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  1. Please bear with me this is a bit long winded. I have no voice directions from my mk4 sat nav when you select a route. I removed the drive from the back and found I didn't have a TV tuner either. I also noticed the blue plug which is meant to be for the tv tuner is plugged into the sat nav drive. I swapped these round and I get the speech from the sat nav. But no display on the monitor. I borrowed a friends tv tuner and plugged it in. Now the monitor shows the nav screen and tv etc. But no sound what so ever. The orange light won't even light up on the monitor. I had to unplug everything and put it back to how it was 1st time. I also had the unplug the amp and plug it back in so the sound would work on the radio and the orange light is back on the monitor now. Can anyone help please ?
  2. Bumper comes with mesh and will need painting, I believe this to be a replica front bumper £250.00
  3. Just having a clear out got these parts for sale e46 m3 front wings will need to be painted £150 each M3 kick plates £40 M3 side skirts £50.00 NOW SOLD
  4. Set of 4 lowering springs removed from my convertible, think they might be apex. Not sure on how much it lowers by. Pics can be set of springs and how my car sat on them £60.00 now sold
  5. No longer needed, in good condition black sapphire metallic £650
  6. They need a refurb, 8.5x19 9.5x19 comes with tyres. I have started stripping one wheel down. They are for e46 £250
  7. I have a 2002 330, I have used a snap on scanner and read the ecu fault codes I keep getting exhaust camshaft sensor, air flow metre, rad temp sensor. I have put 3 different air flow metres on and a brand new exhaust cam sensor from BMW on it and these codes keep coming back. Can anyone help ????
  8. Mattyp

    Wanted 330 maf

    I am after a maf sensor for my 2002 330 sport of anyone has one ?
  9. Thanks for the help guys, just went to swap over bulbs and the n/s headlight which was the dim one the build wasn't even in the headlight!!! I've put it back in and the seem the same brightness now. I will check again at night
  10. I've just bought a pair of oem led rear lights has anyone got the wiring harness for sale?
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