very poor compared to modern systems. Even a simple HU change will be like night/day sound difference. Then if you replace speakers/amp them night/day again! lol. They really are that bad.
  7. New e46 iPod question

    You'd be better off replacing the HU with an aftermarket one. Keep the OEM one and re-fit if you want originality come sale time.
  8. Halogen to xenon conversion MStyle do headlights. Not sure if the ones in the link come with H7s or D2S. Also i'd check with them if the indicator is built in (doesn't look like it, but check as those ones are usually seriously poor quality).
  9. Ah ok, in which case get a full lamp from a breaker/eBay and swap it out. Much easier.
  10. Yes but why would you want to? It'd be tricky too as you would need to replace both lamps (not even sure about the loom as yours will have the plugs for the D2S) and re-code your LCM to tell it, it no longer has HID lights. If you heat up the edges you can get the lens off.. Get a replacement and fit and keep your HID. Pair - Right - Left - Or even cheaper, see if you can repair the crack with those repair kits you can get for windscreens.
  11. 325i wishbones £199! Used to be £180.. Booooo!!
  12. Alpina B3S - without engine

    Tbh if you really want to keep it on the road you're probably better off fitting a 330i engine (that's what the 3.2 is based on right?) and supercharging it!
  13. Halogen to xenon conversion

    That's because they're generally all cheap (quality, not always cheap price) aftermarket, generic kits that are changed a little to "kind of" fit your car.. With the 3 options I gave you 1) Genuine retrofit - you buy Xenon headlights (pretty readily available tbh), fit them to yours and then get your LCM recoded for Xenon 2) Depo retrofit - - probably the most expensive option if you buy new and I think it may need the LCM recoded anyway? 3) High output H7 - (or Philips nightbreaker) - cheapest of the lot. But if you REALLY have to go Xenon and you have no intention of changing the headlight bowl to a projector (therefore blinding everyone else) then any generic kit should technically work. You just need somewhere to mount the new ballast and you may have to leave the rear lamp cover off to feed the wires into the new bulb.
  14. Halogen to xenon conversion

    One word - DON'T!! F'in hate it when people do this! Blinds the f*ck out of oncoming traffic! Do it properly and retrofit Xenon headlights or get Depo headlights or just don't do it.. Get some higher output H7 Halogen bulbs and be done with it if you don't want to do it properly.