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  1. There's no doubting the quality of the Sony/Alpine units - but at that price, they just don't cut it. They are generic (for them) double-dins with either shallow depth or E46-style half shallow rears - but they're still generic looking plain/blank fronts with (considering what's available from China) tiny screens.

    That fascia looks great DC. Love the idea of being able to control other mods with it while retaining the OEM look. 

  2. From what i've read in the past, it's not needed anymore as all the sport button does is sharpen throttle response and crucially - holds the gear longer as you accelerate.

    With a manual conversion you do all of that with the pedals anyway.

  3. Screenwash - empty the washer fluid tank, undo the 10mm bolt holding it in then remove it. In the bottom there's one or two filters (one for each pump, the 2nd being if you have headlight washers) - those filters block up easily and stop the spray from working.

    If you have a pressure washer with a 90degree attachment then wash it out inside with the filters out to get rid of the gunk then re-fit it all. Should work now.

    Does either mirror move? Could be broken switch. You need to test it all with a multimeter to be sure.

    Loads of places sell wheels. Decide if you want new or used then go from there.

    You asked for local suggestions for upholstery companies but haven't mentioned where you're from! ☺️

    Personally though unless it's torn I wouldn't bother.. Maybe keep an eye out on eBay for good condition 2nd hand ones if you really want.

  4. Why a 320d if you want to drift it?

    Get a 330d. You'll get more power and stronger driveshafts anyway. Even with a 330d there's not many uprated driveshaft options but at least they're more readily available. 330i (non-auto) and 330d share the same part number so you can find a set from just about anywhere.

    You only get a 320d for economy driving really.. I know there's companies who can tune a 320d to around 400bhp but the amount of work it needs to get there, what's the point? Start with a better base. Get a 330d.

  5. Yep that's the DSC pressure sensor.. No codes need to be cleared - once the values return to within tolerance the fault should clear. I'd say one of them has gone again.

    I was told to replace them in pairs - if one goes the other won't be far behind and it's not worth the labour twice. That's what I did.

    To be sure, get the codes read again. If DSC sensor still comes up - one of them needs replacing again. This time bite the bullet and buy new from BMW. Not worth risking a 2nd hand one failing again as you may find..

  6. 9 hours ago, succentor said:

    Lee lad, Did you ever get this sorted? I’ve had the exact same problem, one sensor clearly faulty, replaced it with a cheap non-BMW part and while I can hear the sensor clicking, it clicks unevenly and it does exactly the same as yours, works OK when first plugged in but after turning ignition off and back on it doesn’t work at all (not even a long beep). 

    2003 320CI convertible 

    Replace with genuine..

  7. Which brake pressure sensors did you change? Do you mean DSC pressure sensors? They're attached to the brake master cylinder and are around £100 each for proper items which you can ONLY buy from BMW.

    If we're talking about the same ones, which ones did you replace with? If you bought from BMW - get them to re-test the sensors.

    If you bought Chinese eBay specials or used ones - they're probably knackered again.

    I replaced mine with genuine BMW ones a while ago now, no issues since. Steep at £200 for the pair but no point scrimping if replacements fail so often

  8. Considering how dead this forum is these days - have you asked on one of the Facebook groups?

    They're massively active these days so hopefully someone should be able to offer a solution. Starting to feel like there's only 5-6 of us on this entire forum these days.

  9. Have you had the codes read?

    By no means a petrol expert but sounds like a dodgy coil pack?

    If it was fuel related i'd expect it to do it all the time. As it's only sometimes it makes sense (to me) that it's something on the ignition side that's failing. I'd replace the spark plugs anyway.

    Not sure how you'd find which coil needs changing? Would it show up in diagnostics?

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