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  1. Hi Dontpannic, Perhaps not as often on this forum but it's mentioned frequently on others! There's a good and growing number of shallow depth premium brand double DIN units that can be fitted without the hassle of fouling the airbox/pipes. The Avin Avant 4 is the latest unit from that chinese made/USA marketed brand which also has no issues with depth. We're a few years on from the start of this thread and other similar ones where premium brand units are discussed. The decline of the use of disks in the car is continuing so mechless units from the premium brands are becoming more popular and numerous. The replacement/clone type chinese units still have quality/reliability issues and I'm still not interested in becoming a UK importer/dealer for any of the 'brands'. For the E39 owner community, I have developed and released an OEM look fascia/fitting kit which allows the fitting of a double DIN head unit and provide 97% + of OEM looks in the dash - a Best of Both Worlds type solution! I've got preliminary work started on an E46 version https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/135647-innovadrive-nxg-39-oem-look-double-din-fascia/ Would be good to hear yours and other E46 members here opinions?! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi, The production date will also be on your car somewhere on one of the sticker/stamps. This is of course when the car was physically manufactured and rolled off the production line. The 'Registration Date' can be months or years later. The car will have been transported here to the UK, gone to a dealer at some point and then sat around unsold. Dealers will often 'register' a car even if it's unsold. Seems your one hung around for 2.5+ years in between manufacture date and registration date. When you look for parts etc, ensure you quote the production date! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi mnb1985, In short, no. Your ultra low miled E46 325i convertible isn't going to rocket in value and thus actual selling price. It's not an overall sought after variant in the E46 lineup. The ones that are have already rocketed, the E46 M3 CSL. What is most likely to happen with your 13K miler is that over the next 10,20 perhaps even 25 to 30 years, it'll go up in asking price perhaps to around £10-15K but when it comes time to exchange funds, you'll be doing so at less than that. The reason for that time frame is that there's many other 325i convertibles around and although there's very few with as low mileage as yours, many people get put off thinking such a low miler might have other things wrong with it or might not have been properly serviced and maintained whilst sitting around doing nothing for perhaps years on end. To combat that, you'll need to prove extensive history to show you looked after the car whilst it's been sat around, parts have been changed, perishable parts have been either treated or replaced due to drying out.shrinking/discolouring etc. Anyone who is interested will take a very very thorough look around and point out any flaws and thus reduce the offer price if it gets to that stage. You then have the issue of legislation changed for fossil fueled cars changing in the future. Insurance loadings, VED increases, cost of petrol (diesel as well), more tax levied on fossil fueled cars parts, MOT charges increases are all likely to cost significantly more over the next 5-25+ years making cost of owning such cars much less desirable to the masses. Electric cars will be chosen much more instead. It's the same sort of thing with BMW's M cars and similar like Merc AMG's and Audi RS's, only the very very best examples will have significantly higher asking prices in the long term future, but once you add in all the Cost aspects of the car, (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership) making a true profit much less likely. If your TV E36 has just 2500 miles on it, then so long as you can meticuously prove it's conditon, show an extensive file of replaced parts and servicing whilst it's been sat around for years on end, is completely OEM in every aspect, then that will have a higher asking price in 5-25 years time, but again, not by as much as you might be thinking. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi all, A new E46 specific all in one replacement type head unit will soon be available and may be of interest to those on this forum. The aesthetic design is much more accurate and looks oem to an extent far far better than all the chinese units available to now. Given that the E46 audio is shared with the E39/E38/E53 cars, the Avin product pages show DSP and OBC support on their respective pages, but that info is missing on the E46 page. I'll assume for now that the OBC is supported for the E46 unit, there wasn't DSP available for the E46 though. Here's the product page https://avinusa.com/avant-3-for-bmw-3-series-e46-m3-android-multimedia-navigation-system.html The main issue will of course be the price. It's listed at $699 USD for the USA market which is where AVIN are based. Anyone in the UK who'll be wanting one will need to import in and although the shipping is 'free' to the UK, once all taxes,VAT and clearance fees are included then I'd say a landed in the UK price would be around the £700 level. The extension cable is $60, and the USB dongle for an app to put your Android or iPhone screen onto the Avin screen is another $99. The reversing camera is $149, DVB-T Digital TV module another $99. If those options are added, then the price goes to around $1100 USD and the UK price landed is around £1075-1100. The above prices are based around the current US Dollar to UK Pound exchange rate. It's the best looking unit so far, very close to the OEM monitor itself, all the chinese units until now were way off in my opinion. If the OBC support in the E46 unit is there like the other family ones then that's a bonus for sure. On the flipside, it's very expensive and it's still a cheaply made unit using low grade/generic grade electronics. Once released, time will tell if it's a much more reliable unit or not along with if there's any technical issues/problems etc especially when integrating with the BMW systems for OBC/DSP/PDC features that the company claims to have included. