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  1. That's what I've done. I had to remove the surround but it works quite well. My headrest screens are cut into the headrests though. Looking good fella! Springs soon? !
  2. 225 tyres on the rears and a serious arch roll/ slight pull should do it. Maybe add in some rear camber too. Fronts should be fine with a 215 tyre.
  3. I've always been of the opinion that bigger is better, especially when you start off with small calipers, discs and pads like on my 320d. Plus they fill the gap behind the wheels nicely! Also, the kit came with drilled discs and CSL pads which work very well indeed. That's right, the same diameter but 3mm thicker. Arse.
  4. Everything bolts straight on except for the carriers. They will need 6.5mm maching off the mounting face to get the offset right. Like this. And fitted: I bought the calipers, carriers, discs and pads for £120. Spent £40 rebuilding the calipers and the machining work was £90 which was a lot more than I was expecting. All in all a great upgrade for not a lot. If you already have 330i/d brakes then I don't think you will feel the benefit as much. I have a 320d and the difference is night and day. Ben
  5. If you want to give it a go then why not. I imagine it will be a fair amount of work. I'm not sure if the contours of the bumpers will suit the E46 though. Ben
  6. Count me out now fellas. The loon will be in bits, if not sold buy then.
  7. Don't forget a rabbits foot too! I'm glad you've got it back at last! Ben
  8. I understand the reasons for you doing it but still don't agree with it. It's your site so you are free to do what you like. I agree with some of the suggestions that have been put in this topic. You do not however, therefore they will never come to fruition. This should have been locked lond ago.
  9. I really like the look of the Golf! I think you are right about lowering it more, looks great as it is. I must be getting old!
  10. You can buy my remapped and nitroused 320d saloon for £4k. ;-) Ben
  11. A fair distance from me I'm afraid. There is more room on a coupe but ET 30 is M3 offsets.
  12. You need to be looking at ET 40 - 45 really. Where abouts are you?
  13. You will still need 235 tyres and an arch roll.
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