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  1. Hi all, I'm currently on the hunt for a new car and would love a e46 320 cd (m) sport. After looking around I see that most of them now have, what I consider, relatively high mileage (70,000 - 120,000 miles). I was just wondering what's considered high mileage for these cars and at what kind of mileage do they require lots of work doing? And when do they start breaking down/needed lots of new parts etc? I'd love to be able to justify buying a 320cd sport that has similar mileage to my current car (mk5 golf gt tdi @ 84,000 miles) and having to put more towards it! Thanks, Edward p.s. loving all your cars on here. I'm so jealous
  2. What year was the facelift model? The one's I've seen specifically are 55 reg. Stupid question, but what are the signs of a facelift model over a prefacelift model? Many thanks. Edward
  3. Hi all, Could someone please explain to me the difference(s) between say a 2005 55 reg 320cd Sport and a later reg 320cd M Sport? I've seen a couple of 'Sports' on Autotrader and they seem to look the same as an 'M Sport' model. The Sport has the M Sport interior and styling pack (front, rear, sideskirts, wheels) from what I can tell. I'm really interested in getting a 320cd but would like to know the differences before I go ahead and purchase one. Many thanks for all your help. Edward
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