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  1. they are a car thats hard to avoid buying again
  2. Touring is ace for going away. You going to be 2 or 4 up? The coupe has a boot space of around 400 litres where as the touring has approx 450 litres and thats with the cover over the top, take that away you have more height, but with the touring you can split the rear seats if needed giving a useful increase.
  3. agreed, if the car is a keeper then have it done properly, you'll waste a lot of time and money yet it won't look great and it won't be long before it shows signs of damage again.
  4. Odd question admittadley however scenario is this. Retired parents thinking of replacing the 330i they currently have (well its mine but thats something else) Looking at saloon models and auto's only. Mainly local and/or town use, with the odd 50mile run out every now and again (infrequent) so looking at running costs mainly. If you had a 330d, would the day to day fuel costs be roughly the same as a 318i? I'd err on the 330d as the majority seem to have a better selection of options fitted. Anyhow be interested to hear on the thoughts on this.
  5. thanks you, but adaptive lights and these corner units are different (actually I've only ever seen one e46 with adaptive lighting and thats the one that was on ebay recently). Wiring isn't really my thing but I'd really like to put these on, even for the uniqueness of them.
  6. looks excellent, the leather is nappa, same as mine.
  7. Hi, I have a set of the BMW e46 OEM corner lights complete with wiring loom etc which I'm keen to fit (these are small lights in the corner within the housing of the light units), however I can't locate a wiring diagram so have no idea how these work, does anybody have an idea how these would work and how they turn on when turning the wheel? Do they come on when the indicator is activated or is it via a sensor somewhere? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=AL32-EUR-04-2000-E46-BMW-318i&diagId=03_2191 I've yet to see another e46 with these fitted and curiosity got the better of me so I bought the set. Thanks in advance
  8. any good? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=AL32-EUR-04-2000-E46-BMW-318i&diagId=32_1103 item 4 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=AL32-EUR-04-2000-E46-BMW-318i&diagId=32_1169 again item 4?
  9. Rear sunblind as well? Interesting, my old SE had lumbar support. I see on some of the US pages that they had a storage option for the rear armrest, not sure what that really was. So we have so far: Headlight cornering lights Blaupunkt Hamburg to replace the head unit Rear seat in built boosters Rear blind Rear door blinds (maybe?) Leather dash Extended leather Rear door airbags lumbar support
  10. Headlight cornering lights Blaupunkt Hamburg to replace the head unit Rear seat in built boosters These to name but a few?
  11. I'm just going through a mild resto on my oxford green 330d and have been looking at the options the car has, it has stuff like nappa leather, heated seats, xenon lights etc etc however it got me wondering what are the rarer options that although you know they were available, were hardly ever fitted and as a result are very few and far between on used cars today. I'm thinking that while mine is apart, I'll see what I can add, one is the head unit/speakers etc (I know I can use an android unit but just looking to see what OEM items there were about). Any ideas guys? Individual items or just plain options available from BMW?
  12. Hi all, apologies for the late reply, As its a 184 engine and a manual it has no flaps to remove so good on that, the EGR was replaced before I bought it but I think I do need to clean it in the next few weeks or so (next service maybe?) But it now needs lower wishbones so thats next up really.
  13. Here's my winter e46 330d, I bought this back in Oct last year as a means to reduce the mileage on my companies leased car (that I'd exceeded somewhat). Anyhow a rash decision, bought on the spot without actually looking at it from an ad on autotrader. I liked the spec so placed deposit over the phone, collected the following day, dealership purchase though with no warranty etc and I was surprised. Paint was flat and had scratches all over it, had hand prints on certain areas and under the bonnet was filler dust, but not sure where that had come from. Bonus was, it had my initials on the original plate so it was obviously meant to be! So home, full engine service, clean it best i could, ran well but body wise it was poor, the more I looked the worse it seemed to be, but it ran well, was a winter use car and that was it, but I decided to treat it some TLC this weekend using a decent polisher (first time) and it came up a treat, the green (oxford) is really nice and now it looks very presentable. Over Christmas some scrote thought it was be good to smash the mirrors off (electric folding jobbies) so I replaced those, folding mech was still working so I bastardised a secondhand set so they work as they should now. Then it got scratched at work. So I took it that because the car looked quite rough people obviously thought they could do what they liked, but hopefully now its actually clean, they may have some respect (doubt it somehow). So here it is, has faults, it's not perfect but the interior is really nice, everything works and it does go some. I'll replace the lower front wishbones and a tyre and that should be it, although I think I'd need to sell it on as it would have done its job, besides I have an e32 750i to sort out this year. But must admit it would be a hard car to let go.
  14. Andy G

    Andy G

    My Oxford green 330d M sport touring This was my winter hack however it has so far proved to be a superb car regardless of what I used it for, achieves over 50,pg on my regular runs to work and you feel kinda cosseted as well as it has a full heated nappa interior with extended leather door cards and door pulls. Folding mirrors, ski bag and although slightly rough isn't too bad. Manual as well and it so nice to use. I gave it a going over with my new toy, polisher from slims and it came up a treat, the green is really nice, deep colour with a slight change to it when the light hits it. Rusty front wing though which i a shame 2 previous owners and the one before me had it for 10 years, paint had suffered though but rectified much of that. Just need to reseat the bumpers as they have either sagged or moved (probably following a small bump at some time). The first 6 images are as of this weekend, the previous 4 were just after I bought it. It was a rash on the spot decision to buy it, Saw it, decided to buy it, deposit over the phone and went and collected the following day sport of thing, a gamble admittadley but sometimes you just have to.
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