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  1. Give Nick Jupp a bell - he's a BMW breaker in Swanley. Really nice guy and knows his stuff..

    Always provides top quality parts and usually has everything in stock. He's also not the type of guy to wrap it in one layer of bubble wrap then wonder why it arrived in 15 pieces. He properly packs things to the point where sometimes it can be a PITA to just get to the part you ordered! lol.

    Contact details on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nick.jupp.5

  2. I get ya.. If anything i'd rather get new just because you can never guarantee how burnt out the 2nd hand ones are if you get me? You could blow £150 on 2 2nd hand headlights but they're just as burnt out as yours

    Be much easier if there was a direct fit, redesigned bowl from a later car available.. Boooooo!

  3. If main beam is good then the output is fine. It's probably the adjustment. May be worth taking it to a MOT testing station to see if they're not wound down? There's a screw in the headlight that you can turn to point them back up.

    Saying that, I think my OEM xenons are sh*t these days too.. About as bright as my wife's Astra halogens. But then my bulbs are probably 7-8years old..

  4. I'd have thought you'd have to change over everything to do it properly..

    Half shafts

    And likely suspension too as the 3.0ltr is much heavier than the 2.0ltr.

    I'm sure you could get away with the bare minimum like engine/gearbox/ecu but i'd be expecting something big to go wrong every time I drove it.. lol

  5. Ah ok..

    Yeah every M3 i've seen has a stupidly long gear stick. I think it's made worse with the super long knob.

    Apparently fitting a 330d stick gives it a shorter throw. Then personally I would get a storm motorwerks knob - VERY heavy and makes it feel so much smoother. I have one in  my 330d

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