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  1. Thanks but Im not looking for a coupe ta.
  2. Ah nice one Mine is being built this week... What spec have you gone for?
  3. Just to conclude this, I couldn't find a decent 3er so got a 2.2 tdci mondeo to run and saved for me new motor: I've got a mk7 golf R on order which should arrive in January 2015. Cheers for the input and help to all who all - definately enjoyed my 330ci Click for my channel ->> http://youtu.be/_gyYhHMl2dg
  4. This is the sort of stuff I was hoping for... although I understand ford have now moved to stop employees buying parts for others so I'm not holding out for much tbh... I need a gear change mechanism for a 2.2tdci 6spd mk3 mondeo - keeps jumping out of 2nd gear...
  5. Need to order a few parts - anyone work at or have connections at ford who could get discounted parts? If so, could you drop me a pm please Cheers.
  6. My preference was a saloon or touring but yeah, coupe wouldn't be a bad option
  7. That red is a great colour. The news wheels are a great big giant leap in the right direction too. Lovely looking motor
  8. Car has now sold so just got to find a nice 330d...
  9. You're probably right tbh by I'm not being too picky as it will just be for the commute - the real fun will be the weekend toy mini - so the e46 just needs to be comfy and in decent nick
  10. Now on pistonheads and gumtree. The hunt for a decent 320d/330d is on!! Also hoping to get another mini for weekend funzies as they're just so much fun. Sensible e46 plus weekend toy should be a nice combo.
  11. Got my diet completely wrong over the last month or so - Xmas didn't help either - so have added another 3kg but im thinking most of that is fat It seems I'm really sensitive to carbs as my carbs were higher to help put on some weight but it would seem in the wrong proportion as it's mostly fat I've gained so have just switched that up. One step forward, two steps back....
  12. I've got an R53 Cooper S pre-facelift in British Racing Green with Aspen white roof and mirrors. Full black leather, with OEM Sat-Nav and Xenons. It's a lovely little car, and after having 1320Mini upgrading the pulley to a 15% reduced Kavs Motorsport version, it shifts like crazy! Super tidy and unmodified (other than the pulley, but it needed a new belt anyway) and in great condition, but just feel the want for a 330Ci Sport nowadays. Well, either that or a TT 225 Coupe... Don't worry, I can get my own coat... Shame its a prefacelift although I Love brg though so pm me if you want to discus some sort of swap deal... 1320 used to look after my old mini so I know them well Don't know why people get put off by the earlier ones, as from what I've experienced if they're looked after and maintained correctly, you shouldn't have any problems with them. But each to their own. Yeah, strong money I've been told. Having said that, it's fully stamped by dealers and specialists, MOT'd and Taxed. Can't say that for a lot of 12 year old cars! I think I'll end up part-ex'ing it anyway. No worries mate, your car does look lovely, but the beige/blue combo isn't really my thing. The facelift has a lot of the little weaknesses ironed out - worth paying extra ime. That being said I've had a prefacelift so wanted a facelift this time round, that's all
  13. Just found the car. Shame its a 52 plate - looks a nice example but not what I am after for the money you want. Glwts though.
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