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  1. Pretty sure they're incompatible.. Completely different drivetrains as far as I know..
  2. Brake pads wouldn't be standard on any service. It's usually an extra
  3. Does the power steering still work when it happens? I know it could be difficult to tell when at speed.. Have you checked PAS fluid levels? If it matches engine speed i'd say it's something on the belt drive (hence asking about power steering). So either Power steering pump, water pump, crank pulley, tensioners or AC pump.
  4. Apologies for the basic question.. But does it have the purple tag on it? The 067 racks have a different part number - 7852974679 As per: The part number you gave comes back with normal rack results, with no purple tag..
  5. Yep, I get you. But again, nothing M3 about them. lol They were an option on normal models but just standard on the M3 so I get what you mean. Agree though - look a million times better than a crappy reflector bowl.. They're MASSIVE on the E46!
  6. No such thing as M3 headlights.. They're Xenons.. They were probably only introduced in 2002 and it was spec'd on yours from new. I think the only variations of Xenons were either normal or bi-Xenon (push stalk away and a flap opens up so the cut-off is gone).
  7. I get ya.. If anything i'd rather get new just because you can never guarantee how burnt out the 2nd hand ones are if you get me? You could blow £150 on 2 2nd hand headlights but they're just as burnt out as yours Be much easier if there was a direct fit, redesigned bowl from a later car available.. Boooooo!
  8. How much were the bowls and where from? So far i've seen this: https://www.retrofitlab.com/xenon-projectors-1/aharon-e46-r-bi-xenon-projectors-bosch-al-design-1.html? Sorry, just re-read your post! lol.
  9. If main beam is good then the output is fine. It's probably the adjustment. May be worth taking it to a MOT testing station to see if they're not wound down? There's a screw in the headlight that you can turn to point them back up. Saying that, I think my OEM xenons are sh*t these days too.. About as bright as my wife's Astra halogens. But then my bulbs are probably 7-8years old..
  10. A CV joint inside the diff? No, there's one in the middle where the centre support bearing is and then splines at each end. Sounds like one of the diff oil seals have gone.
  11. Yup, warm it up and put a plastic pry tool under there to get it out. Clean up and fit the new one.
  12. Driveshafts are 100% uprated as the 330i/330d ones are the same.
  13. I'd have thought you'd have to change over everything to do it properly.. Engine Loom ECU Gearbox Exhaust Driveshaft Diff Half shafts Brakes And likely suspension too as the 3.0ltr is much heavier than the 2.0ltr. I'm sure you could get away with the bare minimum like engine/gearbox/ecu but i'd be expecting something big to go wrong every time I drove it.. lol
  14. Looks good! Although not a fan of the door mirror colour.. Looks like you nicked them off a black car and couldn't be ar$ed painting them!
  15. There's a guy on Instagram who I think buys, dyes and sells interiors. https://www.instagram.com/mowgli_sms/
  16. Seems as though it's not much more to just get a replacement fan unit..
  17. Ah ok.. Yeah every M3 i've seen has a stupidly long gear stick. I think it's made worse with the super long knob. Apparently fitting a 330d stick gives it a shorter throw. Then personally I would get a storm motorwerks knob - VERY heavy and makes it feel so much smoother. I have one in my 330d
  18. Very nice! Any shots of this F10 M5 gearknob?
  19. I wouldn't use epoxy.. Either drill it out and re-tap properly or weld a bolt and get the surface machined smooth (but involves taking the head off completely).
  20. Can you weld to the head? Might be better to drill it out, weld a bolt into that hole and use a nut to secure it.. It's got to be a tight fit obviously. I can't think of any other way to get that seal really..
  21. Yup! A little scabby, could do with a refurb: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/855021038023911/
  22. OEM springs, Eibach pro kit and HR cup springs are all coated in black and if they've been fitted a while the logos will be difficult to find as the coating comes away..
  23. Looks like it.. The front should be a little higher on standards. But the rears will be the same
  24. OEM, unless you get springs from ECP will be very expensive! I think just the rears are approx £150 (they snap all the time). Remember if one of your rear springs has already snapped it'll be sitting lower anyway. Many others have fitted Sportline springs with staggered 19's and never had issues.. Sounds like there may be an issue with your setup already, or your rear tyres might be the wrong size.
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