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi, What's the BMW part number on the CD changer? I ask as I don't think Kenwood made OEM audio electronics for BMW. I do stand to be corrected on that though! Assuming currently that's the case, then the Kenwood changer is incompatible. You'd be best to locate a genuine BMW CD changer and use that. Given that disks in the car are becoming more obsolete, I'd suggest you do indeed remove the old oem audio system and upgrade to a nice, high quality head unit with modern features and technology - no need for a CD changer, just use an ipod, SD card or USB stick for much more capacity than 6 cd's! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi, You'll not get much feedback here on this forum ! Check the talkstuff forum and of course, look at any completed ebay auction listings. For the 'most' part, demand for flip out units is very low as more people turn towards internet streaming for their music/car entertainment. Some of these units from the high quality brands were fantastic in their day though, so hopefully you find a buyer who'll appreciate it. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, Robotson - Unfortunately, there's no definitive guide for compatibility as the oem modules are very old now and support/development of them ceased years ago by BMW. Even if youy purchased a 13th Gen module, there's no guarantee it'll work fully or partially with your S7. Another car with the 13th Gen module and an S7 will work for instance and your's will not or just partially. The reason is the different firmware/software etc on the newer phones etc they can and often do differ along their production window. Soon, Bluetooth Version 5 will be out and newer handsets will adopt it, although it promises backwards compatibility with older BT versions, chances will be higher that certain things might not work fully/partially. Currently, the best chance you have of a phone to work with 13th gen and older OEM BT modules is to use an iPhone. For now, you will need to try older gen BT modules and see if they work with your S7. If you find one that does, then you'll feel great! if not, you'll be pulling your hair out (if you have any!) or smashing your fist on the table. If you do find one that works, then if you change your phone, you might find the new one doesn't work! Good luck whichever way you go! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, I think over the next 3-6 months and then in the medium term of 6-12/18 months, there'll be all sorts of discounts/deals/sales where car dealerships, not just BMW will literally be throwing cars away. The 'bumps' of the whole Brexit mess are beginning to bite harder and currently, it looks like interest rates will be increased, a few short weeks ago, there were reports that a rate rise would be at least 18+ months away. That said, in a month, it might be that interest rates might be left alone, but I think the chances of that are getting slimmer. Scarab300ci - **My Financial IT background Hat on** It sounds as though you've made your decision, which is fine. Only you know the fatness of your wallet and personal circumstances. With the above aspects, I'd suggest depreciation is going to be a larger factor than you'd think, that may not bother you as much if you do end up keeping the car long term, but in case there's some sort of change ie, personal or the car is involved in an accident/written off, I think you'll likely be shocked at the actual value at that time. For me personally, if I had £38K in liquidity I'd be purchasing/investing in something that generates a return/profit whilst all this Brexit mess unfolds over the next 6 months to likely 10+ years. The other £5/6K buy a good clean condition E46/E39/E53/Z3/4 if it has to be BMW. We're all car enthusiasts here, so perhaps vary the amount you'll spend right now to perhaps £15K and buy a car outright that's interesting and could/would get as close as if not more than what you pay , if you need to sell it/change of circumstance/written off. E39 M5's, E46 M3's E60 M5's E63 M6's for BMW and the same thing for other marques and then invest the rest into a venture that'll give you an income/return. **Financial IT Hat off**. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi, Genuine AC Schnitzer mirrors do not fold. If you find any which say they do, they're non genuine ones. This is the case for all series of BMW's from that era,. The only difference was that different base plates for different series BMW's were in the package when purchased new in order to fit them. If you need/want power fold, then the usual choice is to fit OEM M3 mirrors. I'm sure aftermarket replica type items have the function too, so have a look around. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi m9fdb, Have a look around this and other BMW forums and to threads where others have posted up about their experiences with cheap chinese head units. You'll find that 'some' purchasers got a fully working unit that crucially, remained fully working long(er) term. You'll also find plenty more users who didn't get that and had units that ranged from dead on arrival to having small issues/niggles out of the box and initially installed to those who installed and found small niggles that progressively became worse etc etc. It's up to you if you wish to take the gamble as to if you 'might' get a fully working one that works fully longer term. There's none of the UK's respected and reputable car audio installers/dealers who stock unbranded/clone type cheap chinese units. Threre's too much risk of getting customer complaints and being out of pocket due to the risk of many customer product returns and them not having their money back from some 'seller' in China somewhere. The Dynavin brand and their UK importer lists a network of UK companies that will stock and fit their branded units - http://www.dynavinstore.com/Installation . These units are on a Sale price at £499 (£599 the usual price) currently, and any fitting charges, the DAB optional module and the DVB-T module will of course be extra. This would be the route I'd say to go if you want a Chinese unit and some peace of mind in case things go wrong. I say 'some' peace of mind, as there's still a significant number of purchasers who've had issues with their Dynavin units including one purchaser on this forum who proved successfully that the Dynavin N6 isn't fit for purpose for instance. Good luck whichever way you decide to go ! