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  1. Plenty of options on here: https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-3-series/e46/exterior-styling/rear-bumpers-skirts-splitters-accessories.html I remember seeing a E92 335i style diffuser too once but can't find it now. I think that looked better as a non-M quad setup always looked to "trying too hard to be an M3" to me.. lol Edit: This is it Carbon https://www.insideperformance.de/en/3er-bmw-e46-335i-look-heck-diffusor-carbon_1272/ Plastic https://www.insideperformance.de/en/3er-bmw-e46-335i-look-heck-diffusor-kunststoff_1273/
  2. Pretty sure you can get M3 style diffusers if it's the quad exhaust setup you're after. But it means you have to cut out the spare wheel well unless you get one of those cheap quad jobbies where the right of the quad setup barely gets any flow. I didn't think they were any deeper? I thought the only difference really was where it meets the arches and the quad diffuser. Otherwise it was the same size as a regular sport bumper.. No?
  3. Need to get that headlight seal sorted too.. Bag of silca gel under the surround inside the headlight helps absorb a little moisture too!
  4. M3 has flared rear arches. So if you fit the bumper, the tops where it joins the arch wont line up
  5. It's only a remap, is it not? Should be fine with standard.. There might be a tiny bit of slippage but it'll be fine.
  6. It's only a remap, is it not? Should be fine with standard.. There might be a tiny bit of slippage but it'll be fine.
  7. No, the 330d one wont fit.. If it's started slipping it's because your existing one is on its way out. The standard clutch should be fine with a remap. It's not as if you can get silly hp from a 320d!
  8. This happened to mine - used screwdriver and hammer to smash the head off as the metal is quite soft. But be careful not to damage the indicator holder. Once the head was removed, took the lens out then used a Dremel to cut a slot into it and screwed what was left out. Or you could use mole grips.
  9. Nothing to be frowned upon. If you're hurt/feeling the effects of the crash and losing out financially then make the claim. Unfortunately most people would claim regardless of if they were actually hurt or not hence everyone's premiums going up (well, that and insurance companies wanting to protect and increase profit margins). I don't think your premium would change at the moment tbh. Come Jan 5th though - you might find it suddenly goes up as fault/non fault you're deemed "higher risk". At least that's what happened to my wife.
  10. Yup, Chassis will be fubar.. Might be worth a call to a few breakers to ask how much they'd pay for the car? If you can buy it back for say £200 and they'll give you £400 then still £200 in your pocket. My brother did that with an old Toyota once..
  11. Bloody hell!! Did they show you the chassis damage? To be fair the suspension turret isn't too far back from where the bonnet has creased so while likely not from the impact itself - the impact probably pushed other bits back and could've damaged it. Straightening that would be a royal PITA. If that's the case I wouldn't even think about buying it back - too much work.
  12. Don't think they take rarity into account tbh.. They usually look at Glass's and the like for valuation.. So make/model/year/mileage.. Just the basics. It usually seems as though they take the valuation then undercut it by say 20% to give them argue room (I won't call it negotiation room as they're usually a-holes). Anything more than that you need to get agreed value insurance which is usually significantly more expensive. There was a guy on here years ago who had a heavily modified 330i saloon (I think he had it charged too) so got agreed value insurance. I don't think they source parts internationally unless it's a very rare car. They usually use insurance approved parts suppliers who only supply to the trade (cheaper than manufacturer obviously so greater profit margin for them as lower repair costs), if not available then they go to the manufacturer usually. They don't pass those savings on to you/me though! 2.5years might be too long tbh. Not sure why, I thought you'd only just bought it a few weeks ago! Ooops! Sorry..
  13. Damn! Sorry to hear it.. Shame it happened but thankfully everyone is ok! That's the main thing.. If they write it off then they offer you a value for the car. You're in a relatively decent position on that front as you only just bought it. So if they say it's worth £200 (that's an exaggeration obviously. lol) you can say well shove that £200 - I just bought it for £X,XXX! You may not get back all of what you paid though. In terms of buying it back i'm not sure what the percentage is but you're free to buy it back in most cases (so long as it's not structural damage such as chassis legs being bent, which you can tell from a mile off it's not). You can then either get rid for parts/scrap. Or fix it up. But that'll cost a pretty penny! Looks like you at least need bonnet/wing/bumper/headlight/indicator. Then paint for all of that. Also depends if anything else is damaged under the surface. Have a look at the damage report when it comes back and decide from there.
  14. I think I remember from someone asking previously - they do fit. But the bonnet doesn't line up? Hopefully someone can confirm..
  15. Isn't there a flap in the heater box that opens up when the heaters are on? Could be stuck.. Or could be the actuator motor that's failed.. You haven't had a double-din stereo conversion done have you?
  16. That MPerformance badge on the passenger trim..
  17. I think it's usually: Oil Service Inspection 1 Oil Service Inspection 2 Oil Service Inspection 1 Oil Service Inspection 2 And so on. So going by that service book i'd say it's due an Inspection 1. But if you're unsure then there's no harm in doing another Insp2 to be sure.
  18. It wont rub on standard wheels on sport lines.. With 15mm spacers though you may be close to rubbage. Not a fan of that wheel tbh.
  19. It's a petrol so I think it's sport lines (red springs I think?) which are lower - 100% the lower ones. The rears aren't lowered much in either IIRC. But the front will be a nice height with the lower ones. I've got pro kit springs on mine, but they're the lowest you can get on 330d's because of the weight.
  20. 'grats on the purchase then! lol. Sounds like the front control arm bushes are shot.. Give the alloy a wobble while it's parked, see if there's any movement.
  21. If you want it to look OEM then don't get the 9".. There's loads of pics on Google so have a look and decide for yourself. Personally - with newer cars all having what looks like a thwacking great big tablet glued to the dash - I don't see it as a problem. lol
  22. That's not top spec, not even close! But sure does look clean!
  23. momo

    LSD Oil

    Ok, so to confirm - you have a standard, open diff or an aftermarket LSD (Quaife/Gripper etc..)? No E46 comes with an LSD apart from the M3 from factory. If it's the standard diff then this should do - it's what I put in mine. https://www.opieoils.co.uk//p-737-castrol-syntrax-longlife-75w-90-fully-synthetic-car-gearbox-oil-formerly-saf-xo.aspx
  24. momo

    LSD Oil

    That'll be standard open diff oil, not LSD oil. Standard diffs are supposed to be sealed for life but most people replace the oil anyway as the fill/drain plugs are relatively accessible. I would imagine LSD oil would be different to standard crappy diff oil.
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