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  1. The 2nd one sounds like centre support bearing.. It was probably failing and the whack over the ditch probably knocked it partially loose. The first one, not sure. Could be a ball joint/bushing/arm etc..
  2. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    Ouch! If the arches are clean atm i'd be tempted to leave them alone and fit camber arms instead..
  3. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    Put the ET15's on the front. But they'll be more concave I think so might look weird! lol. If you put the ET15's on the rear you might have to put camber arms on I think. According to the ET15 wheels will sit 35mm further out than MV1's (18x8.5J ET50).
  4. Alpina Poor Steering

    Sorry.. FCAB - Front Control Arm Bushes (sometimes called the lollipop bushes). RTAB - Rear Trailing Arm Bushes.. The RTAB's sit at the end of the arm that goes out in front of the rear hub assembly into the body in front of the rear wheel well.
  5. Alpina Poor Steering

    Sounds like FCABs.. While parked up grab the wheels at 3 and 9 o'clock and try pulling the wheel back and forth. Should be no play but sounds like there will be. But if it feels like the steering is coming from the rear and you're constantly having to re-correct to go straight then it'll be RTAB's..
  6. E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    Ummm.. They're not clubsport splitters! They're CSL style splitters.. Admittedly there's not much difference but CS ones are more "boxy", not quite as sharp as they go into the middle of the car and usually wrap all the way around the corner of the bumper back to the wheel well. These are CS splitters for reference:
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Whatever you do, don't mention sprint booster on this forum!!
  8. PDC fault please help!!!

    Where did you get the sensor from? This usually happens when you replace with aftermarket sensors..
  9. 330ci Front washer jets not working!

    You probably didn't reconnect the wires tight enough and worked their way loose? Make sure they're pushed in all the way and try again. Drain the tank and remove the pump and give it a test
  10. Eibach pro kit springs will lower the front a little, and barely touch the rear. Sportline springs will lower the front a decent amount and the rear a little - deffo the best look of the 2 while still being drive-able without significant clearance issues. You wont need control arms/drop links with lowering springs. They're a direct replacement. The only extra thing to consider is a full alignment once it's done.
  11. Dashcam Wiring

    Cigarette lighter is permanently live on these cars - could tap into that? Or piggyback of that fuse?
  12. Avatar

    You have to upload a seriously tiny one! I think it's 125x125 pixels. If you're trying a normal picture on your phone it's probably ~2500x1900 pixels. So wont work!
  13. Happens all the time and from what I've seen usually so long as it's not performance enhancing and/or makes the car more desirable to thieves (so coilovers) they let it slide. At the most, they knock off the difference in the cost of the parts between the aftermarket ones and OEM ones. Tbh I fully understand GJN's position and agree to an extent. I'd be so p*ssed at the cost of a set of OEM set springs that i'd just stick my middle finger up at my insurer and fit the Eibach ones anyway and say some fool from this owners club on the t'internet sold them to you as OEM springs!
  14. Introducing The A6

    No more red pinstripes!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! LOL
  15. Understandable.. But tbh it's such a small change that i'd be amazed if anyone noticed! I have Pro Kit on mine (can't get the red coloured Sportlines on the 330d due to weight so Pro kit lowers as much as Sportlines on equivalent 330i). BMW themselves didn't even notice. The noticed the braided brake hoses! lol. Is it not worth a call to your insurer to ask if they even consider replacement springs a modification? Most don't as far as I know. If you fitted coilovers, then they class that as a modification (at least that's what Sainsbury's insurance told me when I asked).
  16. I'm assuming either he's scared of not declaring a modification, or the cost of having to declare it is prohibitive?
  17. After a couple of thousand miles the grime will cover those part numbers..
  18. Eibach sportlines will lower the car. Pro kit springs wont on yours. Ok, maybe the front will lower a tad, but not much. Rear will barely change. As for ride - it actually improves over stock springs. The advantage with them is they're black coloured springs, as per OEM so even though i'd never condone such a thing - insurance will never know! Doing a search on the Eibach UK parts catalog (search results here: CLICK HERE, for a 2002 330i saloon the part number you need is E2067-140 (the full set) Amazon do the set for £133 ATM. ... And the good thing about Amazon (so long as they're the seller you choose) they'll honour the warranty and if you're a prime member you could push them to send another set ready to be swapped over if it ever fails instead of being stuck without use of the car (they did that for a £50 centre support bearing for me). Return the old one in 30 days and no charge to me. Proper customer service! Otherwise if you want to stick with OEM springs then you're best off contacting OEM suppliers. Costwold BMW are a forum sponsor (You have to pay the £10 membership fee to access their forum), BMMiniParts (although not used them for a while, not as good as they used to be) etc.. Personally i'd get Eibach and be done with it. A full set of OEM springs will cost more than £135.
  19. Doesn't always happen, but when mine snapped the specialist I took it to (for something else) immediately asked if I had replaced the springs recently. They said they've done it more than a few times so no longer risk it, just disconnect the ARB if you can (could be badly corroded so might not be able to).
  20. 330cd 1st gear annoyance

    Probably centre support bearing on the prop shaft.. Sounds like it's making the first noises of failure..
  21. The rears all snap eventually.. Even aftermarket ones. I have Eibach on mine, they have a 5 year warranty but that means nothing as you have to remove it to send it back for a replacement. The Standard one will be for SE suspension probably so get Sports - replace them both. If a garage is doing it just be sure they don't opt for the quick way of doing it by pulling the arm down and sliding it in without disconnecting the ARB first. Mine snapped doing it that way as we forgot to disconnect it. D'oh!
  22. Adding a phone / bluetooth to an E46

    Wont do audio over bluetooth though.. Need an aftermarket kit for that. No idea which one though
  23. Or stripped to be tracked/drifted etc..