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  1. Guys I'm selling my 2001 318SE in silver, it has 94k on the clock and is in decent condition for the age. It will need a new roof liner as the dog ripped mine when she took a fancy to it. These can be had for about £45 on the bay. I'm also selling the spare 16" alloy wheels I have that I used in the winter with snow tyres on, please note these will be rims ONLY and finally I have a 60mm set of UNUSED front powerflex bushes available also. Prices...:- Car £1000 Wheels £50 Bushes £35 Prices open to discussion and I really need shot of these immediately as I have recently purchased an X-Trail to replace the beemer. Cheers. Bazza. (I'll upload pics once I get some sorted)
  2. 32.4 currently been shown on my dash went down to 28 with a sticky front caliper
  3. engine warning light should come on.
  4. i've got a few bleeding kits, got that eezee bleed thing..rubbish! got a none return valve kit..not bad and sealey vs402 vacuum gun..quality
  5. sorry m8, nightshift is a killer all sorted, good to speak with you, sorry I couldnt help in the end
  6. iirc if the car was manufactured before March 2001 then it's 66mm and after then 60mm, but don't take my word for it, there is a link on here somewhere that explains it a lot better and I'm sure one of the mods or more senior posters could point you in the right direction. that's for a 318, i'm not sure about other variants.
  7. http://www.powerflex.co.uk/products/E46+3+Series+%281999+-+2006%29-303/1.html
  8. make sure it's earthing correctly first,10mm nut behind the offside front headlight. also there isn't a relay unit for the E46, it uses a light control module behind the light switch. (I had a very similar problem)
  9. I mainly only use my car for trips to work and back and popping to my parents. I also have a (dare I say it....307 Hdi which returns a healthy 60mpg). Anyway decided to use the beemer on a trip to Kendal and back today, the wife was doing some karate training session..black belt grading thing. Anyway, I'm quite happy at a return of 41.5mpg on a 200 mile return trip, sticking relatively close to the speed limits, 60 in a 60 etc 80 on the A1. Well pleased in the old "dog" Gotta love that lazy man button as well..cruise baby..lol
  10. rumpy bumpy, need to get these shifted they are taking up loads of room in my garage
  11. yes m8, still sat in the garage getting covered in dust
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