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Hi, With the more basic OE£M audio setup you have, I'm not sure it's possible to add OEM Bluetooth. If it turns out you can, then none of the OEM BT modules have the capability for BT audio streaming, they're very old and their internal BT software stacks do (did) not have that profile available. They do phone calls only. On top of all that, given their old age, newer mobile phones can/do have less full compatibility. The iPhones have the best chances they'll work fully with OEM bluetooth, Android phones are more hit and miss. You might see someone say they have a 6th Gen (there's 13 generations altogether) BT module and their particular Android handset is working ok, and another owner with the same gen BT module and phone saying they have issues/problems/doesn't work at all or well. You can then spend more money and find a later gen BT module and hope that will work. If it doesn''t you can try a later module again. The newest versions of course become more expensive to purchase too. If your current more basic setup can't have oem bluetooth retrofitted, then you'll need to look for an aftermarket solution. GROM are a good quality brand making proper quality products and offer a proper after sales care and support channel should you need it. They do modules as you've seen which connect to the OEM audio setups and provide functions like BT phone calls and audio streaming along with SD card and USB stick playback for music. Contact one of their UK dealers via their website. Take a look also at Dension and mObridge as well. The cheap chinese all in one replacement head units again are hit and miss. They're 'miss' for most purchasers whilst 'some' have got fully working units that remain fully working longer term. Chances of issues/problems and frustration with such units is high, so overall, it's up to you if you wish to take the gamble. For the 'best course' of action in terms of reliability, high quality, value for money and performance is to install a recognised, reputable and high quality brand head unit from the likes of Alpine, Parrot, Kenwood, Pioneer. You mention you don't wish to do change from the OEM audio though which means your route forward is limited given the reasons/issues above. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi Mattyp, You'll need to find known working OEM modules and swap those in to test - hopefully your friend has them. If they work properly, you know you have one or more faulty units. I'm not 100% sure what the orange LED indicates, so look that up in the owners manual or look online for that info. There's some posts where users have pulled various fuses and then replaced them after a certain amount of time which has resolved these kinds of issues. Keep in mind also that the oem modules are getting quite old now and they fail more often. If you *must have oem only* audio modules in your car, then have all of them refurbished and upgraded at Carphonics - http://www.carphonics.co.uk/bmw.htm. Get ready for your wallet to take a bashing ! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, As per above! The OEM audio setups are custom versions made by BMW and you can't just use other standard car audio products directly with them. If you do, you'll still get 'sound' output, but it won't be right or sound as good as it potentially could. It sounds as though you are trying to retain the head unit aspect and only want to upgrade the speakers. There's custom fit and compatible speakers which are matched to the BMW specifications so make the OEM audio sound significantly better. Those are the speakers you'll need. The same question pops up from time to time so take a look at this thread and the link I've provided where you can choose from various E46 specific speaker upgrades I'd also suggest using the upgrade sets as designed, remove the old oem stuff and put in the upgraded crossover/mid woofer and tweeter in place. Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, You'll get choices for a decent amount of concavity on the rear wheels with that design aesthetic. The front wheels have a much more limited choice and thus, they'll be a light concave at best. This is due to the offset used on the 3 series over the multiple model designations. If you want a much deeper front concave wheel, then you'll need to look at custom wheels and/or 2/3 piece ones. As an alternative, you'll find a bit more choice where wheels have a deep lip type design. These will usually have flatter centres but you'll find them with a quite a deep rear wheel lip, but again, due to the offsets on these 3 series, the front lips are usually much less. Again, if you go custom 3 piece, you can get a substantial deep lip on the front too. All depends on what you'd want and the budget you have allocated. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Hi, The only way is to find the ultra ultra rare Alpine TUA-T100 DAB tuner from many years ago and then fit the Intravee setup and I think you also need the Intravee switch as well. Once all wired in and installed, I think you'll need to install the antenna's for the Alpine behind the rear bumper or front one, you'll then be able to control it via the oem controls through the Intravee. The last Alpine DAB tuner I saw and told an E39 M5 owner about to snap it up asap, was a good couple years ago now and I vaguely recall that on it's own was around £300 and happened to be unused old new stock or, was very very lightly used. Add in the cost for the Intravee at around £150, the switch I believe around £70, you might as well get the Alpine KCA-420i interface for the iPod at around £100 too. Good quality antenna's will be around £75-100 I'd have thought. Any installation costs in case you can't DIY will be on top. This solution maintains the OEM look in the dash and the OEM controls - it 'looks' like it's seamless when you use the monitor display as everything shows up there. It is of course very expensive to go this route. If it's too much, then look to use a solution like the Alpine EZi-DAB which is a add on solution which has it's own display unit to fit somewhere in the dash and the relevant module and antenna's and is around £150 or so to purchase. Also, you could have the piggyback/modified type of install from Carphonics http://www.carphonics.co.uk/digitaltv.htm Cheers, Dennis!
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