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  1. Used to use Redex on my 325i every month, I always felt for a week or so it used to run a little bit quicker and slightly better on the juice, or it may have all been in my head. Cant have done any harm tho.
  2. Never had mine fail on my HIDs, to me bright lights can only mean safer driving.
  3. Lol, I got a quick flick of the item before it auto closed, very good price still! Think ill have 3!
  4. 108s look nice on the Z - I agree with this, look way better than most other available alloys.
  5. Haha I wonder how many people get caught out this way
  6. That is excellent, but is it legal?
  7. Seen the following in London last year. Notice the disabled badge in the top left of the picture.
  8. Has anyone actually seen one of these on the roads yet?
  9. Then either the new gasket which hasnt been on long is leaking or its leaking from somewhere else, any clues what else could be leaking?
  10. Hey all, Not so long ago I got my vcg gasket replaced as I could smell burning oil, well it has started again, I can smell burning oil when sat at traffic lights, and I can see little smoke from engine bay, although this time I cant see an oil leak like before. How many vcg gaskets does a bmw325i have? If it has more than 1 I think i may hae another leak
  11. Doubt it, that wouldn't cause power loss and thick smoke.
  12. Ok cheers, weird thing I'd it does it in the same place every time, always when I'm going up a steep hill, I take the same route each morning I can time it accurately
  13. That leak has been fixed, no drop in revs? Is the ccv the vanos cylinder? I think it maybe the oil separator valve?
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