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  1. Hi ya, the seats in my e46 give me some serious back ache. I'm after some aftermarket ones, anyone recommend some that are suitable for, er, big boned people please? I'm 6 foot and 250 lbs, I'd be 220lbs if I wasn't a fat f*&k, so still pretty big. Ideally Recaro, Cobra, Sparco or Corbeau. As I know they do dedicated e46 seat frames. Thanks!
  2. Hi ya, Here's a link to a guide, that shows you how to tell if you have heated seats or not: http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=438913 I don't quite follow what the guy's on about, but it's probably clearer with the seats sat in front of you for reference. Oh and 99.9% sure they're e46 seats.
  3. lynch86


    To think, they could have bought a really nice M3 and ran it for ages for the price of that rolling tat bin.
  4. Me missing the 'I' out by mistake, sorry. I meant DISA. Which is BMW's variable intake length valve. It's a vacuum operated flap in the intake plenum that varies the inlet tract length. Giving a longer runner for improved torque at low rpm or a shorter one for better top end power. It's a common failure and something worth checking whenever you get a new e46. I've never seen it myself but I've heard the pin that holds the flap in can come adrift and end up in the engine.
  5. Very nice! That exhaust and diffuser are stunning.
  6. Buy it! Bennno's already emptied his bank fixing it.
  7. It's a cracking car! To be fair if you have to save a little longer because you spent out on the 330, at least you get to drive a 330 whilst your saving.
  8. I guess it depends if the 330 is going to need any work doing, and more importantly if you can resist doing it. As soon as I buy a car I really like it starts sucking money out my wallet. I'll just freshen up those trims, could use a new DSA, wheels need a refurb, look what I found on eBay, etc. Both will be a money sponge. I'd buy once and do up the car you'll keep long term, for you.
  9. Bloody hell those controls were nasty. Good job cleaning it up, looks great. Oh and welcome!
  10. Not my cuppa tea but you've done a great job on those trims. Impressive for a rattle can. I quite like grey if you've got some black trim and black mats. Otherwise it really is a sea of grey. Same with cream tbh, just needs a little contrast to break it up.
  11. Good to hear it, my mates okay now he remembers to take his medication. I think a couple of one year bans inspired him to take his pills.
  12. Dude, like living in a dream garage with a nightmare situation! Still, over half way there. I have a mate with epilepsy who keeps getting banned for a year on medical grounds, and he climbs the walls till he gets his license back.
  13. Ebay is still decent if you don't mind filtering through all the 'GIV U 50 QUID PIK UP NOWW' s**t, and the stupid questions. Otherwise Autotrader is still good if expensive. Gumtree if you nicked it, Pistonheads if you think it's worth twice what it actually is.
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