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  1. M3 Fitment Wheels On 330Ci Coupe

    yeah , I mean I want them to stick out and look aggressive but without having to much rubbing , I'm hoping with 225s on a 9.5 It won't be to bad
  2. Found some wheels I really want but to to sure if they will fit Ill be running 215,35s on front and 225,35s on rears and as low as I can possible go ..... Can get the wheels in 2 dident sets of et's E46 M3 Specification Front - 18x8.5 ET35 Rear - 18x9.5 ET20 E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 Specification Front - 18x8.5 et35 Rears - 18x9.5 et35
  3. Front Amber Indicators For Coupe

    your right I suppose , I can't see why I would want to do it as I have perfectly good clear once on , and to buy smoked ones would probs be even cheaper , is to be different I think and make it stand out abit , I just think they look cool on a topaz blue coupe , see topaz m3 at players with them on that's what Made me want to do it
  4. Front Amber Indicators For Coupe

    . Can't find any that are screw in .....
  5. Front Amber Indicators For Coupe

    Legend cheers 4 that ill go to bmw at the weekend see how much they are , or mayb euro car parts would do them ?
  6. Front Amber Indicators For Coupe

    Now that would look really cool having them on like in America .... Dident even think about that !
  7. I've got an 02 plate coupe and I'm after some amber front indicators , I got some off eBay but they are the clip on type , mine are the screw in , did bmw even make them to fit mine ?????
  8. Bluewater Meet - Monday August 20Th

    I shall come to my first meet not to sure how to add my name to the list tho ..
  9. Slight Accident Getting My Car In The Garage :(

    I've got some1 coming round Friday to try and weld it back together would save me a few pennies if it works
  10. How Much Are My Wheels Worth ?

    Surly when I need to post in the for sale section I can then pay and be a member ? Haven't needed to sell anything as yet so cannot see the point
  11. How Much Are My Wheels Worth ?

    It's just a general questions ....... What do people think my wheels are worth !!!! Not FOR SALE mv1 alloys , if I was putting them up for sale I would have posted this in the for sale section , but im not as yet just ASKING for people's opinion to how much they think they would be worth for WHEN I go to sell them
  12. How Much Are My Wheels Worth ?

    Ha ha yeah that's what I mean. They mayb 35 on the rear then
  13. How Much Are My Wheels Worth ?

    There perelli 255 40s on rear and 225 40s on front not sure what spec perelli tho must all have Atleast 5-6 mm left on them
  14. How Much Are My Wheels Worth ?

    Yeah not actually advertising them just dident want put them up 4 sale in a few weeks and get stick for them being over priced , when I do put them up then I'll try for £350 Ono ?
  15. I've got mv1 wheels on my car at the moment but want to sell them to get money towards some 19" splits , not to sure how much to put them up for , there genuine staggered 18s with 4 very good matching perelli tyres , all wheels have some kerb marks but nothing bad , clean up really well . Would £300 sound ok ??