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  1. Naj your car's look class follow you in insta. You in the sumpscrapers group?
  2. What would be a rough price on getting a front bumper resprayed, I'm repairing my csl bumper and will be doing all the prep ready so it just needs spraying
  3. Take it you've done yours did you achieve much room
  4. Hey, those who've experience the sealant that bmw decided to throw on the rear arches will know just how stubborn it is to remove, I'm planning on rolling them myself (don't like paying for stuff I can do) what's the best method to remove all this rubber so I can get a good clean roll Cheers
  5. Here's the bit, if you see there's two blue tabs and II'm thinking that it's snapped in the middle but don't know what it looked like before, it's a petrol 320
  6. That's doesn't even look like the one I've got
  7. I'll try upload a photo just abit difficult as I'm in work atm
  8. I think my maf has failed, so I've taken it out and had a look at the sensor inside, it looks like something has broke off but can't be to sure as I didn't know what it looked like before , could anyone show me a picture of a working one so I can compare, thanks in advance
  9. Yea the car starts when its disconnected first thing i did when i opened the bonnet but runs rougly Yea think ill try source a second hand OEM part for now
  10. Annoyingly it cut out on me on the way home after a long night shift literally 5 minutes walk from my home, I pretty much knew what it was from the way it cut out, and my suspicions were correct when i plugged it in and saw that the air flow meter had failed. What was surprising is that this was only replaced last July with a new part from GSF which cost £120. Would this part still be under warranty? I've not had chance to call as they were closed. Has anyone experienced MAF's failing so quickly?
  11. Coolio gonna do the whole car. Got a spare wing to test on see how it goes. Whats IPA?
  12. Has anyone got any experience with the stuff. ive had a look and it seems a good quick fix to a colour change which is totally reversable.
  13. Anyone got an arch roller i could borow close to manchester area?
  14. cool that straightens that out, what about fitting a facelift bumper to a pre facelift
  15. Im i right in thinking that coupe and saloon bumpers arent interchangable
  16. I'm gonna take my csl bumper off to repair and keep as a show bumper only so need to replace it with something else pref oem. It's a pre facelift coupe so wondered what options I've got anyone show me some pics
  17. i just bought the ready painted ones off ebay which is just the extension you stick onto the existing boot. Looks good in my opinion although theres a clear step from the boot to the spoiler. Colour match was spot on too
  18. my front wings went ages ago and havent replaced them so the back going would even it out. Had the replacement wings for ages too
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