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  1. Blimey, havent seen this thread for a few years Glad it helped, think it did help with the oil consumption, but i had a lot more problems with the car not long after doing the job so had to chop it in.
  2. Thats odd as ive never found it that difficult to get the TB out, but agreed about the CCV itself, it was an absolute pig. Glad you got there in the end, even if it doesnt solve the issue you can claim to be in the club now
  3. Ive been in your situation and did the whole lot while the coolant was drained. Makes sense as youll generally find that messing with one component in the cooling system will normally nudge the other bits into failing fairly soon after. I did the belts, tensioners, water pump, thermostat and radiator all at once.
  4. You can just top up the coolant but it looks like your level indicator stick has snapped off halfway down so you have no idea how much you need to add. You can always do a bleed though, just stop topping up when all the air is out of your system. As for the oil, it looks very old. Looks like youre in need of an oil and filter service.
  5. I find it a bit strange that you were able to make your blocked nozzles work with a separate power supply in that case
  6. No sorry, ive had my telescopics out before when i replaced them but didnt look close enough to notice any holes. The washers ended up leaking again a year later (bmw ones) so ive actually blocked off the fluid pipes and disconnected the pump as i couldnt be bothered wasting any more money on them. Ive also replaced the washer pump in the past, the Mehle ones are good.
  7. Very strange. The fact that the telescopic arms come out shows that the pumps are producing pressure to the system and so I would have guessed at there being a blockage if you hadnt said that you can manually make them squirt washer fluid using a separate power supply on the pumps. It does suggest that there is an issue with the car battery producing enough power, but im guessing that this isnt the problem otherwise you would have other issues and probably a battery warning light. The only thing i can think of is that there is a bad earth on the pumps meaning that the 12V rail isnt relative to anything and hence not producing a proper voltage?
  8. Has your engine ever overheated? 90% of the time a failed gasket will cause your symptoms due to oil leaking down onto the exhaust heat shielding and burning off. The rear moon shape parts of the valve housing is pretty prone to this. The other 10% of the time however is due to a warped cover itself. Theyre only plastic so easily get bent out of shape if overheated, hence oil will easily escape. Ive had both happen to me and had to do this job many times. Oh, and btw, NEVER buy anything other than an original bmw gasket. The aftermarket ones are thinner and badly made so 9 times out of 10 youll be doing the job again in a year or so. Trust me
  9. Ive replaced my washers a few times and they always seem to end up leaking again so in the end did similar to what youve done, except i used a proper rubber bung rather than a screw in case it rusts. I also unplugged the headlight washer pump next to the resevoir so that the bungs arent under pressure.
  10. A cylinder pressure test wouldnt rule out a misfire, it could be a bad spark plug. Fuel filter is also still a real possibility.
  11. Does it feel like a misfire? I dont know whether a bad spark would throw an engine light or not, but it could be skipping a cylinder. It could also be a problem with your fuel supply, possibly a clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump? Hard to say without actually seeing the problem first hand but all possibilities.
  12. Dear ARKe46, Sounds like an air intake issue. Check your intake hoses and boots for splits. If you cant see anything obvious try unplugging your MAF to see if the problem goes away (in which case it may need cleaning). Otherwise id try removing and cleaning your idle control valve.
  13. Dont worry about over filling, its a closed system. Just keep pouring until the coolant comes out of the bleed hole. To start with it will overflow with fluid and bubbles, but eventually the air will rise out of the system and youll just be bleeding pure coolant.
  14. Youve turned your key to pos.2 and removed the bleed screw right? Dont turn your engine over, just keep adding until coolant comes out of the bleed hole.
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