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  1. hi just came on here to show someone the list of things i did to the car and thought i'd post to say hi to those who remember me still have it and going strong!
  2. It seems to go back to half decent when you wet it so we are going to try a light rub back and clear coat, but spending £500 on it makes me angry with Evolve
  3. Hi, I still get notifications, I still have the car and loving it, BUT the one downer is the Evolve roof, even though its been valeted since its been completed, by a very good bloke widely recommended, the finish has deteriorated very bad in three years, not worth £1600 2018-10-10 11.03.34 by David Byrne, on Flickr
  4. hi thanks, no i didn't solve it i just wanted to enjoy the car got fed up with the stress of modding lol Still have her and she's as good as ever
  5. I didnt install anything im useless at that stuff, the evo headers are difficult and expensive to do btw, they need custom flanges made to fit the block, sorry i cant be any more help
  6. hi, i had to decat so had a spare flange on the evo headers anyway so thats were i put the extra sensor
  7. Hi thanks for the comments, I still have the car and it looks as good as the day it was finished and still enjoying it, I get so many comments still and that's from people that don't even know it's been modded, the cost doesn't bother me, if I'd have spent it on a normal car i would have been bored stiff with it by now I would totally recommend ess superchargers it has run flawlessly since it was installed
  8. thats strange mine does edit: you used the valet key on mine
  9. looking as smart as ever, which wheels are you winters?
  10. tbf to it its cold and i only travel 3 miles to work so its not the best conditions for mpg, on a motorway run i get 24mpg
  11. i git mine done when i upgraded the cams, lifters and downpipes
  12. i love that stock feel, just keeps on giving feels mental when you get to redline, but like you say no kick like a turbo (which i prefer)
  13. hoorah another charger in the the fold well done bud looks great
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