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  1. Thanks for the update! Lovely surprise. Stunning car and you’re doing beautiful work. Nice one mate.
  2. I believe the 330 engine drops straight in, reflash the ecu to suit and you're good to go, add an exhaust and flilter and you'll have around 250 bhp? The 2.2 is a sweet engine though.
  3. Dynavin looks great, really updates the cabin. As for the facelift front end, I've always thought the pre facelift was prettier, the facelift more aggressive, all depends what you like!
  4. I do love the pillarless look...
  5. I don't mind replacing the sensor to make it right!! :-p
  6. I thought you had to replace the full pump??
  7. Well we've just replaced our e46 with an e90/91/92/93 touring for all the baby stuff we carry around nowadays.... And warning lights pop up on the dash before we can get the old girl on ebay! Aaaaaagggggh! So they say pressure sensor in abs pump, any ideas if there is a simple fix as a new pump is probably worth more than the car! Sad times.
  8. Proper old school chase without any CGI? That's the original 70's The French Connection, gritty. realistic, scary, feels genuinely out of control in a very real way, brilliant.
  9. Thanks for the advice fellas, i've told my missus to put the expensive stuff in on next fill up, much appreciated
  10. hagus

    Style 162s

    I think they look spot on mate, looks at least 5 years newer! What are they off? 5 series?
  11. Hello all Got a bit of a problem. For our nice family car we run a 53 plate 320i saloon, lowered on eibachs, poly bushes, upgrade 17's, CNL remap, all stuff I can sneak past the missus! It's a lovely car BUT.... We recently went on a 'staycation' to Robin Hoods Bay, it's a steep hill to get out, driving up the hill in 2nd gear with the window down I could hear the engine ''pinking'' like a b*stard, or the little ends tinkling, gulp, i've tried an injector cleaner (live in hope eh) but no difference. I can hear it when i accelerate in 2nd gear, 2 to 3k approx, there are no fault codes showing, car has 90k odd on it and is regularly serviced. Any ideas? Do these things knock out bearings? All comments welcome!
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